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7 Best Gimbals For Canon C70 in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on June 24, 2024 by Kimberly K.

The Canon C70 is a powerful cinema-grade camera with some mind-boggling strapping features, however, even the most perfect-looking craftwork usually has its own caveats.

The catch here is that the Canon C70 is particularly bulky and will no doubt cause your wrist fatigue after hours of use.

An experienced photographer would know that having sore arms drastically impacts the stability of your hand which severely affects the accuracy as well as focusing precision of a photographer.

Gimbals, on the other hand, solve these issues as they provide reliable stabilization across all axes while diverting stress equally so you can enjoy a comfortable experience even after hours of camera use.

That’s why I’m here with the list of Best Gimbals For Canon C70.

So without further ado let’s get started!

This List of 7 Best Gimbals For Canon C70

Here is my favorite list.

1. DJI Rs 3 Pro

Made from layered carbon sheets so that the whole infrastructure remains tougher for heavy-duty work, the DJI RS 3 Pro is unlike anything you have seen before.

Payload Specs

The Canon EOS C70 is an absolute “Chunky Boy” and there are no two ways about it keeping that in mind I advise you to choose the DJI RS 3 Pro as your primary solution for immersive stability in terms of high payload specifications.

The DJI RS 3 Pro is a beast in terms of payload capacity as it can lift up to 4.5 kg of weight without breaking a sweat. Obviously, you would be pairing your professional cinema line camera with multiple accessories and the weight aspect would be through the roof.

Laser-based Focusing

Your digital camera might be armed with top-of-the-line sensors and focusing modules, however, nothing ever comes close to the Light Detection and Ranging(LiDar) system which enforces 43200 ranging points up to a jaw-dropping 14 meters.

So no matter how dark the surface area of a subject is or how hard an odd angle you are shooting your camera at, it will always have precise and accurate focusing with Ultra High response.

Active Track Pro

Keep up with moving subjects through the Active Track Pro features no matter how far away they are.

For Serious filmmakers and cinematographers, this feature is truly a treat as it massively enhances the way you lock onto mobile individuals or objects like a Pro with robust focusing.

Moreover, the Pro version of Active Tracking is optimized to detect faces even in the dark with minimal errors.

Automatic Axis Lock

By far the best feature that the DJI RS 3 Pro received and to be honest I would call it the upgrade of the century in the history of gimbals. It significantly enhances the ease of use for vloggers and travelers who want their gimbal ready for action in split seconds.

In automatic Axis lock mode, the gimbal automatically locks all of its three axes and unlocks when you want to use it, eliminating the need for you to go through each and every axis and manually unlock them, saving precious time.

Test Results

The DJI RS 3 Pro is not the typical gimbal that you would use for casual videography, matter of fact it’s made for serious filmmakers and vloggers with ultra-high response time in stabilization regardless of the payload.

I even hooked up its proprietary transmission receiver display and it gave quite a wider perspective directly from my camera with little to no delays I was even able to change its orientation and zoom in on the subject, completely hands-free.

It’s incredibly bright and can work quite well even under strong ambient lighting and allows tons of configurations such as focusing, battery monitoring, zooming, and aperture speed. 

The gimbal might be a little expensive for your taste, however, it certainly comes with a couple of modules that you might not have seen before. Using my Canon C70 with manual lenses while hooking this lidar sensor certainly changed the way I focus on my subject.

It was precise and incredibly accurate even in dimly lit rooms, and I barely had to do retakes since all of my photography and videography sessions had immaculate results.

Reason for Recommendation

It has lidar focusing and a live video feed transmission system that allows wireless control over a longer distance.

2. Zhiyun Crane 2s 3-Axis – Best Gimbal For Canon C70

Designed for Perfection, the Zhiyun Crane 2S provides exemplary stabilization throughout your videography.

Payload Specifications

Although there isn’t any clear mention of the payload specification of this lightweight and versatile gimbal, upon personal stress testing and pushing weight distribution limits, I was amazed at how finely it could produce stability even while holding up 3kg of payload weight.

The overall strength and payload capacity are truly remarkable and anyone looking to overload this gimbal with chunky or bulky camera builds should definitely opt out for this gimbal especially if you want to use multiple accessories with it.

Low Noise Motors

The noise issue in the motors of a gimbal is the most prevalent issue in low-end gimbals and causes quite a nuisance especially while recording videos for vlogging or any other filmmaking purposes.

Although, most of the noise-related issues generated from the axis motors can be subdued by the inclusion of background music, having a gimbal that is virtually silent is almost always appreciable.

The 9th Instune algorithm powering the gimbal balancing factor that ensures a 50% torque increase as well a 20% decrease in noise generation from its predecessor certainly makes videography very easy with firm stability.

Although in technical terms these numbers may be insignificant, upon practical I noticed jaw-dropping benchmarking results between the 8th instance and 9th instance results.

Battery life

As for battery life, it utilizes a triple lithium Ion Cell which surely adds a little bit of weight to the whole setup, however, they are robust enough to provide 12 hours of constant usage on a single charge.

