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7 Best Gimbals For Nikon Z50 in 2024 – [For Stability]

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 22, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Just got your hands on your new Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera but can’t get the shots right? Maybe, the photos you take are blurry or are not up to mark?

In a hurry? Have a look at the top products.

Well, that happens to the best of us, and when I say “the best of us” I mean not just rookies or amateurs but even professional-level photographers who sometimes just can’t get an angle right.

In that case, you might be looking for some sort of assistance or a tool that may help you in your way to get the best, smooth, crystal shots of your life.

Henceforth, to help you out of this pickle, I have curated this list of the best gimbals for Nikon Z50, which is exactly what you might be looking for.

So, without wasting any precious time, let’s dive into the world of glorified gimbals!

Top List of Best Gimbals For Nikon Z50

After using some gimbals, I picked the 7 that are the best for you here is a list.

The Nikon Z50 might be an amazing contender for being a top-notch entry-level mirrorless camera but you need an equally worthy gimbal to help you assist your shots, which is why the DJI Ronin SC Pro comes at the top of the list.


In terms of design, the Ronin SC Pro feels extremely firm and sturdy and the level of comfort you get while holding the grip even for several hours is beyond impeccable.

Right above the grip, there is a record button and a joystick so you can control your camera with just a push of a button. As well as a dedicated “Sports Mode ” button that lets you jump straight into action by calibrating the axis for high-speed shots.


There is almost no obstruction from the gimbal that may impact how you use your camera and it’s made from such lightweight materials that even a child could carry it in one hand, so consider that a plus point in terms of ease of use.

Payload Capacity

It can easily hold your Z50 and the lens attached to it without breaking a sweat, just make the weight not exceed more than 2 kg or 4.4 Pounds, as that is the maximum payload strength of this gimbal, otherwise, you would be having stabilization issues.

Triple Motorized Axis

Additionally, all three axes are motorized for outstanding balance and stabilization, especially when sports mode is enabled, which perfectly aligns and counteracts the camera regardless of how fast you are shooting your subject.

Photography Modes

It also comes with several crucial modes that may assist you in your journey such as Tilt, Roll control, Pan mode as well as 360 degrees to get a circular view of your surroundings.

And the fact that it even has some lovely photography profile modes such as Timelapse, Motionlapse, and even panorama so you can easily take artistic pictures which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

I love using the gimbal to capture beautiful pictures of the sky while I am trekking the mountains with Raw settings configured on my camera, and trust me the results are insane!

Handy Application

You would be surprised how well the DJI Ronin app helped me take shots remotely, by just connecting it to my smartphone through Bluetooth, I was able to track myself and other subjects during solo shoots through ActiveTrack technology, marvelous!

I feel like this technology is highly underrated and should be used much more often as the shots it automatically takes by tracking fast-moving objects like cars or a riding bikes are simply impeccable.

Combo benefits

Since this is the Pro Combo version, you get tons of extra goodies such as the Focus Wheel, Focus Motor, Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal), Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto), Focus Motor Mount Rod, and RSS Splitter.

Dimensions & Battery life

Lastly, addressing the important aspect, the gimbal has dimension specifications of 220×200×75mm and weighs around 1.1 Kilograms. The built-in battery provides a mind-numbing runtime of up to 11 hours, so you can have immense portability without any sort of downtime.

Lab Testing & Benchmarking

Obviously, I wouldn’t be recommending this gimbal for your Nikon Z50, if I haven’t tested it out myself in multiple phases. Here is what I found during my research on this gimbal.

When it comes to the payload limit threshold, the gimbal is advertised to hold up weight up to 2KG, however, pushing its limits past 2 KG to some extent won’t break or compromise its balancing capabilities across all its axes.

I even found it quite astounding that regardless of both kit and aftermarket lenses I used such as Macro, Prime, and Telephoto with my Nikon Z50, I had absolutely impeccable results with my camera both indoors and outdoors.

Moving onto its ease of use, after hours of fiddling around with its buttons and thoroughly testing out each and every configuration and mode it had, it is safe to assume that the gimbal heavily caters to both rookie and professional photographers as the convenience factor it provides especially while controlling the camera with the joystick is simply phenomenal.

Moreover, after unboxing, I even noticed it came with a nifty USB C to Micro USB 2.0 adapter, allowing me to connect to my older devices on the fly. Including these sorts of crucial adapters certainly provides a sigh of relief for me since I had tons of devices and purchasing special adapters surely feels a little bit annoying.

Why Do I Recommend it?

It might boast a number of remarkable features, but the one that mesmerized me the most was the ability to control and configure it with little to no effort.

