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Top 7 Best Gimbals For Nikon D5600 in 2024 [All Prices]

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Last Updated/Info Checked on December 19, 2023 by Kimberly K.

The Nikon D5600 is no doubt an amazing “mid-ranged” Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera that excels efficiently, especially in low-light situations.

It has a remarkable autofocusing system and undoubtedly produces a super crisp portfolio even if held in the hands of a rookie photographer or a videographer.

However, be mindful that when compared to newer Nikon models or rival counterparts, the D5600 may not have the robust level of stabilization that you may need in order to achieve “Perfection”.

It is certain that this camera is a tad bit outdated and to compensate for its shortcomings in this day and age, you need to have an aftermarket accessory such as a “Gimbal for stabilization” to produce an aspiring portfolio.

Hence, my cherry-picked list of best gimbals for Nikon D5600 has been compiled from all over the web by me, which will provide the best bang for your buck, no doubt.

7 Best Gimbals For Nikon D5600 in 2023

Here is my list:

1. DJI RS 3 Pro – Nikon D5600 Gimbal

The DJI RS 3 PRO is by far the most robust stabilization solution in the market that goes pretty well with all sorts of mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

One Press Axis Lock

An item that enhances convenience to the users is certainly the best product money can buy especially when it belongs to the field of photography or videography.

With one simple push of a power button, each and every axis of this gimbal automatically locks itself while not in use and automatically gets unlocked once you are ready and want to jump into action.

No longer do you have to fine-tune and waste your precious time before a photo shoot, such a groundbreaking feature in this gimbal truly puts the rival counterparts in the mud.

Payload Specifications

The stellar design and carbon fiber sleeves give the gimbal integrity to boast a payload specification of 4.5 kilograms which is no doubt remarkable and deserves a round of applause as you can load up literally a multitude of accessories and you won’t be pushing the limit any time soon.

While the weight specification of the Nikon D5600 is 465 grams, I feel like this gimbal is a major overkill even if you have paired it up with a telephoto lens and an external flashlight especially while having the active track feature turned on.

Furthermore, the gimbal itself has a weight of 1.5 kilograms, however, even after hours of use in a wedding ceremony my hands barely felt weighted, as the whole setup has such a well-balanced design that doesn’t divert strain onto my arms.

Extreme Laser Guided Focus

Focusing is the pivotal aspect of how you perform your photography, even if you are holding a flagship-level DSLR you would still be struggling to produce a decent output while performing videography.

If you are struggling with keeping your subject in focus or have very little skills or knowledge on how to keep your camera steady to get the perfect click, the lidar focusing system in this gimbal will assist you through its 43,200 ranging points up to 14-meter range.

Test Results

The DJI RS 3 Pro goes over and beyond in tons of ways that I didn’t know was possible, a matter of fact in this iteration, the arms are now made from solid carbon fiber material which not only reinforces its integrity but also makes sure the overall setup remains lightweight and portable.

On the other hand, the axis locking on this thing is basically a lifesaver and saves me tons of time as I no longer have to lock and unlock each axis while I am on the move.

While recording a video during a public event outdoors, I also came to realize that this gimbal also features a dedicated mode switch, and unlike other gimbals, I don’t have to waste my time while finding this option in the main menu of its user interface.

Reason for Recommendation

A top-of-the-line professional grade stabilization solution for both filmmakers and professional vloggers who want the best of the best in the market without having any sort of budget restriction on their minds.

2. ZHIYUN Weebill 2 – Best Gimbal For Nikon D5600

A perfect pick for those individuals who don’t want to shell out plenty of cash but want to enjoy a professional-grade movie-making experience, the Zhiyun Weebill 2 will rock your world.

LCD Screen Inclusion

Unlike other gimbals in the list, this one rocks a small yet handy 2.88-inch LCD screen which easily lets you navigate through multiple functionalities and even lets you tweak controls such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture size of the camera.

You can even use the screen as your personal viewfinder by using an image transmission system that automatically gives you feedback, so you can see whatever the iris of your camera sees, this makes videography direction quite easier.

Revolutionary Design

Want to record some low-angle shots seamlessly without crouching? Well, fret not, because with the included sling grip you will be able to achieve steady smooth angle shots without breaking a sweat.

Anyone who wants to embark on serious filmmaking or simply wants to record some breathtaking shots for their YouTube channel with the Nikon D5600 should most certainly get their hands on this gimbal.

New Infineon Sensor

Gimbals are all about firmness and stability, the Weebill 2 is armed with a dynamic stability factor that is powered by the Infineon vector splitting mechanism and senses movements across all three axes in a matter of nanoseconds without any visible delays.

