Sony ZV-E10II is Right Around The Corner

Sony ZV-E10II is Right Around The Corner

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Last Updated/Info Checked on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly K.

From the past year, we knew very well that Sony was indeed cooking something new, something so scrumptious that it is indeed hard to put a lid on it. After doing some detective work and keeping our ears close to the ground, we heard whispering of a new entry in the vlogging camera lineup which might be dubbed the Sony ZV-E10II.

If you aren’t familiar with this entry, let me shed some light on it, the ZV-E10II seems like a successor of its previous iteration known as the original ZV-E10 which was released back on July 27, 2021, and undoubtedly one of the most beloved by vloggers and video content creators for its outstanding quality and compact size. The supply and demand of that camera has proven to be a best-seller since its release. But now, after months of speculation, it seems an upgraded version might be right around the corner.

Nevertheless, after surfing the internet and skimming through hints on various platforms, we have collected word from reliable sources that have indeed confirmed to me that the Sony ZV-E10II will indeed launch this spring, Let’s have our fingers crossed. 

Knowing Sony, which keeps a tight lid on their newer model releases, the exact release date and the price tag might still be hazy enough to attain an accurate idea, nevertheless, we do hope to hear about the official word or tweet in the coming months but then again, the sooner it is, the better it would be considering the exciting is driving everyone insane, we can sense it!

To build up on this story, our team is incredibly captivated, considering the fact its predecessor had outclassed our expectations in every field when it came to benchmark and lab results and we are looking forward to how Sony will further iron out its specifications but then again, as per speculations on Twitter and Reddit, one of of the users quoted “The price is estimated to stay competitive at around $899 but there is hoping its cheaper than that.

On the flipside, one Redditor even pointed out facts regarding its specifications on r/Sony “Maybe the ZV-E10II will retain the same great APS-C sensor as the A6600 in conjunction with the enhanced intelligence technologies to boost autofocus, facial recognition, and more.” lets be optimistic here!

Nevertheless, we believe it is still too early to give our two cents on this piece, as the story matures, we will be soon scooping any additional information and updating this article so you can get a glimpse of the future because we know that the quench for something new regarding Sony is endless. Stay tuned for more articles like these!

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