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7 Best Tripods For Sony A6000 in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Being a professional photographer, I have had quite an astounding experience with Sony’s mirrorless lineup, however, the one that took me by surprise is the A6000 variant.

I mean it is obvious that Its unprecedented looks, stunning performance, and ground-shattering output would leave anyone in awe.

And considering such attributes, even though it’s quite dated, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me that some of you may still be using it considering the fact it certainly packs a punch and can easily put competing brands in the mud to this day.

However, not all the glitters are gold here as the major flaw regarding this digital camera is the lack of IBIS (in-body Image Stabilization) and it’s evident to get the full out of this camera, you may be needing a worthy tripod.

So how about you take a look at this fine list of the best tripods for sony a6000 I have curated that will surely change the way you perform your photoshoots.

My Favorite 7 Best Tripods For Sony A6000

Here is the list that I created for my beloved readers.

1. Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 – Best Tripod for Sony A6000

Starting this mighty list with a piece of art that is otherwise known as the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 Carbon Fiber tripod that has top-notch stability.

Unparalleled Stability

It goes without saying that Manfrotto tripods never compromise on their quality no matter the price tag. Since this tripod falls into the flagship category, in terms of stability you won’t be disappointed and there are no two ways about it.

For starters, the whole design and infrastructure are made from high-quality, extremely durable carbon fiber material which means it certainly compensates for any vibrations that may arise while using your Mirrorless Sony A6000 with telephoto lenses.

Since distant photography often suffers from image blurring even from slight shakes, it is nice to have a tripod that provides a stabilization solution no matter where you are shooting.

Payload Specifications

The price tag may be a tad bit higher for your taste, however, paying top dollar means that you are certainly getting the best bang for your buck as this tripod can hold up to 9 kilograms of weight.

If you are a professional photographer who often performs sessions revolving around product photography, model shoots, sports events, or any other form of formal events, investing in this tripod may be well worth the money due to the fact that you will have plenty of headroom in case you want to pair extra accessories with your camera.

Overall Dimension

However, the only downside I did find in this otherwise impeccable tripod is that it lacks portability and may give you a headache if you are managing storage space while storing it in your bag.

In other words, when fully collapsed,  the tripod is 25 inches, however, it can reach heights up to 65 inches when extended and surely takes a lot of space, so keep that in mind.

Moreover, the legs are divided into 4 segments and are extended and closed through a flick-locking system which also feels very solid and sturdy

Testing Results

There are plenty of things that will put you in awe while testing out the Manfrotto tripod, especially if you take a look at the attention to detail given by the manufacturer.

After hours of using this tripod, I came to release the center column that can also be inverted for 90-degree shots. Once you are done, simply press this red button and your tripod will be converted into a standard form factor.

They even placed a small bubble level at the top of the tripod, so in case you are busy leveling out the tripod on outdoor terrain, this little guy will sort you out.

These are the angle adjustment locks of the tripod, they are made from solid metal and can withstand weight pressure up to 9KG.

Reason For Recommendation

It is tall and does not suffer from vibration caused by gusts of wind due to the integration of carbon fiber material in its body.

2. SIRUI Traveler 7C Sony A6000 Tripod

The SIRUI Traveler tripod is the best choice for those photographers who like to travel a lot or perform photoshoots outdoors.

Extended Center Column

The most pivotal aspect of this tripod is the fact that you can not only extend its 4 segmented legs for greater heights but the center column can also be extended, which means you won’t be bending much while peeking through the viewfinder of your Sony A6000.

In technical terms, when the center column is fully extended, the whole tripod can reach up to 175 cm, however, when collapsed, it reaches 140 cm, which is still quite tall compared to other tripods in the market at such a price point.

I also love the fact that how portable this tripod is portable as you can easily carry it around in your back or carrying case since it’s only 1.5 kilograms and 48 cm when fully collapsed, including the legs and the center column.

Furthermore, you can also invert the center column in case you want to perform low-angle photoshoots.

Payload Specifications & Build Quality

Furthermore, for a travel tripod, I believe the SIRUI travel 7C does an amazing job because it can hold up payload weight up to 17.6 pounds which is mind-blowing, however, the use of carbon fiber on its feet provides durability and prevents shocks and vibrations to erupt while using the tripod with bulky lenses on your Sony a6000.

Unlike other cheaper counterparts, this tripod rather than using cheap plastic, this one has ultra-sturdy aluminum even in the small bits and clamps located at its head.

Spiked Feet

Since using outdoors means you would be often working with uneven terrain, the legs offer spikes that fixate onto the mud, sand, or other form or surface quite easily and won’t wobble due to gusts of winds. 

