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7 Best Gimbals For Sony A6000 in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on February 12, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Are you a beginner that Just got the Sony A6000 with shaky hands or a professional that wants to try something and unleash their creative beast but can’t get the shots right?

Even if you have extensive experience or knowledge, sometimes it’s necessary to invest in aftermarket accessories to gain an edge over the competition.

Although it is evident that the Sony A6000 already utilizes its own Built-in stabilization mechanism, it may be far from perfect considering it’s almost a decade old.

That being said, investing in a decent gimbal can be a wise idea to overcome this issue especially if you cannot afford to buy a new mirrorless camera. 

Honestly speaking, I know that It can be a little hard to commit to an investment, especially if the market has been saturated quite a bit in order to make an appropriate judgment.

Luckily, my bias-free and professional reviews on the best gimbals for sony A6000 are here to help, so scroll down and you won’t be disappointed as all of them have been personally tested for the Sony a6000.

List of My Favorite Best Gimbals For Sony A6000

Here’s the list you can use to choose your gimble according to your needs!

1. DJI Ronin-S Gimbal for Sony a6000

A stabilization solution with many features, the DJI RONIN-S will deliver an out-of-the-world experience no matter the scenario you find yourself in.

Tons Of Modes

Starting from the robust aspect of this gimbal, the Ronin S offers a wide variety of modes to the users, paving the path for unimaginable creativity and letting you capture images or videos in styles such as Panorama, Timelapse, and Motion lapse.

Keep in mind these modes are accessible through the DJI RONIN proprietary app and the best part is that you can even utilize the Smooth track feature which lets you easily track subjects that you are focusing on to give you buttery smooth stability no matter how sharp or sudden you move the camera in any direction.

The tracking capability can be quite handy for solo photographers since this feature will allow the camera to follow you so you can record vlogs or streams with ease for your audience.

The only caveat here is that hooking your phone onto the gimbal can be a bit challenging, especially if you have paired the camera with another accessory as that makes the whole balancing aspect a little bit challenging for the gimbal.

Payload Specification

On the flipside, in terms of payload capacity, this gimbal is no slouch as it can hold up to 8lbs of weight with ease, and considering how lightweight the whole body of the gimbal feels, it does a wonderful job by providing such magnificent integrity. 

Pairing an 85mm prime lens felt like a walk in the park. I was able to record mind-blowing cinematic videos in a racing event like a Pro, the results produced were incredibly stable and I barely had any issues balancing the whole setup on the gimbal.

Battery Life

As for the battery life, Ronin has done an amazing job by optimizing the 2400mAh battery to such an extent that you could possibly get around the whole day of charge and still have around 50% left.

Using this gimbal in a wedding event for over 6 hours had me surprised at how well the lithium polymer batteries performed and felt like the batteries could still last a week if I didn’t turn it off and kept it on standby.

And the inclusion of Type C is simply icing on the cake as the fast charging capability replenishes the batteries in less than 2 hours.

Testing Results

The Ronin S is my go-to choice whenever I want to hook up bigger payloads or cameras with kit lenses such as the Sony A6000, the cradle on this thing is generously wide and can easily accommodate light to moderate camera gear very quickly.

The overall aesthetics of the gimbal are incredibly neat especially if you count the battery charging port which is well hidden behind a rubber latch which prevents micro dust particles from entering the gimbal and ruining it.

Another amazing bit about this gimbal is that it comes with an additional focus wheel that operates without any delays once connected to the Sony A6000, allowing you to focus on your subject without fiddling with the lens every other minute.

Reason for Recommendation

From Solid battery life to a superb versatility ratio as you can choose from several modes depending on the scenario and use cases, the Ronin-S should be your go-to choice especially if you want to enhance your photography skills.

2. DJI Ronin-SC – Best Gimbal For Sony A6000

Comes at a budget-friendly price tag but has premium quality and a very lightweight Design, making it very suitable for both novice and professional photographers.