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Next on the list is Zhiyun Weebill S which is also nicknamed the “Tiny Giant” since it packs a punch in its compact size and if you think it’s not worth the investment, wait till you read my personal experience with it.


Not all gimbals are easy to use, especially for individuals who don’t have much experience with these sorts of accessories, however, the Zhiyun Weebill not only provides spectacular stabilization but also has a sling design for super easy gripping.

It is termed as “Compact as a piece of A4 Paper” for all the right reasons since the structure is slim and lightweight and the whole ergonomic infrastructure makes even the hardest shot feel like a piece of cake.

Dual Quick Release System

Using this gimbal, I instantly felt like a professional-level photographer, as there was minimal hassle to install mounts since the quick-release plates (Manfrotto/Arca-Swiss) allowed me to shoot cinematic pictures and videos through its quick transition system.

Perfect Arm Lock

Moreover, the “Arm Lock” is also pretty convenient as you can simply place it on a tripod or even carry it in your hand without any issue as each axis is locked individually, allowing you to correctly calibrate and balance them, making it suitable for the scenario you are shooting your subject in.

Triple Device Sync

If you are feeling artistic and want to make some creative shoots or want to direct a video, you can sync up to 3 devices such as your smartphone or iPad which are mounted with image transmission.

Stabilizer Modes

If manual stabilization isn’t your cup of tea, the gimbal also has some noteworthy automatic modes to offer such as Pan Follow mode, Locking Mode, as well as 360 degrees and vortex mode which allows you to unleash your inner creative beast.

And trust me, it’s tons of fun while using these modes and you would be surprised how well it enhances your videos while taking crazy shots.

The App

And if you want more control over your camera and gimbal, you can connect to the Application through Bluetooth which provides numerous modes that you can use in your everyday life such as Panorama, Timelapse, Motionlapse, and Long Exposure Timelapse.

Moreover, motor strength and axis calibration can also be tweaked so you can fine-tune each aspect of the gimbal with just the tap of your finger.

Remote Control 

Weebill S also comes with a Remote control, just in case you don’t want to use a smartphone. Through the remote control, you can also configure ISO so that you can allow more light to be passed through your camera. 

The Zoom button lets you zoom in on your subject remotely, and lastly, the “Mode” button lets you toggle through different color modes.

My Studio Results

Some of my results generated after a couple of tedious hours were far from shocking as the manufacturer’s claims stayed true to their word.

For starters, I really admire the fact that, unlike other competitors in the market, the Zhiyun Weebill S includes crucial markings so you can easily change the position of your Nikon Z50 in little increments for fine-tuning.

Furthermore, if you are a YouTuber or a professional photographer like me who likes to keep a multitude of cameras and lenses in their inventory at any given time, you can easily use a wide array of camera alternatives aside from the Nikon Z50.

Here is a chart I created after using this gimbal with multiple cameras and went over and beyond to test out a few features so you can have a wide perspective on its compatibility ratio.

Although you can configure most of the gimbal functionality right off the bat without needing to download its proprietary application, for showcasing purposes, I even tried downloading it and was blown away by the fact of how well-optimized it is and included a couple of extra options that made my experience even better than I expected.

Why do I Recommend it?

If you want to use multiple devices or cameras and love in-depth configurations with complete control over your camera, I highly recommend this gimbal to you.

Next best gimbal for Nikon z50 is the 3rd Gen DJI RS 3 which I believe has superb quality and features that you won’t find elsewhere.


DJI stepped up its game in its 3rd Gen design and made its gimbal even more comfortable since it has carbon fiber arms that are both lightweight and sturdy.

Payload Specifications

The Gimbal has a layout specification of 3.3 kilograms which is why It easily held my Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera with a prime lens hooked up to it with little to no effort.

And considering such steep payload capacity  I am pretty sure you can also load up a couple of other accessories without worry at all.

Cutting Edge Stabilization

I was impressed by the level of stabilization it provided, especially while filming a football game, all my shots felt incredibly smooth and the video output produced felt like I was gliding on butter.

There were no micro shakes or any sort of disorientation, all thanks to the RS 3 Anti Shake stabilization algorithm which is no doubt improved from its previous version found in earlier releases of DJI gimbals.

Optional Lidar Feature

Furthermore, after spending a couple of extra bucks I was able to get my hands on the Lidar focusing feature, which I believe is well worth the money.

The accessory is specifically designed for DJI RS 3 so users can hook it up on top which lets you take immensely sharp photos by flawlessly focusing on the subject through its lidar technology, leaving no room for error for both stabilization or focusing of your imagery while you take your shots no matter the scenario.

Wireless Bluetooth Shutter

On the other hand, Say goodbye to cables, now you can connect your camera and gimbal through the Bluetooth shutter button which allows you to take pictures and record videos wirelessly, which is pretty convenient and hassle-free. 

