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We Reviewed 7 Best Tripods For 600mm Lens in 2024

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If you are a documentarian, sports photographer, or working in a formal field such as journalism, chances are you are dealing with bigger and bulkier camera rigs and lenses.

Using lenses such as 600mm should be pretty much a norm by now, especially if your nature of work revolves around capturing beautiful landscapes or simply recording wildlife in their natural habitat.

Henceforth, it’s also evident that using such bulky and long-range photography takes a toll on stability as no matter how stable you believe your wrist is, some form of jitter or micro shake surely arises.

Keeping that in mind, here are some best tripods for 600mm lenses that will change the way you perform your photo shoot for the betterment, of course.

List of 7 Best Tripods For 600mm Lens Chosen by Videographer

Here is the list that was created after months of the testing process.

1. SIRUI AM-284 – Best Tripod for 600mm Lens

Starting the review with the most sought-after tripod by professionals and filmmakers, the SIRUI Camera tripod AM-284, here are my thoughts about it.

Build Quality & Material Type

When taking a peek at its overall build quality, I have to admit it’s incredibly solid and has impressive quality, and holding it in your hands feels very comfortable.

If you are loading up bulky rigs or want to use bigger lenses, for this tripod holding them won’t be an issue when it comes to providing stability because it can easily hold them up with ease.

While some may claim the price may be too steep for their taste, I have to remind you that it’s well worth the investment due to the fact that the overall housing is made from very lightweight and durable carbon fiber material.

Flat Mode

Since this tripod lacks a center column, don’t expect it to have length, however, on the flip side, it excels very well when it comes to low-angle shots.

As you can easily flip open its legs all the way up to 90 degrees and you can load up your camera as low as 6 inches from the ground, isn’t that amazing?

Head Type & Payload Specs

The strongest selling point about this tripod is that it boasts payload specifications of 33.1 pounds or 15 kilograms very easily. And even if you are using bulkier cameras or DSLRs with extra accessories or modules you won’t have to deal with any payload-related issues.

As for its head type, the tripod uses an A-10 R head type which is extremely fluid when performing videography and allows 360 panoramic shots seamlessly.

Moreover, it also has a bubble level to give you an indication of whether or not you have loaded your rig at the correct level.

Testing Results

You could literally carry it for days and it wouldn’t weigh you down as it weighs 1.2 kg, all credit to the implementation of carbon fiber technology in its core framework.

Almost every aspect screams top-notch quality, look at the spike feet that are included in the package, these allow you to stay bolstered in mud or snow while you record videos carefree.

The feet also have water resistance protection, so if you are a professional filmmaker or a vlogger who likes to record videos in extreme outdoor conditions, you would find this aspect extremely useful.

Reason For Recommendation

Tough, brawny yet lightweight like a bunch of feathers, the SIRUI AM-284 offers a no-nonsense design all while being at a justified price tag.

2. VANGUARD Alta Pro 2+ 264CT 600mm Lens Tripod

When it comes to providing quality, performance, and price-to-value ratio, the Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 264CT easily stands out from the crowd.

Payload Specifications & Overall Dimensions

In my opinion, this tripod is the perfect pick for landscape and distant photography for a wide variety of reasons. I Have tons of experience with this tripod and have used it with multiple cameras and lenses and it never disappointed me.

The reason behind such praise is that it has amazing length dimensions both while folded and while fully extended. In technical terms when fully raised, the tripod reaches heights up to 59 inches which is more than enough even for a taller individual.

However, when fully collapsed, it goes all the way down to 19.9 inches which means in terms of portability it’s no slouch either.

Independent Leg Lock

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to using this tripod as you can adjust the height both indoors or outdoors by using the independent leg-locking feature. 

That allows the legs to bend at 20,40, 60, and 80 degrees so your camera can reach the ground for low-angle shots or you can simply perform a top-to-bottom shot very easily.

In addition to that, all these three legs offer twist locking features which are snappy and highly reliable and are made from phenomenal carbon material.

Vertical & Horizontal Photography

Videographers would absolutely love this tripod due to the fact that the center column can be adjusted at both horizontal and vertical angles. 

The ball head is fluid and smooth and lets you 360-degree panning as well as 0-90 degree tilt. Each angle can also be fixated with an integrated knob.

As an added bonus, the center column also has an impact rubber which protects the center post and column from suffering from the wear and tear effect as you may be using it often while using it for vertical photoshoots.