Light Yet Sturdy

Anybody owning any product Ronin would know that they never compromise on their build quality no matter how entry-level it is and the Ronin SC in that regard is no exception. 

It has decent gripping and the overall build is no doubt pretty solid. It weighs around 2.4 pounds which means it’s lightweight enough to be easily carried by anyone with just one arm even after hours of use without their wrist getting sore.

Keep in mind that although bulky gimbals have a lot of utilities and sturdier infrastructure you cannot use them constantly for hours in your sessions as they will strain your hand or require you to use it dual hands which may reduce their ease of use productivity both of your hands are now confined to its handling.

Dynamic Stability

Unlike other gimbals which may struggle during sudden or swift arm movement, this one barely breaks a sweat while having the sports mode enabled which allows the axis to detect sharp or uneven movement and corrects itself ensuring firmness and immense stability which probably has no parallel in terms of results produced in videography.

In fact, I got so addicted to this feature that I had it enabled all the time even during my vlogs, which is why it was quite difficult to adapt to other gimbals as they did not feel as responsive as this one.

Payload Specs

The gimbal has a moderate weight capacity of 4 pounds and can handle light to moderate cameras pretty easily.

Since the Sony A6000 weighs only 340 grams, holding it upright and stable won’t be an issue even if you pair it with a bulky lens since the payload ceiling is considered higher.

Physical Functionality

On the other hand, I even enjoyed how clutter-free the physical buttons felt, they provided straightforward functionality and were pretty easy to use even while I was busy in my sessions.

The gimbal offers physical shortcuts such as a Record button, a joystick to control the direction of your camera, a dedicated sports mode to enable dynamic stability for quick response balancing as well as a “Reset” button to reset the gimbal to its original position.

Testing Results

After using this gimbal for at least a couple of months, it’s safe to conclude that I am head over heels for the axis locking of this gimbal. It’s fast, reliable, and ensures my gimbal remains in its place regardless of the fact I am stationary or mobile.

On the other hand, the controls on this thing are an absolute no-brainer, the gimbal boasts a joystick that controls the axis and your camera movement and even allows you to control the focus aspect of your lens.

Furthermore, there is a small “Mode” button that lets you toggle modes on the fly.

Reason For Recommendation

Easy to use and straightforward controls make it quite suitable for both casual and professional vloggers alike.

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3. Zhiyun WEEBILL S Gimbal – Sony a6000 Stabilizer

The Zhiyun Weebill S may be a little challenging at first to get used to due to its exceptional underslung design, however, once you understand how it works, you will instantly fall in love with it.

Dual Handling Mode

To capture super creative shots, sometimes even the Pistol grip may not be as efficient since it can strain your hands if you are holding in awkward angles for a longer duration of time. 

This is why the Zhiyun Weebill incorporates a second grip just right beside the gimbal which you can use to take low-angle shots while using the gimbal in underslung mode.

This drastically enhances the flexibility of the gimbal and allows users to take odd angles shots with ease especially for recording action movies or videos with immense stability. 

Furthermore, since the arms have considerably extended lengths, users can now use bigger cameras and lenses with optimal balancing without feeling restricted.

Perfect For Vlogging

On the other hand, the gimbal also has its own dedicated selfie button which you have to press three times in order to enable it, allowing the camera to face the user so that they can record themselves for vlogs or take some really astounding group photos with their buddies.

I recorded a couple of videos for my youtube channel and the level of convenience it provided was simply out of this world as it positively changed my vlogging results tremendously.

8th Instune Algorithm

The Weebill S uses a cutting-edge 8th Instune Algorithm in order to correct itself and prevents jitters or blurs to appear while recording fast-paced action or sports-oriented shots. 

The deviation correction capabilities are no doubt remarkable and live up to their promise due to their phenomenally high response times to counteract against all axes to give you a taste of the next generation of stabilization for your camera.

