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My List of 7 Best Gimbals For Sony Fx3 in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on June 24, 2024 by Kimberly K.

The Sony FX3 is a remarkable Full Frame Digital camera with superior low-light performance output and active cooling which makes it quite suitable for content creators, professional videographers as well and Casual photographers.

It’s a perfect pick for a hobbyist and prosumers alike, however, without having a stabilization accessory like a gimbal you wouldn’t be able to achieve much and reach its full potential to perfect glory.

If you are looking for the best gimbals for sony fx3 you might as well say goodbye to jitters and camera vibrations because this article, fortunately, has everything you would be looking for.

So why waste any further time when you can scroll down below and find it yourself, the perfect camera companion you always wanted?

List of 7 Best Gimbals For Sony Fx3

Here is the list that I sorted for you.

1. Zhiyun Weebill S Sony Fx3 Gimbal Stabilizer 

Breaking the ice with the Zhiyun Weebill S which is a perfect pick to streamline your operations, the best part is that it is quite budget-friendly so you wouldn’t be shelling out plenty of cash.

Small Design

The metal arms and other parts of the gimbal are made from solid metal which means it’s built to last for quite a while and does provide exemplary support to the main components that would be holding the payload.

However, when it comes to the body, there is no metal inclusion in sight as almost the whole infrastructure is made from plastic which isn’t that bad considering how lightweight the whole setup feels.

As per Zhiyun, Weebill S is more compact than a sheet of paper, which made me curious to test the claims whether or not it is true, and to my surprise, the gimbal surely was considerably smaller than the A4 paper as it has dimensions specification of 7.48 x 5.51 x 11.73 inches.

Battery Runtime

The battery runtime is no doubt a marvel on its own as it could provide 14 hours of charge to the whole setup like a champ and to be honest, I even covered a couple of projects and still had around 50% of charge left.

The only downside I did find was the removal of batteries as it felt quite a hassle. The whole ordeal made me look online for tutorials in order to accomplish such a task, which I would otherwise perform myself, however, once you get used to it, it becomes quite easy.

Payload Specifications

The Weebill S itself is a mid-range gimbal with 3-axis stabilization control, however, it can hold up a significant amount of weight just fine. It’s advisable to have some form of payload ceiling in order to achieve firmness without any calibration issues.

On the flip side, the Sony FX3 is quite a lightweight and compact camera and weighs only 1.4 lb / 640 g. The weebill S did a decent job while holding it firmly, especially while I was on the move. 

I did try to perform some sudden directional movements in order to stress test its axis motors and even performed a sudden crouch walk and the videography results were impeccable without any optical blemish or erratic movements.

The 8th Gen stabilization algorithm did an outstanding job by providing me with the stability attribute and even exceeded my expectations in some scenarios.

Lab Test Results

Right beside the underslung grip, there is a small mounting system that lets you mount and unmount any additional accessories you might want to hook up. 

As for me, I decided to hook up my external monitor for wider feedback for my Sony Fx3.

I even tested out its sport mode, which instantly changed the speed of the gimbal on the fly and made it incredibly responsive to my sudden movements.

Inside the package, the gimbal also includes a quick-release plate that has a D-Ring, which means you can even tighten it up with a coin, in case you lack special wrenches.

Reason for Recommendation

Supports Both Manfrotto & Arca Swiss release plates and has phenomenal battery runtime, allowing you to cover multiple events on a single charge.

2. DJI RS 3 – Best Gimbal For Sony Fx3

The DJI RS 3 gives its competitors a run for their money since it has some mind-boggling features at such a lovely price tag while maintaining an optimal level of stabilization.

Payload Specifications

The motors on this thing are incredibly snappy and can hold up a payload of up to 3 kilograms, however, I am not advising you to push the limits of its maximum payload strength since you may face calibration issues.

So it’s advised not to use heavier telephoto lenses with extra accessories such as an external flash or a mic especially if you want to try out a different camera or DSLR. 

As for the Sony, FX3 pairing it with an 85mm prime lens or even a moderately bulky zoom won’t be an issue and you may even achieve ideal stability throughout your photography session.

3rd Gen Stabilization Algorithms

The RS 3 has its own approach to countering pesky jitters which is the last thing you would do especially while using telephoto lenses up to its maximum focal length where camera shake is quite noticeable and harder to control.

The 3rd Gen Stabilization algorithms easily solve these issues and automatically detect the slightest jerks or stumbles making dynamic photo sessions quite easier.

Now you can change angles seamlessly and all your stills and videos will have enticing sharpness that will instantly make anyone fall in love with your portfolio.