OLED Touchscreen

The inclusion of a 1.8-inch Oled Touchscreen surprised me the most, as you won’t see this sort of handy feature at such a price.

The touchscreen Oled display provides convenience to the users since now you can configure all sorts of settings such as Automated Axis Calibration and balance as well as a virtual indicator of whether or not your camera is facing the direction or not.

So even if you don’t have much experience with getting your shots right, the gimbal will do it for you, making your photography look like it was taken by a pro.

Battery Life

There is a built-in battery that lasts up to 12 hours, and if you run out, you can top off those lithium batteries in no time with the quick charge function, which allows 18-watt PD fast charging.

Test Results

Testing out its crucial features like Auto locking capabilities over and over again was absolutely a blast of joy and the locking mechanism was incredibly reliable, tactile, and easy to reach regardless of where you put your palm.

And the inclusion of incremental marking along with a gear knob is simply the icing on the cake, it barely took me minutes to balance my cradle for my loftier telephoto builds as I was able to roll up my gimbal and balance it without breaking a sweat.

The marking also gave me a wider perspective on how to accurately balance each and every axis and since then I am able to accurately replicate it on a whim.

That’s not it yet, changing modes is no doubt a breeze because the switch is so conveniently placed that it barely required me to take my eyes off the subject and my thumb did all the job.

Since the switch is easy to reach while you hold your gimbal with one hand, the margin of error is fairly low, and even a rookie photographer can adapt and catch up to its learning curve.

Reason for Recommendation?

It has auto-axis locking and the DJI paid great attention to detail while creating it by including tons of handy features that will change the way how you perform photoshoots, what more could you ask for?

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Not satisfied with the above products? Want some more? Well luckily for you the list hasn’t ended yet, presenting to you my favorite the Zhiyun Weebill 2 Gimbal which will assist you in your photography, unlike anything you have seen before.


In terms of design, it has an incredibly simple structure with a unique sling grip, easier for anybody to hold their camera around like a pro. 

It is made in such a way that you can get your shots precisely without obstructing the view for you or your camera. The overall comfort it provides gives off premium vibes and you can easily switch to portrait mode without any hassle.

Payload specifications

Since it has a tough and sturdy design, you can easily load up your Nikon Z50 with almost any lens you would want to pair it with as the payload capacity can be up to a whopping 7 pounds which is jaw-dropping.

Remarkable Stabilization

During my photoshoot, I was able to flick some crazy shots with it and there is little to no shake produced in my videos, all thanks to the new Infineon chip which allows dynamic stabilization right off the bat, making your investment well worth the money.

Built-in Display

My favorite part about this gimbal is how you can utilize its compact yet handy 2.88-inch LCD touchscreen which could be rotated in any direction and can transmit images from your camera, however, you may need Trans Mount Image transmission for it to work properly.

Customizable Focus Control Wheel

I feel like this feature is kind of underrated, however, serves its purpose drastically well as it provides plenty of convenience to the user.

The focus control wheel can be fully customizable on the touchscreen which allows you to tweak ISO for lightning, Zoom, and focus easily on your subject.

To sum it up, I believe it’s worth every penny to spend on this lovely gimbal as the stabilization it provides will exceed your expectations.

Test Results

Testing its calibration capabilities across all of its three axes was simply a breeze and it barely gave me any headaches since to my surprise the gimbal came with an auto-calibration integrated into its software which did most of the labor, saving me precious time.

To get the full potential out of this gimbal,  I even went over and beyond and purchased this wireless transmission module which paved crucial routes for plenty of opportunities since I was able to convert the flip-out screen into my personal Monitor. 

This gave me direct live feedback from my camera and completely eliminated the need to check out my camera’s viewfinder every now and then.

Moreover, my jaw dropped when I came to realize that you can even connect your phone with its proprietary application and control its movement by moving your phone across multiple axes remotely.

Reason of Recommendation

Manual Calibration is certainly a nuisance to deal with especially if you aren’t good with gimbals, the auto calibration certainly feels like a lifesaver and an unmistakable contender for a recommendation.

If you are looking for an ultimate stabilization accessory, then there is no better alternative than the DJI RSC 2.


It was a shock to me when I found out that you could fold the DJI RSC 2 in almost half its size, which I mean to say in a good way because you could fit it in your pocket or bag pack without the need for extra space management.

After folding it, it’s virtually smaller than a piece of A5 paper which is pretty neat considering how bulky some gimbals can get, especially when you have other accessories attached to it and want to store them in your backpack.

Payload Specifications

The gimbal itself weighs around 2.6 pounds and can withstand a payload of up to 6.6 which is quite impressive as you can quickly hook up light to medium mirrorless cameras like the Nikon Z50 with absolutely no issue at all.

