Godox V1pro Ttl Lion Round Flash

Godox V1pro Ttl Lion Round Flash

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Last Updated/Info Checked on February 3, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Good news for photographers that has been shooting their way across dimly lit situations with no reliable accessories that could light up their life let alone the subject they are focusing on because a new powerhouse flash tool that has been making the rounds which is known as Godox V1Pro TTL Lion Round flash as as good as it sounds. 

Apparently, word is, it is the successor of its previous iteration the V1 line ensuring your workflow is smooth sailing but that’s not all yet, apparently, there are a couple of other features lingering along the way such as:

  • First of all, The V1Pro provides a powerful 76Ws of flash output at its maximum which means you could capture moments as bright as you would require with clear illumination. Its 100 consecutive flashes at full power outperform its predecessors.
  • The best part is, this aftermarket round flash is compatible with pretty much any other neighboring accessory you throw at it which includes diffusers, snoots or bounce attachments to shape the light in different ways.
  • But that is not even the scrumptious part, The 2.4GHz radio transmission might be the most pivotal aspect as it got quite people rambling about its wireless capabilities when paired up with other Godox flashes, in a bigger commercial or studio-grade setup, this might change the dynamics with minimum efforts.
  • As far as the battery is concerned, the Godox V1 Pro holds a 2980mAh battery running on 7.2V which yields about 500 flashes per charge, which is more than enough to cover a basic public or indoor event.
  • The Flash also comes with its own 10-level adjustable LED lamp, giving photographers a sneak peek at how light will fall on a subject before firing the flash. This helps them finesse lighting placements.
  • It even has its own single-button TTL/M switch making manual and automatic photoshoots quite easier and seamless.

Jennifer, our commercial wedding photographer based in Madrid, was among the first to comment on this news. “What really stood out to me was the 100 consecutive flashes at full power,” she said. 

But Joseph who is a freelance photographer and my great friend even said something like“As an indoor product photographer, the need for an ample amount of ambiance is always welcomed, however, due to limitations in some scenarios I need my flashes to keep up. The V1Pro ensures I won’t miss a single detail or  a moment.” 

Wireless control of multiple flash units remains a core Godox strength with the V1Pro as well. Videographers especially will appreciate the stronger recycling performance and increased battery life.

But that is not all the praise it might be getting, in fact, this nifty flash accessory has been in the Reddit headlines too as one of the enthusiasts even quoted “the fact that I could use this flash both on-camera and as an off-camera fill light is so versatile.” 

Another Redditor on r/Photography followed up with a remarkable use case “Once the news surfaced, I was amazed to acknowledge the fact that it offered tons of customization, quite a game changer in my opinion.

Does It Support Different Camera Brands?

Yes, the Godox V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Flash is compatible with multiple camera brands, all credits due to its higher level of compatibility ratio.

  • Canon EOS cameras using E-TTL II auto flash 
  • Nikon cameras using i-TTL auto flash
  • Sony cameras using TTL auto flash 
  • Fujifilm cameras using TTL auto-flash
  • OM SYSTEM cameras using TTL auto flash

So whether you shoot Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, or OM System cameras, the V1Pro will work flawlessly with your camera model with ease using their proprietary TTL flash metering and control. 

How Does It Benefit A Professional & Casual Photographer

Apparently, it benefits both professional and causal photographers in a number of ways, 

  1. For starters, it has a one-click switch between TTL and manual mode which allows users to focus on composition instead of settings.
  2. It even has a fine-tuning control system, so you can adjust the flash zoom head that ranges from 28 to 105 mm, in other words, lighting can be finely customized to frame sizes.
  3. On the other hand, it has got a massive battery, The built-in 7.2V lithium-ion battery provides about 500 flashes per charge for enduring through a full day’s shooting. 
  4. The Type C port means you won’t be carrying extra or additional cables in your bag all the time, just plug any Type C cable for charging and you are good to go, this makes charging your flash on the go seamless especially if you are carrying a power bank. 
  5. It even offers plenty of color adjustment based on temperature ranging its output between 3300K and 3500K ensuring a balanced rendition across flash activations.

Lastly, when it comes to price tag, The Godox V1Pro will be up for grabs for $329, meanwhile, if you want to get the full potential out of it, the end V1Pro sub-flash addon will cost you an additional $49.

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