However, I just wish it had fast charging capabilities so I could charge these batteries in less than 2 hours rather than taking 3 hours to top them up.

But on the flip side, the price-to-value ratio this gimbal provides while being powered by cutting edge intune algorithm while also being considerably lightweight, this stabilization accessory is well worth the money.

Test Results

Seamless switching and orienting your camera is no longer an issue, matter of fact, you can easily mount on its dual plate system as it features both horizontal and vertical mount systems.

This is its vertical mount, in case you want to record some TikTok videos or YouTube shorts with peak stabilization.

And fret not about ever going handheld mode while recording videos, because the universal release plate that comes inside the package can easily take care of all your worries.

The reason why I recommend it?

Outstanding battery life and supports dual orientation for cameras in case you want to shoot horizontally or in the vertical plane.

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3. Dji Rsc 2 3-Axis Gimbal 

Flawless design with and impeccable performance, the DJI RSC 2 is a noteworthy contender for a massive camera like the EOS C70.

Payload Specifications

It is an absolute workhorse unit that is capable of lifting up to 6.6 pounds of weight while providing mind-blowing stabilization across all three of its axes.

It’s a perfect accessory for all your videography needs and even after using it for more than a year, I can confidently say that nothing comes close to the level of performance it provides.

Titan Stabilization Algorithm

What’s even more interesting is that, unlike any other gimbal brand, this one uses cutting-edge Titan Stabilization algorithm in order to iron out those pesky micro jitters that could be very noticeable while using long-range focal length lenses otherwise.

Any photojournalist who often struggles with keeping their camera steady while performing long-range distance photo sessions would definitely love this feature as it highly assists you and surely makes a difference.

1-inch OLED Screen

Another factor I love about this gimbal so much is the fact that DJI even included a 1-inch OLED screen which has remarkable accuracy and lets you toggle through multiple modes as well as tweak some camera settings such as ISO, exposure, and Shutter speed.

This feature also eliminates the use of your smartphone as you no longer have to rely on it since almost all of the configuration you want to tweak can be done through this small yet handy screen.

Battery life

That’s not it yet, the DJI RS 2 also has a staggering 14 hours of battery life and easily lets you record whole days of events like weddings or any other sports-related event like a Pro.

The best part is that you can top its batteries in less than 2 hours to get back to action the next day.

Test Results

The DJI RSC 2 is a one-of-a-kind gimbal that highly caters to its users regardless of their skill set. I love how easily you can attach and detach the underslung grip and use your camera for low-angle shots.

And the 1-inch OLED screen lets you take care of most of the configuration, in case you aren’t carrying a smartphone during a shoot.

As you can see in the picture below, I held the gimbal under a strong strobe light and the screen still worked flawlessly without presenting any glares or fade-outs.

However, if you do insist on using a smartphone, you can attain the full potential and even control or see what your camera sees and use your phone as a live viewfinder by connecting it through Bluetooth.

Reason for recommendation

Offers 14 hours of uninterrupted action and has immaculate titan stabilization that keeps even the bulkiest payload in stable condition.

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4. Feiyutech Ak2000s Adv. Handheld 3-Axis DSLR Camera Gimbal

Extremely portable and affordable, the Feiyu Tech AK2000s is quite an underrated stabilizer market, however, it is definitely packing a punch.

UnderSlung Gripping

The biggest caveat of dealing with bulky setups is usually arm fatigue or sore wrist which is usually due to poor weight distribution of a gimbal, however, unlike other gimbals with uncomfortable grips or design, the Feiyu Tech Ak2000s comes with its own underslung gripping approach.

Not only is using the underslung grip easier to use while capturing low or high-angle shots but it is also quite labor-saving even for individuals who struggle handling their clumsy setups.

Moreover, performing photo sessions over a longer duration of time is also considerably easier since your arms will feel comfy even if you are working with chunky builds with multiple accessories as the weight is equally shifted rather than directly putting a strain on your wrist.

OLED touchscreen

The inclusion of an OLED touchscreen is by far the best bit about this gimbal and surely changes the way you navigate through multiple controls of your camera.

Since you no longer have to rely on physical camera buttons in order to change crucial parameters such as exposure, ISO as well as shutter speed.

Moreover, there are also some other important options you can also monitor such as balancing checking the status of your gimbal and battery status and how much juice you have left in your lithium-ion cell reserves.

Payload Specifications

Now let’s get to the technical part, in terms of payload specifications, this stabilization accessory is no slouch either as you can easily load up to 4.8 pounds of weight and still have ample steadiness while ensuring no micro jitters from your wrist takes place, especially while videography.

Battery life

Lastly, the battery life is pretty great on this thing and you can access its lithium-ion cells in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. As for the runtime, expect around 11 hours of constant usage or 14 hours of standby time.

Test Results

Down below, I have taken a picture of its integrated screen which presents itself as more than your typical gimbal mini display as it supports touch input and offers options such as mode toggle, profile toggle, selfie or portrait mode switching, speed and balancing of the axis, payload settings, and knob configuration.

