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Lates Reviews of 7 Best Tripods For Canon 5D Mark IV

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Last Updated/Info Checked on December 19, 2023 by Kimberly K.

The Canon 5D Mark IV is no doubt one the most formidable high-end DSLR cameras out there with top-of-line image processors with ground-shattering output.

It’s truly marvelous that a Digital Single Lens reflex camera from almost half a decade can excel so well in low-light situations that it easily puts the competition in the mud.

However, since it’s a flagship DSLR, it is no doubt significantly bulkier than a mirrorless camera and requires you to buy aftermarket lenses as it lacks a kit lens on its own.

Buying an aftermarket lens itself takes a toll on the weight department which may wear your wrist out after performing a photo shoot on this camera especially if you are a professional photographer trying to cover events like weddings, sports, etc all day long.

In that case, you must be looking for a tripod to purchase with bigger payload specifications, and fortunately for you, I have curated this list of Best Tripods For Canon 5d Mark IV, dive down below to learn more about them.

List of 7 Best Tripods For Canon 5D Mark IV

I have created a list for you, so let’s take a look at each product.

1. Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber

Starting the review with my favorite brand, they have created such an awesome stabilization solution with an impeccable design. Here are my thoughts about it.

Lightweight & Portable

When it comes to the portability aspect, this tripod provides insane value that will blow your mind because of how lightweight it feels in your hand. I love the fact that it even comes with its own soft and well-padded bag.

It’s just 2.43 pounds and is made from extremely solid carbon fiber material unlike the aluminum version, this one even has a nice pattern to it so you can hold it comfortably.

If you are a professional photographer or like to take pictures of wildlife or beautiful scenery, you would most certainly love this aspect of the Manfrotto Befree Tripod.

Payload Specifications

If you are looking for a stabilization accessory that can be used as your daily workhorse, then you may find this tripod alluring due to its flawless technical specifications.

The load capacity of this tripod head is around 8.8 pounds which is more than enough to keep a safe headroom in case you want to push the limit with additional accessories on your Canon 5D Mark IV.

4 Segmented Legs

The Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH  has 4 segmented legs and can be extended with its solid flip locks, allowing it to reach up to 56.7 inches.  But if you want to pack it up, it can easily fold down to a measly size of 13.4 inches.

My only issue with these sorts of flip locks is that they feel a little bit stiff as compared to other tripods I have reviewed in the past and it takes a while to get used to its locking system.

On the other hand, the legs can be adjusted to two different positions such as super wide which allows you to get your camera lower to the ground, and the standard position which lets your camera achieve heights for a higher or better perspective in case you want to perform landscape photography.

Testing Results

The ball head on top of the center post is the eye candy of this tripod as it’s incredibly smooth and allows plenty of flexibility especially while recording videos.

In the photo below, the locking knob beside the ball head is there to increase the stiffness of the ball head in case you want to implement a natural feel while moving your payload on it, right beside the knob there is a small knob to provide insight while you are adjusting your camera.

After I was done examining its utmost finishing and aesthetics, I noticed almost every bit of the tripod screams volume of quality. It’s like the manufacturer ensured there is no complaint at the consumer end.

The leg angle adjustment looks a bit stiff though, however, after a couple of weeks of outdoor fun, they were no longer an issue and my thumb easily adapted to the whole ordeal.

It’s nice to know Manfrotto also went over and beyond and included a lovely shoulder bag and a release plate with a D-Ring. 

The strap of the bag is sturdy and hasn’t worn out even after a year of mishandling. I have to admit it’s by far one of the best investments I ever had in my life.

Reason For Recommendation

Perfect for those who love to shoot outdoors it’s unbelievably lightweight due to its carbon fiber body.

2. SLIK Pro 700DX

Next in the line is the SLIK Pro 700DX tripod which surely weighs like a ton of bricks but is hands down one of the best value for money due to its multitude of amazing features it has to offer.

AMT Material

I heard a couple of photographer peers talking about this SLIK tripod variant being considerably bulky in the market.

However, I felt it might be an exaggeration but When I unboxed it and held it in my hand to get an idea of how bulky it was, I was quite astonished.

But don’t let this aspect carry you away from the fact that this tripod is made from extremely premium grade Aluminum, magnesium, and titanium alloy which is far better, stronger, and sturdier than your standard aluminum alloy which you may often see in the market.

Overall Dimensions

On the other hand, the overall dimensions and specifications are incredibly impressive and by far the best I have ever seen for a tripod at such a price point.

For starters, it can extend up to 74.8 inches with Flip Locks which means taller individuals working with this tripod won’t feel like stretching or bending down much while using your Canon 5D Mark IV.

On the other hand, when fully folded, it can go down to 29.9 inches which isn’t that short but keep in mind it’s designed for heavy-duty use as it provides the best bang for your buck in terms of performance stability, and portability sort of out of the equation.