While recording a Christmas Eve vlog in my home, this gimbal provided me with the best form of stabilization and there were barely any jerks or micro shakes no matter how fast I turned the camera around, isn’t that magnificent?

In the end, the gimbal has got a perfect and justifiable price tag and is completely well worth the money and it will no doubt change the way you record your videos.

Test Results

The Weebill 2 rocks a modular design and you take it apart piece by piece, making it extremely ideal for both vloggers and travel photographers.

Unlike other gimbals which only offer a small screen to provide insight about the gimbal, this one on the other hand integrates a considerably larger color LCD Screen which fairly does well even in strong ambient lightning.

In this nifty screen, you can even determine whether or not each of its axes is in optimal condition or not.

The Zhiyun also has a bigger cradle to support bigger and bulkier cameras, in case you want to experiment around with your payload or simply attach additional modules.

Reason for Recommendation

It has an integration flip-screen and offers dual detachable grips for much more seamless videography and photography while having outstanding stabilization regardless of the terrain.

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3. FeiyuTech SCORP Pro

If you are working with bulkier rigs, it might be time that you invest in Feiyutech SCORP Pro which is optimal for heavy-duty usage like a champ.

Heavyweight Payload Specs

While personally testing out this gimbal, I feel like no matter how much I praise it for its solid integrity and payload capacity, it doesn’t feel sufficient.

The Scorp Pro is a behemoth and can lift a camera paired up with bulkier lenses and flashes up to a whopping 10.6 pounds. It’s a perfect travel companion and no doubt one of the finest stabilization solutions for your Nikon D5600.

Super Easy Adjustment

Not only is this gimbal an absolute stabilization powerhouse but it is a utility that also provides convenience to its users to a great extent. 

With a simple five-way center of gravity stabilization mechanism, users can adjust, calibrate, and balance their camera builds in a matter of minutes. 

In other words, the whole setup takes little to no effort and Scorp Pro ensures you jump straight into the action without breaking a sweat.

Vertical Seat

Ever wanted to capture those breathtaking portrait shots or simply want to record a mesmerizing tour vlog for your viewers to see, the gimbal allows you to mount your camera in vertical mode so that switching angles is no longer an issue.

Moreover, snapping high or low-angle shots can also be achieved smoothly without putting your body in weird angles for the perfect view.

Battery runtime

While the gimbal does boast spectacular performance, when it comes to battery life, it isn’t a slouch either.

It comes with a 2500mAh lithium battery and even supports 18W of fast charging which takes things to a whole new level and gives it an edge over its rival counterparts that usually lack these features.

4. DJI RSC 2 3-Axis Gimbal 

If you are craving something premium and don’t want to break the bank at the same time, then DJI RSC 2 surely comes in handy. Not to mention, it’s my favorite pick for the Nikon D5600 for all the right reasons.

SuperSmooth Mode

The DJI RSC 2 boasts supersmooth mode which means even if you load up a telephoto lens of 100-200mm on your Nikon D5600, you will not have to face issues such as micro shakes or even jitters while zoomed all the way into the maximum focal length.

Since this problem is pretty common with novice photographers that use telephoto lenses, these gimbals easily take care of it and minimize shakes by providing super firm stabilization no matter how distant you are performing your photoshoot.

On the flip side, the Titan stabilization algorithm does an outstanding job by keeping the axis secured at its appropriate position, and the results produced while being under the limits of payload capacity are also pretty spectacular.

Payload Specifications

Speaking of payload threshold, the DJI RSC 2 holds up to 6.6 pounds, which is not that great, but not that bad either.

For moderately bulky rigs, you won’t be having any issues at all, however, with additional accessories, you may easily push the limits and have camera shake issues.


One of the best perks about having a DJI gimbal is that it even comes with its own proprietary application which lets you tweak a couple of camera features such as ISO, aperture size, etc. 

Additionally, you can use it on your phone and it supports Android 7.0 and iOS 11.0 devices and you can hook it up to the gimbal through Bluetooth.

The overall User interface is also pretty convenient and neat and the applications get routine updates so you won’t have to worry about bugs or glitches.

5. FeiyuTech G6 Max

An extremely budget-friendly option with a super compact design and is incredibly portable, so you can take it almost anywhere you go and capture the beautiful moments in your life.

Compact & portable

Upon unboxing the package, I was amazed at how small the whole gimbal setup is, and I can practically fit it inside a small bag or even my pocket.

This makes it quite convenient as you no longer have to worry about space management or carrying special bags just for your gimbal.

On the flip side, it’s smaller than the size of an A4 paper and weighs around 1.48 pounds. I love how you can simply pop it in your camera bag and it feels like you are carrying literally nothing.