Battery life

Another strong selling point about this gimbal is the fact that even though it has some breathtaking features, the battery runtime on this device is optimized to such a great level that it won’t even reach 50% even after hours of tedious use.

I had a hard time reviewing the battery runtime to deplete them since I felt like those lithium batteries would last a lifetime.

After 11 hours of runtime, the battery seemed to give up which I believe is more than enough for a day’s photography session.

Lab Test Results

Regardless of the fact of how big the telephoto lens you hook up on your camera, the cradle on this thing is big enough to handle any payload without causing an obstruction.

Furthermore, right beneath the quick-release plate, there is a small micro-adjustment screw that allows you to adjust your camera in small increments on the fly.

I tested it out on its mini screen and to my surprise, it was quite responsive and provided great configurable insight about my gimbal.

Reason for recommendation

It’s quite light and very portable but is sturdy enough to withstand considerably bigger payloads with ease.

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3. Zhiyun Crane 2S – Best Affordable Gimbal For Sony Fx3

Specially designed for heavy-duty builds, the Zhiyun Crane 2S no doubt packs a punch by providing a multitude of pivotal features.

Payload Specifications

The Zhiyun Crane 2S boasts an eyebrow-raising strength since it has a payload capacity of up to 7.7 pounds which is by far the strongest selling point of this gimbal. 

You pair literally every accessory with your Sony FX3 and the motors would remain strong in their fixed position with substantial stability.

It even comes with an improved and upgraded 9th Generation Instune stabilization algorithm which provides reliable firmness as well as supersonic response time against all three axes so that all your stills and videos look enormously cinematographic.

Automatic Axis 2.0

Unlike other brands, which often suffer from axis movement, especially while carrying them around while on a stroll, this device easily eliminates that issue as it comes with an Axis lock trigger.

This ensures that all three axes are locked onto their assigned points and will not move unless and until you want to disable the trigger. This allows you to precisely tune each and every axis manually for those weird or low angles you always wanted to execute flawlessly.

OLED screen

Furthermore, this gimbal even has its own 0.66-inch nifty OLED screen which gives insight into the gimbal and each and every axis and informs you whether or not it has been calibrated properly.

Moreover, you can even tweak multiple configurations such as ISO, battery level, Shutter speed, and Aperture size as well as EV and AV.

This is quite convenient and crucial in scenarios where you have so many accessories attached to your camera that it becomes a bit of a hassle to fiddle with its physical buttons.

Now, with this nifty monitor, you can customize all of these options from your gimbal by simply flicking your thumb.

4. FeiyuTech SCORP Sony Fx3 Camera Stabilizer

Sturdy, Agile, and Potent just like a Scorpion itself, the FeiyuTech SCORP surely has a name that matches its abilities.

Payload Specifications

For such a compact-looking and flimsy-looking stabilizer, it surely has the brawns to bear a payload of up to 4kg which is actually quite impressive for such a lovely price tag it is listed for.

For anyone looking to do some serious filmmaking while loading up bulky setups with a multitude of accessories should find the FeiyuTECH SCORP very suitable and up to the task.

Quick Release ARCA plate

While owning this bad boy, you no longer have to remove the whole ARCA plate in order to mount different mounting plates in order to hook up your tripods or your camera.

This design is incredibly innovative and very time-saving ensuring photographers work efficiently without wasting their precious time.

Touch Controls

Another pivotal feature of this gimbal is that it even includes a 1.3-inch touchscreen which is located right onto the underslung grip to give you an insight and lets you customize some crucial parameters such as shutter speeds, aperture size for better lighting as well check on your battery life.

It’s fast and responsive and the menus are quite user-friendly, hats off to the developer who did a commendable job in designing the User interface as clunky menus and options are quite frowned upon and surely lower ease of use, especially for novice users.

Battery life

The battery runtime on this thing isn’t a slouch either, you can get a runtime of roughly 13 hours, and 18-watt fast charging capabilities make the deal a whole lot better than I expect it to be.

All in all, I believe with such long-lasting battery life, steep payload specs, and a practical touchscreen, the ratio of disappointment while investing in this gimbal is little to none as this accessory will certainly give a massive advantage while assisting you during a photo session.

5. MOZA AirCross – Best Budget Gimbal For Sony Fx3

A versatile option that seamlessly lets you switch between multiple positions! What more could you ask for?

Payload Specifications

Let’s start the review with some basics, the Moza Aircross 3 is unlike anything you have seen before, it’s a behemoth that can lift literally everything that you throw at it.

With over 7 pounds of payload capacity, recording videos even while running would be smooth like a red hot knife going through butter. 

In other words, all of its three axes such as tilt, pan, and roll do a praiseworthy job by suppressing sudden movement like shock, stumble, or even a complete 360-degree wrist move.