Furthermore, the legs also have waterproofing rubber applied on them, so no moisture or water droplets would corrode the surface of the tripod which is very thoughtful and certainly prolongs the life of the tripod

Testing Results

Since the complete framework is made from carbon fiber material, imposing any punishment on it, intentionally or unintentionally won’t be an issue since it’s built like a tank.

However, just because it’s sturdy and strapping, doesn’t mean it’s heavy, in fact, it’s just 1.6 kg.

And I love the fact that it even has its own bubble level to give you a thorough insight whenever you are adjusting your camera, isn’t that nifty?

And by the way, this Center Screw also has an accessory/Weight Hook, in case you are looking to enhance the stability of the tripod.

Love the fact that it doubles as your personal mini tripod, no more punishing your knees by crouching and stressing them out while capturing those low-angle shots by creeping onto the subject.

Reason For Recommendation

Provides excellent value for money and has superb build quality, making it a supreme choice for both casual and professional photographers.

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3. MeFOTO Globetrotter S – Sony A6000 Stand

Additional Information

  • 4.43 Pounds Net weight
  • Carbon Fiber Body type
  • Arca-Swiss Style Quick Release System
  • 26.5 lb Payload Capacity

An amazing stabilization solution that comes in a nice color scheme and even has a very smooth dual-action ball head. My experience with this tripod has been nothing but pure joy.

Perfect Travel Buddy

Whether you are on foot or want to pack up for a big hike around the hills for some landscape photoshoot, you would absolutely adore the MEFOTO Globetrotter S tripod due to its amazing portability factor.

And calling it simply compact or nifty would be downright an understatement of the year because when fully collapsed, the tripod is merely 15.75 inches which means you can easily pop it in your bag or your suitcase and it won’t take much space.

Meanwhile, when fully extended, its height isn’t that shabby either as it can reach up to 61.6 inches, so regardless of your height, you will have a comfortable experience while working this tripod. You could even detach one of its leg to use it as a monopod for your camera.

Build Quality

For reviewing and testing this tripod out, I purchased the typical black version of this tripod, but if you want your gear to look fancy, you can invest in the titanium version which has flashy and fancy aesthetics to it.

As for its build quality, the whole infrastructure is made from very fine carbon fiber material and that is why it feels so lightweight in the hand as it only weighs 3.5 pounds. it even has a nifty attachment hook to increase its stability for outdoor scenarios.

Head Type

The tripod provides great value for the money you invest when it comes to its ball head quality, you can pan your camera all the way to 360 degrees which is amazing and makes videography very easy.

The best part is that it is also made from extremely solid material due to the fact that you can load up 26.5 pounds of weight and it can withstand such mass just fine. 

Even using a 70-350mm lens on my Sony A6000 while hooking it up to this tripod felt like a piece of cake and if you are a professional photographer or a documentary producer, you should certainly invest in it.

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4. AmazonBasics 50-inch

If you don’t really have the money to buy flagship-level tripods, then you might want to consider giving your attention to Amazon basics 50-inch Tripod.

Overall Aesthetics & Build Quality

Even though it’s labeled as a “basic” or “entry” level tripod for a casual photographer, when thoroughly reviewing it, the finishing feels very premium. 

For starters, the legs and bracketing revolving around the center column are made from lightweight aluminum and it is covered with “copper rose” finishing which looks really nice and gives off professional vibes.

However, I did notice the latches and the other bits of the head are made from plastic, but I don’t feel like it’s a deal breaker, considering the fact of how budget-friendly this tripod is.

Adjustable Center Column

Speaking of the center column, you can extend it up to 7 inches to gain some height and record high-angle shots or videos with ease.

Moreover, right beside the center post, there is a knob that lets you lock your center column so you can fine-tune your adjustments in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, the head also has a lovely quick-release system that supports not just cameras but also your smartphone which enhances ease of use tenfold.

Moreover, the head also has a nifty bubble level so you can adjust your camera accordingly and achieve the correct frame.


Lastly, the dimensions of this tripod are pretty straightforward and you must have already gotten an idea of its maximum length which is 50 inches as mentioned in the name of this tripod.

However, when fully collapsed, it can become 16.5 inches or 41.9 cm which is pretty small and easy to store.

In the end, if you are looking for a tripod with a straightforward design, decent looks, and ample stability while being on a budget, the Amazon Basic 50 should most definitely be your go-to choice as the ratio of disappointment is pretty low here.

5. Endurax 66 Tripod for Sony A6000

Next in the line is no other than the renowned Endurax 66 tripod which has all the features you may need, and then some!


Let’s take a look at its technicalities, the Endurox 66 inches is an amazing choice for photographers who want to capture beautiful sceneries blessed by Mother Nature.