For videographers and wedding photographers, I would highly recommend this gimbal for their Nikon d5600 since these sorts of events usually require half a day or so, and carrying a heavier gimbal may take a toll on your wrist.

And as an added bonus the whole build is pretty much waterproof in case you are recording outdoors and don’t want rain or water splashes to ruin the inner circuitries of the gimbal.

Payload Specifications

While the overall design looks fantastic and premium, the gimbal surely has a caveat as it can’t do heavy-duty lifting and only accepts lightweight camera rigs up to 2.65 pounds.

This means loading up heavier lenses may be totally out of the equation as it can dramatically impact the balancing aspect of the gimbal.

Exceptional Battery life

Apart from the caveat of having a Built-in “non-interchangeable” aspect of its battery, the gimbal offers a spectacularly high long-lasting battery life of 9 hours as it boasts a 2200mah lithium-ion cell.

That’s not it yet, it even supports reverse charging which means it can also top up your smartphone as well as your camera in case your device depletes its battery reserves.

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6. DJI Ronin-SC – Camera Stabilizer

It has a straightforward user interface, yet packs a punch, all while being extremely lightweight, the DJI Ronin SC will instantly make you fall in love with it, once you give it a try.

Perfect For Solo Photographers

The gimbal has a lot to offer, especially for those freelance photographers that perform solo photoshoots because the tracking capability is flawless on this thing as it swiftly locks onto the subject and keeps the focus on capturing some breathtaking moments.

Firm Stabilization

No matter how rapidly you move or pivot the direction of the gimbal, your camera rig is going to remain incredibly stable throughout your videography.

It’s marvelous how well the dynamic stabilization works no matter the terrain you are working on, the videos are going to be super smooth without any jitters or shakes.

Furthermore, I love that sports configuration puts the gimbal in hyper-sensitive mode, detects even the slightest tingle, and automatically counteracts its three-axis without any delays.

Payload Specifications

Another remarkable bit of this gimbal is that it has a payload specification of 4 pounds and can easily hold up a moderately bulky setup like a champ. For an entry-level gimbal, this is truly commendable.

On the other hand, the infrastructure itself is pretty solid, considering the fact that it is made from aluminum and magnesium alloy which is why the whole vibes of this stabilization accessory feel considerably premium.

And the best part is that it even boosts anti-slip gripping which can be extremely handy for those users that lack ample knowledge or skills on how to handle their rig in a crowded situation where accidents are prone to happen.

Ronin App

You can use multiple modes to enhance your photography skills such as panorama, time-lapse and even utilize the Active Tracking feature by using the Ronin App which means you can unleash your inner creative beast and produce a mind-blowing portfolio and undoubtedly gain plenty of viewers for your social media channels.

7. FeiyuTech AK2000S Adv. Handheld 3-Axis DSLR Camera Gimbal

Lastly, we have the feiyu tech Ak2000s Advanced version which has an Extraordinary price to value ratio.

Payload Specifications

Even though the AK2000s has an incredibly lightweight design infrastructure it can still hold up to 2.2 Kilograms of weight without breaking a sweat.

While I did try pushing its payload threshold, I felt like there was some form of balancing issues, so I suggest that you stay within the payload limits in order to achieve optimal results.

Nonetheless, suppose you want to cover professional events or simply want to record a couple of vlogs for your youtube channel with your Nikon D5600. In that case, you will have no problem at all, considering you use a prime lens instead of a bulkier telephoto lens.

Support For Quick Release Plate System

Gimbals these days are virtually carbon copies of one another, and often have similar features. However, one thing that makes them stand out is their convenience factor and how well they aid the user experience.

Since, the Ak2000s advance has a dual plate quick release system which supports ARCA quick release mechanism, reassembling and even rebalancing your camera won’t be an issue.

Fast Charging Support

The battery on this thing goes a long way and provides a standby time of up to a whopping 14 hours.

Although, for reviewing purposes, I did try to stress test its battery runtime and it gave me a solid runtime of 7 hours and 30 minutes, which isn’t that bad considering the fact you can top it up in less than 2 hours.

As far as battery charging goes, the gimbal supports up to 18 watts of fast charging through the type C USB port, which is nice to know since many of my other devices use Type C ports, and I won’t be carrying multiple cables in my bag while traveling.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to find a decent gimbal for Nikon D5600 since this DSLR lineup is almost outdated and the industry has moved on to mirrorless camera technology.

And since nobody is reviewing a gimbal for it, you may have a hard time finding the best gimbals for Nikon D5600.

But since I love to cater to my readers’ needs and demands, I personally tested each gimbal and curated this list as a way to provide guidance in case you want to commit to an investment.

That being said, have a lovely day, thanks for stopping by!

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