It’s nice to have a second grip which also converts into a mini tripod in case you want to keep the gimbal on the ground for solo shoots.

The advanced variant of the Ak2000s also comes with an electronic follow focus which lets you control the focusing of your camera lens without actually touching it, simply use the screen to focus on your subject, and you are all set.

Reason for recommendation

Build quality is incredibly great for the price it’s listed, and even has an underslung grip to capture low-angle shots.

5. Feiyutech Scorp Pro Canon C70 Stabilizer

If the previous Feiyutech gimbal doesn’t captivate your attention, this one will as the SCORP Pro is made for heavy-duty work, however, it is certainly very costly.

Payload Specifications

The whole stabilization infrastructure is an absolute behemoth and there is no denying it as the weight of the gimbal is around 2.1 kg. However, when it comes to payload specifications it is equally robust.

Scorp Pro has a shape like a scorpion, hence the name is tough enough to hold up to 10.6 pounds which is exactly the kind of stabilization solution you would be looking for in cameras like EOS C70.

That’s not it yet, to get finer balancing in terms of axis calibration for your payload, the gimbal even incorporates a 5-way level adjustment mechanism to ensure the position of your camera is well calibrated and can sense movement across all axes accurately with high response.

Somatic Mode

The gimbal also has its own unique way of tracking its owner which can be quite beneficial during solo shoots.

To enter this mode known as Somatic Mode, Press the “M ” key on the handle and it will automatically follow the direction of your hand while holding the detachable handle.

This is quite an innovative feature as you can direct movies or videos for your YouTube channel wirelessly and easily let the camera track your movement.

Battery life

I know that built-in batteries can be quite frustrating since modular battery design gives you the liberty to change them in case they malfunction.

However, in terms of runtime, the 2500mah included batteries provide power for up to 11 hours which is not that bad. 

Furthermore, the 18-watt fast charging abilities make the deal a whole lot better than I initially expected it to be.

6. Zhiyun Weebill 2 Gimbal For Dslr And Mirrorless Camera

Reliable and efficient, the Zhiyun Weebill 2 has plenty of nifty features that you can use while having a joyful experience with the level of steadiness this gimbal provides.

Payload Specifications

The Zhiyun Weebill 2 has a straightforward design with a sober matte black finish and does a brilliant job by providing dynamic stabilization and counteracting even the slightest bit of jitter which is otherwise noticeable, especially in videography.

Load up any telephoto lens on your Canon C70, as this bad boy can hold up to 7.3 pounds of weight like a true champ. 

Furthermore, the Infineon chip technology acts as the brains behind the firmness of the axis by delivering buttery smooth stability in movements like pan, tilt, and roll.

LCD Touchscreen

That fact that it has a considerably bigger built-in LCD screen than any other rival part makes the whole deal well worth the money, and touch input is simply a cherry on top as not only do you save the hassle of fiddling with clumsy control buttons but you get neat little menus to scroll through to tweak the gimbal and camera settings.

Moreover, it even lets you check the status of each of the three axes and alerts you if there is a calibration issue which is quite helpful if you want to go down the manual route and want to fine-tune each axis yourself.

Battery life

The battery life on this thing is quite average as it’s not that great but not that bad either for you to work and cover through a long day’s event.

The batteries provide 9 hours of runtime, however, the silver lining here is that since they are considerably small, they take around 1 hour to replenish.

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7. Moza Air 2s Gimbal Stabilizer 

Lastly, we have the Moza Air 2S which has ground-shattering payload strength and superior object tracking as well as a motion Control system.

Payload Specifications

Want to keep your camera balance in optimal position no matter how rough the terrain is? If the answer to that question is “YES” then you should probably invest in Moza Air 2s which have a payload strength capacity of up to 9.3 pounds.

Since the Canon C70 itself weighs 1170g and pairing it with a telephoto or prime lens as well as external flashes adds considerable weight, there is no better option than using the Moza Air 2S.

Easy Macro Setup

Fine-tuning each and every axis can be quite a hassle in order to achieve the perfect angle for recording your videos or capturing stills especially if you are a rookie.

But fret not, the inclusion of Smart Micro Handwheel easily takes care of this issue as it allows you to slowly adjust your gimbal with small increments until you hit the sweet spot.

Battery life

That’s still the same, wait till you hear about the battery life because this bad boy comes with an absolute tank of runtime as it is powered by 3200mah batteries and keeps the gimbal powered up to 20 hours with ease.

So work from dawn to dusk tediously and record everything you lay your eyes upon and it would still have more than 30% battery life.

The fact that you could possibly replenish the batteries with the 30-watt fast charger is simply mind-blowing and truly exceeded my expectations while I was reviewing it.

Bottom Line

The Canon EOS C70 no doubt stands out of the crowd for being exceptionally robust with an unbelievable price-to-value ratio, however, they can be quite clumsy and nowhere near lightweight which will certainly take a toll on your ability to focus properly.

To eliminate this issue, there is no doubt that you will find this list of best gimbals for Canon C70 beneficial, so go ahead and pick any and you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

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