And being an entry-level tripod, it certainly has excellent height specifications because when fully cranked in with the lever at the base of the center column, it reaches up to 66 inches which is more than enough to quench your photography desires, both outdoors and indoors.

However, when collapsed, it is merely 17.5  inches and can be easily picked in the hand due to its enhanced griping which surely describes its amazing level of portability ratio.

Payload Specifications

It’s surprising how budget-friendly this tripod is, however, it still provides a payload capacity of up to 11 pounds. But expect it to have similar levels of stability that may be otherwise provided by a premium carbon fiber tripod, nonetheless, it does its job pretty well.

In addition to that, some parts of the head and feet are made from plastic but it’s far from cheap so you don’t really need to worry about it breaking on you.

Ring Lock & Accessory Hook

Given the fact that you would be often working outdoors or using this tripod in your daily hike, it’s nice to have an accessory hook that bolsters the stability of the tripod, considering the fact it may suffer from wobbling during gusts of wind.

Besides the accessory hook, there is a center ring lock which ensures your tripod doesn’t change angles while placing it on uneven terrain.

After using this tripod for days both indoors and outdoors, I am more than satisfied and if you are on a budget or simply want to experiment with different tripods, then you might want to consider buying it.

6. JJC 2-in-1 Flexible Mini Sony Camera Tripod

The JJC 2-in-1 tripod uses a different approach by providing stability which will most certainly blow your mind.

Build Quality & Flexibility

It’s basically a tripod that has taken its inspiration in terms of design from an octopus which is pretty thoughtful and creative and surely paves the way to next-level art that may otherwise not be possible especially if you are a blogger or a content creator.

The whole infrastructure is made from very lightweight yet durable high-quality metal, with some bits of Silicone, and ABS material to add flexibility and strength to its design.

You can literally rotate the legs or tie them against a bar or a hanging branch, use it as a high-angle camera, or create “pseudo drone” shots.

Ball Head

The tripod is extremely fun to use and there are no two ways about it, with a 360-degree ball head and 90-degree panning option, you can have the best panoramic shots both in your stills and videography.

The ball head is also pretty smooth and easy to control, so if you are a casual photographer or a hobbyist you would absolutely love playing with this bad boy.

MonoPod Mode

Aside from your Sony A6000, you can also hook up your Gopro or simply use your mirrorless camera in Monopod mode which acts as a selfie stick.

The best part is that it includes a Lanyard, so you can wrap it around your hand and secure your investment from accidental slippage.

7. UBeesize 67” Sony A6000 Camera Tripod

Don’t let this tabletop tripod fool you into thinking it’s a slouch, because it surely packs a punch and provides smoother stability due to its protruding feet.

Exquisite Design

After unboxing this tripod, it seemingly shocked me due to its gorgeous design and certainly felt like a breath of fresh air as I have reviewed tons of tripods and they often tend to have the same old-fashioned design.

In terms of aesthetics, the Ubeesize uses an Italian design and has very solid aluminum with ABS resin to provide integrity and gripping all across its feet.

It only weighs 3.1 pounds and has moveable rubber feet which have a swivel motion so using it on uneven mud or sand is very easy.

Overall Dimension 

Now moving on to its technical part which matters the most, the tripod when fully collapsed, is barely 20.1 inches, however, you can extend it up to 67 inches as advertised in the title.

Moreover, the center column is also extendable and allows you to adjust its height up to 12 inches by using the lever which easily lets you adjust the camera height that is suitable for your needs.

Payload Specifications & Head Flexibility

The tripod can hold up camera rigs to 5.5 pounds quite easily, although the build quality is pretty sturdy and you can easily push the limit without compromising stability, I would rather advise otherwise to stay on the safe side.

Moreover, the ball head on top of the base plate has incredible flexibility and you can perform not just pan or tilt motion on it, but if you want to take the top of the bottom shot, it can be done with ease.

In addition to that, the head also lets you move the camera in vertical and landscape mode seamlessly, in case you want to record videos for your YouTube channel or create TikTok videos or skits.

Bottom Line

Pretty sure, after reading this article regarding the best tripods for Sony A6000, you might be able to commit to investment and ease off the indecisiveness you may have had. 

The Sony A6000 is an amazing choice for both entry-level and professional-grade photography, but certainly lacks in-body stabilization, and that’s why you need to treat your camera with some love in the form of a tripod that I have cherry-picked above just for you, my beloved reader!

I even tried my best to keep my reviews free from bias and ensure they remain genuine so you won’t feel astray or have any confusion in mind.

That being said, thank you for stopping to have a lovely day.

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