Testing Results

Before I dive into complex attributes, I would like to point out the fact that this tripod has a unique rubberized ring that protects the center column from eventual wear and tear.

Such attention to detail by the manufacturer is always welcomed as it gives users an idea that they have invested quite a lot of thought process into this thing.

Furthermore, I also appreciate the fact that for both tilting and panning motion, there is a yellowish engraving on the tripod, to give you a wider perspective on which angle you are orienting your gear at.

I even performed a couple of durability tests on the carbon fiber legs by applying pressure as well as loading up payloads a little over its limit and it held up just fine without producing vibrations even in outdoor conditions.

Reason For Recommendation

Perfect for both horizontal and vertical shooting and the tendency to hold up lofty payloads without compromising on its stability which is exactly the kind of tripod you should be looking for while using a 600mm telephoto lens.

3. Manfrotto 290 for 600mm Lens

For larger and bulkier rigs, the Manfrotto 290 is surely a perfect pick as it will provide ample stability through its exquisite design.

Build Quality

After unboxing this tripod, I was amazed at the overall packaging and design quality of this tripod. Manfrotto really invested some thoughts so that it can cater to its audience when it comes to the convenience and comfortability aspect.

And even though they also made a carbon fiber variant of this tripod, choosing the aluminum version doesn’t mean you are missing out on much when it comes to stability, especially while working with lenses such as 600mm.

Payload Specifications

Now moving onto its payload specifications, this tripod surely packs a punch by providing a payload capacity of up to 8.8 pounds on its head, so be assured all your precious and bulky rigs are in safe hands when locked onto this tripod.

Keep in mind the net weight of the tripod is 5.6 pounds, which means, it is nowhere near lightweight, and that certainly impacts the portability aspect.

Nonetheless, for a professional studio-grade photographer that won’t be a deal breaker, because obviously, you wouldn’t be carrying this tripod in your hands all the time while you move from one spot to another.

Premium Carrying Case

Speaking of traversal and storage, just like every other Manfrotto tripod, this one also comes with a very nice carrying case which ensures safety for your tripod from moisture and other debris that may damage the casing.

It even has a lanyard, so you can easily carry it in your hand, without having to worry about it slipping away and falling off your hand.

Testing Results

This tripod designed by Manfrotto is a blessing in disguise for those who are using lenses with bigger focal lengths such as 600mm or higher.

For starters, it has a friction knob, which allows you to increase or decrease the stiffness of the tilting aspect of the head so you can easily control your bulky gear without putting much effort.

Almost every bit is made from super durable metal, in fact, even the quick-release plate is secured with a trigger lock and in order to release your camera, you have to flick the trigger to detach it for handheld mode.

After hours of going back and forth and testing out every aspect of the tripod, it felt quite disappointing to know that there was no inclusion of an accessory hook.

Reason For Recommendation

One of its pivotal aspects is its buttery smooth fluid head and easy-to-deploy flip locks, making it extremely ideal for those that are on the lookout for a sturdy and stable tripod.

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This tripod is an absolute workhorse when it comes to stability and is a perfect treat for documentarians and wildlife photographers.

Exterior Aesthetics

While this tripod also comes in an aluminum build type, I prefer to choose the one that is made from Carbon Fiber Material because, in this variant, you will undoubtedly attain better stability and compensation regarding vibrations and shocks which highly aids photographers especially while using bigger and bulkier lenses.

Moreover, the carbon fiber variant also has a premium vibe to it and has a lovely pattern, so it’s no doubt that your gear would get some looks while using it among your peers.

Detachable Leg & Adjustable Position

Another pivotal aspect of this tripod is that it has a detachable foot which means you can easily turn your tripod into a monopod and capture some cool high-angle shots while using it with one hand.

However, each of the three feet also boasts a locking switch which you can use with your thumb and set the desired angle that you want your tripod to be and it will stay fixed in its place.

Payload Specifications & Dimensions

It’s certainly a heavy-duty tripod and can easily withstand the weight pressure of payloads up to 8 kilograms and this aspect about this tripod in itself deserves a round of applause as it provides quite a lot of headroom for all sorts of photography as you can experiment around with your modules with ease.

5. GEEKOTO Video 600mm Lens Tripod

To cater to your financial status, here is a budget tripod that may entice your attention if you find the above picks too expensive.

Material Type

Since it’s a budget-friendly tripod, don’t expect it to have premium-grade carbon fiber incorporated in its design. 