Transform At Will

Whether you want to use the gimbal in classic grip mode or get creative by taking some low-angle action shots in sling mode or if you’d like to use it with both hands for better handling or if you’d like to extend your grip, the seamless transformation feature will keep you captivated and ensure that you have a joyous video shooting experience.

The possibilities are simply endless and it’s up to the photographer how he or she unleashes their inner creative monster in order to get the most cinematic-looking still while having robust levels of stability imaginable.

Virtually Unlimited Battery life

Being out of battery is simply out of the equation here, since with the inclusion of a lofty 3500 lithium battery you could power this accessory for days and would still have more than half of the depository left.

It is mind-boggling how well-optimized the power system of this stabilization device is as you can literally get around 20 hours of runtime upon a single charge. The best part is that you can even top up your battery levels in less than 2 hours.

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6. DJI RSC 2 3-Axis Gimbal For Sony Fx3

Phenomenal foldable design with decent stabilization algorithms to back up its performance output, the DJI RSC 2 is a fine pick, however, a tad bit expensive.

Foldable Design

Are you an individual that often finds yourself on the foot? Well, traveling is amazing especially if you are a photographer who wants to capture the beauties of the world, however, packing your luggage and space management, especially for your precious gear is an absolute headache no doubt.

To get around this problem, the DJI RSC 2 has a remedy by being foldable enough to fit into any nook and cranny you place it into, making storing considerably easier than any other rival counterparts.

Payload Specifications & Stabilization Algorithms

At first glance, the overall setup looks quite fragile and weighs barely 2 pounds, however, it could carry up to 6.6 pounds which is pretty laudable and surely makes it well worth the investment for users who often like to work with moderately bulky setups.

On the flip side, the cutting Edge Titan Stabilization algorithm takes care of pesky wrist movement or sharp camera shakes which may not be easy to counteract otherwise.

The best part is that it even has a dedicated mode to record fast action shots or sports-oriented events known as the SuperSmooth mode which provides ample stability no matter how rough or rugged the terrain you are walking onto.

I love the fact how pleasing my videography feels especially while I am swiftly pushing into a wedding ceremony to produce a drone-esque feel in this special supersmooth mode, it’s like I am rolling on roller skates.

OLED Screen

Rather than using a separate phone in order to navigate through DJI proprietary app features, users can now utilize the 1-inch OLED screen which lets you tweak your camera settings as well as configure your gimbal in order to achieve optimal settings.

The lack of touch input may disappoint some users, but it’s still a lot easier than fiddling with the physical buttons on your camera, so I’m not complaining.

7. FeiyuTech AK2000S For Sony Fx3

Stay ahead in your league by enhancing your skills in the photography field, the FeiyuTech Ak2000S Adv is top-notch for both professional photographers and filmmakers.

Overall Design

Despite the fact that stability is crucial for stabilization gimbals such as these, I believe they shouldn’t be overlooked for their aesthetics and structural integrity either, as the quality of the design and build also plays a significant role in determining the durability and longevity of such products.

The arms and body are made from ultra-light space-grade aluminum alloy which makes it portable and sturdy while ensuring shiny aesthetics to it. 

Moreover, it even has a special Rosewood grip which makes gripping extremely easy and comfortable and the best part is that it gives off sober vintage vibes.

OLED Screen & Magic Knob

I love how Feiyu tech has made it easier for their users to control their camera settings through an OLED touchscreen as well as a special gear through which you can navigate through menus as well as tweak features such as ISO, shutter speed, tracking speed, and even toggle through numerous modes.

Moreover, the touchscreen also acts as a handy monitor and lets you check the status of your battery and Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone.

Payload Specifications

The payload specifications of this gimbal aren’t as high as other rival counterparts as it can only lift up to 2.2 kg.

Nonetheless, it’s still more than sufficient for cameras like the Sony Fx3 paired with lightweight lenses or external flashes.

The gimbal itself doesn’t weigh much and has a net weight of 1.2kg which enhances the portability factor significantly.

Battery life

The gimbal even supports 18 watts of fast charging and lets you top them up in around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach 100%. When I tested its runtime, it only provided me with about 6 hours of power, which was disappointing.

Final Word

And here we reach the end of this magnificently curated article on the best gimbals for Sony FX3 that are designed to cater to almost everyone equally and will fit in all scenarios without limiting your abilities, creativity, or imagination.

I strictly kept this article very straightforward and to the point so that my beloved readers can judge wisely while committing to investment and not feel perplexed or have a moment of indecisiveness.

That being said, thank you for stopping by, have a nice day!

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