Hexa Shooting Modes

Among the six ultra-creative shooting modes it has to offer, my favorite ones are Go Mode for a Drone-esque effect, Pov Mode for Selfie shots, and Following Mode for tracking me or my subjects.

However, the pan following, Locked mode, and vortex modes aren’t that bad either, as it allows you to create some artistic videography which is quite hard to achieve if you do it without the stabilization accessory. 

In other words, it is all a matter of perspective and up to your imagination how you utilize each mode, so use whichever suits you best while you are in a videography session.

Testing Results

In terms of design quality, there is simply no parallel to the Weebill S especially if you take a look at its overall finishing and comfortability aspect around the gripping.

Speaking of its grip, the handle where you would most probably be holding the tripod is detachable and even has a locking mechanism to ensure secure latching onto the upper structure of the gimbal.

Another game-changing aspect of this gimbal is its ability to swap out AA batteries, in case you aren’t familiar with those, here are the batteries this gimbal uses.

Reason For Recommendation

Armed with Top of a line stabilization algorithm and even supporting the dual quick-release plates, it’s truly a sight for sore eyes.

4. DJI RS 3 – 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Armed with decent battery life, Superior material quality, and a top-of-the-line 3rd Gen stabilization algorithm, the DJI RS3 would be an investment where you can’t go wrong.

Cutting Edge Algorithm

One of the best selling points of the DJI RS is that it is powered by the newest 3rd Gen RS stabilization algorithm which has seen 20% improvement in terms of stabilization and firmness both while recording videos or during dynamic photography.

Moreover, this intelligent stabilization algorithm also detects movement while switching positions for both low and high-angle shots and smoothly corrects itself in split seconds. 

This dramatically enhances all your videography results and makes it quite suitable for both indoor and outdoor events as you can confidently use this gimbal in almost all sorts of terrain.

Payload Capacity

The gimbal is moderately lightweight as its weight dimensions are approximately 1.3 kilograms on a measuring scale. 

On the other hand, it can hold up to 3 kilograms of camera weight while it’s paired up with a significantly bulky lens as well as your phone if you want to use Ronin Proprietary app features.

It’s always wise to invest in sturdier gimbals with bigger payload ceilings just in case you want to use other accessories with your camera in the future.

OLED Touchscreen

Unlike previous versions of DJI RONIN gimbals, the RS 3 also has a complete OLED 1.8-inch screen which is considerably bigger than the RS 2.

Moreover, it even supports touch input where you can navigate through the Ronin user interface which makes the configuration of this gimbal quite easier as compared to using physical buttons.

Moreover, you can even use this nifty touchscreen as a live view feed from your camera directly by using the Raveneye dongle, giving you direct insight and accurate perspective while you are performing your recording or taking snapshots.

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5. MOZA AirCross 3

Next in the line is the Moza AirCross 3 which is by far the most flexible and versatile gimbal in the list since you can configure it to various positions in order to get the best angle possible.

Outstanding Design

In terms of the material used for its build, I was skeptical at first, however, After unboxing this gimbal and inspecting it closely, I was shocked to see how durable the metal infrastructure and the best part is that it is made from strengthened alloy material which is why the whole device weighs no more than 1095 grams.

As a result, I find fine metal reinforcement to be significantly better than plastic reinforcement, as plastic is not known for its durability and is prone to failure due to its poor integrity.

Firm & Stable

I love how easy it is to set up my camera onto this gimbal as it barely takes less than 2 minutes to properly calibrate the axis and makes the overall installation a breeze. 

The gimbal is also considerably strong and can hold up to 7 pounds of weight while keeping all of its three axes in a firm position to provide spectacular stabilization in all circumstances.

Furthermore, the Tilt, Pan, and Roll axis each has its own independent lock system which can be enabled by pressing the “Smart trigger” button, making balancing the gimbal considerably easier as there is no horizontal or vertical movement.