Impeccable Stabilization

The whole point of a gimbal is to prevent any sort of shakes or jerks which may cause your shots and videos to look uneven or out of focus, which is why there are Titan Stabilization algorithms embedded in this gimbal to save you from the hassle.

And personally, using the supersmooth mode makes my experience silky smooth as I no longer have to worry about micro-movements since the sensors are smart enough to detect even the slightest movement and correct the camera axis automatically.

Built-in Screen

Furthermore, the gimbal comes with a 1-inch OLED screen which allows you to tweak the ISO, aperture, zoom, and focus on your subject, all of which are quite commendable and were very helpful to me during my shoots as they can also serve as a shortcut to access these options in a less cluttered way.

Battery life

As for the battery life, I have to admit that it is excellent and beyond my expectation, with 14 hours of runtime I was able to perform multiple photo shoots throughout the day with still more than 50% charge left.

Furthermore, the gimbal even supports fast charging capabilities, so even if you find yourself with a low battery, you can quickly top up your batteries in no time.

The next contender in the list is the FeiyuTech Scorp which is listed here for all the right reasons and is hard to ignore, scroll down to know more.


Targeted specifically towards avid photographers as there are plenty of advanced features which truly let you take control of your camera with just a push of a button.

Videographers and professional photographers would truly love the beveled edges as they are not only incredibly smooth but are highly comfortable due to their magnificent ergonomic design.

No Tripod Requirement

The gimbal is incredibly fun to use and you can set it up almost everywhere without needing an external tripod as it comes with its folding aileron bracket, however, make sure you don’t use it during balancing the mounted camera because you might face some calibration error.

Magic Knob Button

By pressing the magic knob button, you can zoom, focus, set parameters, and toggle through modes, which I found very convenient and innovative.

Individual Axis Lock

Furthermore, I love the fact that you can individually adjust each axis and let it perfectly calibrate so you can fine-tune your stabilization and get the perfect shots you always needed.

Quick Release Plate

It even has Arca-Swiss Quick release plates so you don’t have to completely remove every accessory to mount your gimbal as the quick-release plates make installation pretty easy.

Battery life

The built-in battery easily delivers a runtime of up to 13 hours and has a type C interface through which you can charge its lithium cells in less than 2 hours so you can get back into action in no time.

Last but not least is the DJI Ronin S which has outstanding payload capacity and produces amazing stabilization so you can easily achieve those artistic shots you always wanted.


When it comes to design, this one is pretty unique as it has modular infrastructure which means you can detach its parts like lego blocks, so you can easily store it in your backpack quite easily.

Furthermore, the ergonomic grip allows you to carry your camera with one hand for longer periods, and the handle texture is excessively rugged enough to prevent accidental slippage of your gimbal.

In addition to that, the gimbal feels like it’s specially made for my Nikon Z50 as it does not block or obstruct my camera in any way, shape, or form, quite commendable I have to admit!

SmoothTrack Stabilization

When the Smooth Track mode is enabled, the gimbal detects even the slightest jerk on all of its three axes and corrects it right away with superb precision so no micromovement or shake can be felt in your videos or shots making them look silky smooth.

Sports Mode Feature

I thought the manufacturer was exaggerating how good the sports mode was for stabilization and balancing the camera, however, when I got to use this gimbal myself with sports mode turned on, I was flabbergasted to know that even the craziest and snappy angles of the camera perfectly stood its ground without flinching creating perfect cinematographic videos I always desired for.

Payload Capacity

Using my trusty prime lens on the Nikon Z50 was a piece of cake as this gimbal has payload specifications of up to 8 pounds and I believe any professional-level photographer wanting to mount a bigger camera with even bigger lenses would most probably prefer this gimbal due to its sturdiness.

Intelligent Trigger Lock

One another feature that I found amusing was the fact that this gimbal even has a trigger lock which means holding the button will lock your gimbal in one place so no matter which direction you move, roll, or tilt your camera, your gimbal will stay rock steady which is very handy for action shots.

Battery life

The only flaw I can find with this gimbal is that the batteries cannot be removed. However, on the bright side, it offers up to 12 hours of battery life, so we can overlook this aspect since the benefits it holds make up for any shortcomings.

Bottom Line

In the end, I would say all of the products listed above are my favorites and it’s just a matter of perspective, your daily use, nature of work, that will define how well each gimbal is ideal for you.

Nonetheless, I assure you that if you pick any product from my list of best gimbals for Nikon Z50, the chances of disappointment are little to none, as they are personally tested and reviewed so you don’t have to do it yourself to save your precious time and money.

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