Henceforth, all of its legs and other parts are made from aluminum alloy which is far from cheap and feels very solid when holding it in your hand.

To top it off, almost all parts of the tripod have a beautiful finish applied to them, hence the matte black design and some orange accents in between the bits.

My only concern regarding its impeccable design is the use of plastic in its handle and some parts of its head such as the foot and the knob, but after using it for a couple of months, it has disappointed me in terms of wear and tear, so I shouldn’t be complaining.

Quick Release Plate

On the other hand, it even boasts a lovely quick-release plate so you can mount or unmount your camera while changing lenses in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the quick-release plate also has a D-ring, in case you want to tighten up your camera in the midst of a photoshoot without a special tool.

In other words, the quick-release plate is all about convenience and less hassle that you have to go through with other cheaply designed tripods.

Perfect For Videography

While some tripods are only good for long exposure shots or taking beautiful stills, this one also excels in the field of videography. 

With the power of a complete 360-degree swivel and -70-degree or 90-degree tilting, you can achieve any kind of artistic or dramatic shot that you may have in your mind, there is no virtually no restriction in its movement.

6. SIRUI Traveler 7A 65.55″Aluminum

Another tripod in the list is made by the most renowned brand, the SIRUI which has an Arca-compatible quick-release plate and a top-notch payload capacity.

Bigger & Better

The tripod also has a “5A” variant and carbon fiber Variants, however, the reason I choose the “7A” for this list, is due to the fact that it is much bigger which means you will be able to achieve higher lengths very easily.

When fully folded and packed into the carrying case, it is barely 18.9 inches, however, when the feet are fully extended, the tripod reaches up to 65.55 inches. Such specifications are perfect for both studio and outdoor use especially if you want to commit to wildlife photography.

Payload Specs

Keep in mind that while the carbon fiber version is much more expensive, it is also very lightweight and measures around 900 grams. Meanwhile, this one, when placed on a measuring scale in my lab, weighed 1.8 kg.

So in other words, you are saving some money in exchange for portability, this is something to be mindful of when purchasing these tripods or working with bulkier rigs.

On the flip side, the payload capacity remains the same, because both tripods can hold up to 17.6 pounds.

Arca Swiss Compatible

I really love how well this tripod caters to everyone’s needs as it even boasts an Arca Swiss quick-release plate with 1/ 4 inches screw, so you can mount any camera as long as it’s compatible with this sort of mount in a matter of seconds.

This highly enhances ease of use and saves your precious time especially if you want to perform a dynamic photo shoot or want to change angles or the accessory of your camera.

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7. TYCKA 56” Tripod for 600mm Lens Camera

It’s built like a tank and has stability like a rock. What more do you want from a tripod while working with bulkier lenses?

Anodized Aluminum Legs

My experience with this tripod while using it both indoors for wedding photoshoots and outdoors like covering a football game, has been extremely joyful.

Its legs are made from High-density Anodized Aluminum alloy and can easily take punishment imposed on it by the test of time through wear and tear. I have used it with various camera rigs for a couple of years, but I have yet to see any issues related to its quality.

Fully Adjustable Ball Head

The sky is literally the limit while having the tripod in your hand as it has got a top-tier ball head with quite buttery smooth movement that will mesmerize almost any videographer while working with it.

Aside from 360-degree pan movement, the ball head also offers a bubble level which means framing your shot very easily especially if you aren’t really good with cameras or tripods.

And to top it off, it can hold up payload weight up to 26.5 pounds so you have plenty of headroom even if you are using bulkier lenses such as 600mm.

24-month Warranty

TYCKA takes pride in the product of their manufacturer due to the amazing level of quality they tend to have and the story for this tripod is no exception. The manufacturer ensures their customers get the best support and even offers 2 years of warranty, in case anything goes wrong or any malfunction arises.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a professional photographer, hobbyist or a rookie freelancer trying to earn a buck, Working with bigger lenses, heavier cameras or multiple accessories can be a daunting task.

Especially the fact that your camera also lacks an in-body image stabilization mechanism, in which case even the most skilled individual would have some form of issue. 

Therefore, why hamper your productivity when you can purchase a tripod and compensate for any limitations that may halt your creativity? That being said, go ahead and pick any from the list of the best tripods for 600mm lens, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any confusion, consult my review tagged along the lines of each product which is curated in a straightforward and bias-free manner.

Thank you for stopping by, stay tuned for more articles like these.

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