Battery Life

In terms of battery runtime, the lithium cells provide 12 hours of power to the gimbal which is more than enough to keep you busy without having to look for an electrical outlet, and even if you do, you could top up the batteries in roughly about 2 hours, thanks to the fast charging feature built into it.

It’s wonderful that this gimbal uses a Type C port for fast charging its batteries, so I no longer have to use multiple cable types to charge my various devices.

6. DJI RS 3 Pro – Sony a6000 Gimbal Stabilizer

Truly a technological marvel, the RS 3 Pro is a refined and upgraded version of the DJI RS 3 Standard version, however, there is a catch, it comes with a hefty price tag.

LiDar Focusing

Laser imaging detection and ranging is a high-tech focusing mechanism that detects targets or any tangible surface even in pitch-black darkness and determines the distance of the subject up to 14 meters with its 43200 ranging points for superb focusing that is remarkably better than any camera or lens can possibly achieve.

This allows professional photographers to excel in their skills in almost any terrain or area with superior photographic results with razor-sharp precision and accuracy.

As a result, the gimbal can also maintain a low latency while tracking its subject, which is quite handy when you’re recording a sports event like racing, where the subject is typically moving too quickly for an ordinary gimbal to follow.

Payload Specification

Another notable feature that sets the RS 3 Pro apart from its standard variant is a complete overhaul in terms of payload capacity as it can hold up to 10lbs(4.5Kg)  weight that includes external flash, DSLR or mirrorless cameras, and any other addons that you may have used while hooking it up to the gimbal.

It’s astounding how well they have engineered the Pro version, as in this variant you even get top-of-the-line materials such as Carbon fiber material which is extremely tough yet lightweight and allows Ultra durability to the whole infrastructure.

Automatic Axis Lock System

Additionally, the gimbal comes with an automatic axis lock mechanism when the gimbal is powered off or in sleep mode, which simplifies moving as you no longer have to lock each axis individually as with previous versions.

Speaking of axes, the inclusion of a gear-like knob is also pretty useful which allows you to precisely tune the tilt axis to get the better and more accurate balancing of your camera.

7. FeiyuTech AK2000S Adv. – Best Gimbal Sony a6000

Last but not least is the Feiyu Tech AK2000S advanced which is a compact, lightweight, and mind-boggling battery making it very optimal for photographers that travel a lot.

Payload Specifications

Starting the review with one of the important things that determine the worth of gimbals, the payload specification.

It can hold up moderate to bulky cameras with even bulkier accessories with ease as it has payload specifications of 4.85 pounds.

For the price this device is listed, I believe you are getting a superb bang for your buck. I even experimented with a couple of telephoto lenses I had and rarely had any balancing issues and I believe you won’t have either.

Build Quality

Moving on to its build quality, it is made from space-grade aluminum alloy which is not the best amalgam out there to enhance support for the infrastructure, nonetheless, it is far better than the ones made from plastic or any other composite materials.

Furthermore, aluminum is known to be fairly lightweight as compared to other metals, which is why your hands won’t even feel sore or strained even after a whole day of use.

In fact, speaking from personal experience while covering a wedding photoshoot, I had a very joyful and comfortable session since it is so compact and portable.

In other words, vloggers and wildlife photographers should probably keep this gimbal on their bucket lists.

Underslung Grip

Just like the previously mentioned Zhiyun Weebill gimbal mentioned in the list above, this one also rocks an innovative Underslung grip which makes switching to vertical and horizontal angles quite easier.

In addition to that, you can also take some sweet portraits as well as record videography with “Drone Like Effects” with super smooth stability that looks extremely cinematic like if it’s recorded by a top-dollar professional photographer.

In Conclusion

Curating articles like these is not only my passion but also my hobby as I love providing guidance to my beloved readers so they won’t feel astray while surveying the vast internet for the right pick.

That being said, I hope this article regarding the best gimbals for Sony A6000 has been fruitful and beneficial for you, thank you for visiting this site, and as always have a lovely day.

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