3 Way Head

On the flip side, it uses a 3-way head and only allows movement in pan and tilting but when it comes to holding up payload weight, it has a threshold of 19.8 pounds which is very impressive.

The bulky aspect of this tripod also acts as a silver lining for this tripod as it won’t wobble around in windy conditions and will be fixated in its position no matter where you perform your photoshoots.

Testing Results

It’s a professional-grade tripod, so I wasn’t surprised that it had tons of features integrated into its every nook and cranny.

For instance, there is a tightening screw right below the center post, so you can easily remove the center column and even use it as a monopod, isn’t that amazing?

I love the fact of how smooth the leg locks are, a simple flick allows them to lock and unlock, and in a matter of seconds, you have a fully collapsed tripod in your hand.

The locking system is also pretty sturdy and reliable and is made from solid metal, so there is no material chipping or any other form of wear and tear, in case you are worried about that.

The carrying bag of this tripod is pretty slick and stylish and has a minimalist design, however, I wish it had some form of padding to protect the innards during traveling.

Reason For Recommendation

The SLIK PRO 700DX sets the bar high with its exceptional physical dimensions and fantastic 3-way head, making it optimal for videography with Canon 5D MARK IV.

3. SIRUI AM-225 Camera Tripod Carbon Fiber 

If you are tired of using heavier tripods or are looking for travel tripods, the SIRUI AM-225 may have your name written on it and is just waiting for you to commit an investment to it.

Twist Lock Legs

I really appreciate when a manufacturer comes up with innovative features to enhance their customer experience all while providing quality at the same time.

This tripod, at first glance, may look small, compact, and flimsy at first glance, but you can extend its three legs independently all the way up to 127.3 cm.

This means it’s perfect for both portrait and landscape shots as its length specifications easily hit the sweet spot for both casual and professional-grade photographers.

Moreover, when it comes to portability, this tripod isn’t a slouch either, because when collapsed it’s barely 30.8 cm.

Frog Mode

My only complaint regarding this otherwise perfect and flawless tripod is that it lacks a center column as you may struggle to have stability in heavy winds or extreme outdoor conditions.

But the silver lining here is that you can convert the tripod into a flat mode which will let your Canon 5D Mark IV as low to the ground as 2.76 inches.

In other words, in this mode, all your stills and videography would have a cinematic vibe which isn’t possible without having such a creativity feature in your tripod.

Payload Specifications

Just because it’s tiny and weighs around 0.95 grams, doesn’t mean it won’t be able to perform heavy-duty tasks as this tiny bad boy can lift up your camera and its accessories as long as they fall under the weight limit of 6 kilograms which, to be honest, is more than enough for both casual and professional photographers.

Testing Results

Since it’s a travel-oriented tripod, to evaluate its build quality for reviewing purposes, I took it out for a little tour to determine its effectiveness in real-world situations, and to my surprise, it lived up to its promises.

For starters, the B-00K Ball Head might look flimsy at first glance but it not only has outstanding flexibility, especially during photography but the ball is made from anodized aluminum material and can withstand a significant amount of payload weight without any hiccups.

On the other hand, the tripod, when fully closed, is quite tiny and doesn’t make you deal with space management-related issues you can easily pop it in your bag and it won’t weigh you down, all credit due to its carbon fiber design.

As most of my photo sessions were performed outdoors, I barely had any issues regarding stability since the carbon fiber legs provided immaculate stability throughout the use.

However, in some scenarios where I had to hook up a bulky telephoto lens on my Canon 5D Mark IV, using the spiked feet significantly helped a lot in minimizing the vibrations.

Reason for Recommendation

An epitome of strength and stability, the SIRUI is made from premium-grade materials and can weigh up to 6 kg, making it one of the finest picks on the list.

4. SLIK Sprint PRO III

If the above Slik variant of the tripod wasn’t your cup of tea, here is another one at an even better price tag.

Perfect Travel Companion

While there are lots of tripod brands advertised as a “Travel oriented Tripod”, not all of them have a portability aspect just like this one.

The SLIK Sprint Pro III is the finest travel companion design specifically for outdoors due to being extremely feathery. It only weighs 3 lbs which means you can pop it in your carrying case or your backpack and you won’t feel like you are carrying anything at all.

You might be familiar with such attributes regarding a carbon fiber tripod, but the astonishing part is that this tripod is made from aluminum alloy and is lightweight enough to be immensely portable.

Payload Specifications & Stability 

As for its payload specifications, it’s only 4.4 pounds which means that working with bigger or bulkier lenses like 200mm or 300mm is totally out of the equation. 

However, if you want to capture some stills or simply want to snap some beautiful portraits with your 50mm or 85mm lenses paired with your Canon 5D Mark IV, this tripod can provide stability beyond your expectations.

Reversible Center Column

Being such a renowned brand with such a commendable reputation, this tripod surely packs some aces up its sleeves as it offers a reversible center column which lets you mount your camera in an upside-down manner and lets you take some low-angle shots with ease.

If you are a wildlife photographer or someone who travels a lot, you would absolutely love this tripod due to its amazing flexibility, robust stability, and budget-friendly price tag.

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5. GEEKOTO Tripod, Camera Tripod for DSLR

Just because an item is budget-friendly doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have top-tier quality and performance and the Geekoto Tripod sets a great precedent oriented toward this analogy.

Quick Release System

Let’s start the review with features that compromise at the top of this tripod. The Geekoto Tripod uses a highly universally compatible 1/4 Inch Quick Release Plate which can be quickly tightened with a D-Ring by applying some force from your thumb.

This ensures your camera remains secured onto the tripod not just securely but also you can do it in a matter of seconds as the quick-release plate lets you mount and dismount quite easily.

Furthermore, since it has a D-Ring, you won’t need an extra like an Allen key or a Phillips head screwdriver at all times, making outdoor photography extremely easy and seamless.

360 Degree head

Furthermore, the strongest selling point about this tripod head is that it boasts a 360-degree panoramic head and has a buttery smooth movement.

As an added bonus, there is a special knob right adjacent to the center post which lets you adjust any angle that is suitable for your needs.

And the knob ensures security to such an extent that you can easily load up payload weight up to 17.6 pounds and it won’t loosen up which, often is the case with other cheaper tripods I have used, that tend to advertise higher payload capacity but fails to live up to its promises when additional weight is added.

Overall Dimension & Material Type

Rather than using a carbon fiber material to ensure sturdiness, the manufacturer has used an aluminum material which is still quite strong and gives off a very solid feel.

Even the legs look pretty good and have an amazing matt black finish with some orange accents in between. 

As for its technicalities, the minimum height of this tripod when fully collapsed is around 23 inches and when fully extended, it reaches up to 77 inches, which in my opinion, is quite great, considering the price you are paying, you are certainly getting more than enough in return.

6. Vanguard VEO 2 204AB Black Aluminum

Vanguard Tripods never disappointed me and the story here is no different. Here is why I believe this tripod is phenomenal.

Small & Compact

Words cannot define how small, lightweight, and compact this tripod is. You can literally pop it with almost any nook or cranny and it will fit in without any hiccups.

It’s truly an engineering marvel on its own how Vanguard comes with such an efficient and ideal design oriented toward photographers who love traversal.

In other words, when fully folded, you literally have your mind blown because it’s only 15.75 inches but if you want some length to achieve a better perspective, this tripod can go up 53 inches.

It’s so tiny that you can literally carry it in your hand while walking or hiking, and it most certainly won’t weigh you down.

Ultra Convenient Quick Release Plate

The fact that the ball head on this tripod also supports an Arca Swiss Quick release plate makes this whole deal even better than you can imagine. 

I really love the fact of how easily you can change your cameras, and multiple accessories, or even pop out different lenses and experiment around in a matter of seconds without feeling restricted.

Payload Capacity

Speaking of using different camera rigs, the payload capacity of its ball head is 8.8 pounds. It’s truly amazing how much value you can get out of a tripod under such a handsome price tag. 

If you are on a budget or don’t want to spend tons of cash and still want robust stability, the Vanguard Veo 2 might be ideal for your use.

7. Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K

Lastly, we have the Joby Gorillapod 3k which won’t break the bank and is incredibly flexible as it has an innovative design.

Spectacular Versatility

Bend it, fold it, let it cling to a branch or bar, or use it as your own selfie stick, the possibilities are endless with this GorillaPOD.

The reason why it is so flexible is that it has ABS plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and TPE used in its legs and body which allows it to bend at your will.

This allows you to take crazy POV shots or simply have a blast while capturing high-angle drone views seamlessly.

Payload Specifications & overall Dimension

There is nothing in this tripod that you don’t love because it’s so easy to use due to its consumer-friendly functionality.

For vloggers and content creators, it’s a perfect pick due to the fact that you can lay your Canon 5D Mark IV on this gorilla POD and record some videos with it with superb stabilization.

The best part is that it may look flimsy and fragile, but you can easily load up 3 kilograms of weight so go ahead and add extra accessories and modules onto your camera, this tripod can hold it all like a champ.

On the flip side, its dimension specifications are 2.56 x 2.36 x 12.01 which isn’t much considering the fact that there is no inactivity or folding form factor in this tripod, and is more oriented toward vloggers or Youtubers that like to stream to their audience indoors.

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Final Analyse

And that’s pretty much all the Best Tripods For Canon 5d Mark IV I could possibly find that I have reviewed and had the experience with for at least a couple of months in order to determine whether or not they are up to the task or not.

Feel free to choose any of these beauties from the list that may be ideal for your art style, nature of work, and convenience.

That being said, it’s been a pleasure curating this article for you guys, if you, my beloved reader still have any confusion, do let me know, I would be much obliged to sort you out.

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