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Best Gimbals For Nikon Z6 and Z6 II in 2024 – [Steady Shots]

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Gone are the days when photographers used to struggle with blurred or distorted pictures, especially if the photography revolved around odd, weird angles or moving objects.

With the rapid advancement of technology today, unique features like Image stabilization that are already built into cameras ensure that you don’t have to deal with such nuisances when you are doing professional or casual photography on your favorite Nikon Camera.

Although most of Nikon’s flagship and mid-range cameras come with image stabilization, it might not be sufficient to deliver crystal clear images without any sort of blur.

In such cases, you might want to consider buying an external accessory known as a Gimbal, which will assist you in keeping the lens steady while you take images on your Nikon Z6 II.

That being said, if you are having problems finding the best gimbals for Nikon Z6 II, then worry not because this article will solve your issue, just scroll down below!

Expert List for Best Gimbals For Nikon Z6 And Z6 II

Here is the list of the best products used and reviewed by experts.

1. DJI Ronin-S Gimbal for Nikon Z6 II

Want your shots to be steady and smooth? Well, look no further because the DJI Ronin-S is here to save the day.


It’s sleek and highly flexible and won’t obstruct the view of your Nikon Z6 II, no matter which way you turn its lens as the 360-view angled rotors allow complete liberty to its owner without any hindrance.

Multiple Action Modes

Stay creative with your precious camera, as the gimble also provides multiple capturing modes such as Timelapse, Panorama, Motionlapse, and even object tracking, all thanks to high-tech sensors that allow this magic to happen with just the push of a button.

3 Axis Motor

The best part about this nifty gimbal is that it can easily adjust itself and compensate for any image stabilization error without producing any shake or blur in your imagery or videos.

The 3 3-axis motorized head also has guided tracking capabilities which dramatically enhances and assists the camera in following objects during shots that are made while moving. 

Which is why I had an amazing experience while using it for my vlogging purposes. I captured beautiful scenery while being behind the wheel and the videos produced were incredibly stable.


You can hook up multiple accessories to your camera with this lovely gimbal such as BG37 Grip which even has a built-in Battery, Camera riser, Hook and loop strap, Focus wheel, and RSS IR Control Cable, which makes it incredibly ideal and versatile for everyday use and vlogging.

Payload Specifications

The gimbal is incredibly sturdy and can easily hold mirrorless Cameras that weigh up to 3.6 kg (8 pounds) without breaking a sweat.

I felt pretty confident when using the Nikon Z6 II with my Sigma 85mm lens, as the DJI Ronin S held up the weight of both the camera and the lens quite easily, impressive!

Proprietary Application

This amazing Gimbal for Nikon Z6 II also comes with its own app which supports both IOS and Android, which means it’s pretty much compatible with every smartphone as long as it’s running IOS 9.0 or Android 5.0.

The Application connects with the gimbal through Bluetooth connection which allows you to tweak the axis so that you can hit the sweet spot for image stabilization.

Test Results

It has a straightforward design with intuitive control and even boasts triple preset functionality which determines the behaviors of your gimbal. These modes can be toggled by pressing the “M” button which seamlessly changes the speed of the gimbal and its axis on the fly.

Working with DJI gimbals has always been fun due to their ease of use which highly caters to audiences regardless of their photography skills. 

Connecting it with the proprietary application during my videography application was without hiccups and unlike per other reviewers’ claim, I barely saw any glitches or bugs as you can see from the picture down below there isn’t any unnecessary clutters that might confuse you, so it’s safe to assume the learning curve on this thing isn’t pretty steep.

Aside from auto-tuning capabilities that let the gimbal do most of the manual labor, you can even assign stiffness to each axis to add a little desirable torque to make your videos seem more unique and have cinematic vibes.

Just make sure you acknowledge the payload weight that is loaded on the gimbal before you assign the stiffness to each axis such as pan, roll, and tilt.

I couldn’t help but notice how well the battery indicator blends with the overall design of the gimbal. It has nice Green LED aesthetics and provides a quick insight into whether it’s charging or in a discharged state.

No need to go into menus to check its battery status, now you can monitor the battery level right off the bat.

Reason for Recommendation

It’s Versatile & and provides the best bang for your buck without compromising on its balancing aspect regardless of the terrain.

2. Zhiyun Weebill S 3-Axis – Best Gimbal For Nikon Z6

Lightweight yet handy, the Zhiyun Weebill S provides an out-of-the-world experience for not just Mirrorless cameras like the Nikon Z6 II but also DSLR cameras.


While reviewing it, I was surprised at how well it could automatically balance its weight in my hand. This Gimbal from Zhiyun is truly marvelous with its ergonomic sling design as I was able to carry my camera and take beautiful shots with just my hand while trekking through the mountainous region.

Phenomenal Release System

The fact that it even has dual Manfrotto/Arca-Swiss quick-release plates makes the experience a whole lot better than I expected because it allows me to make videography shots through different angles without having to worry about balancing, now and then.

Triple Axis System

Image stabilization is made possible through three nifty motors, one of which is located at the base of the gimbal that rotates the camera from left to right and is known as the Pan Motor.

The other one, which is known as the tilt motor, allows the camera to balance itself during upward and downward motion. 

Lastly, the third roll motor counteracts the camera during rotational movement by the owner holding the gimbal.

Multiple Shooting Modes 

In total, the Zhiyun Weebill S allows 6 modes which users can choose from depending on the type of scenario. 

These modes include Pan Follow Mode(PF), Simply Follow Mode (F), Lock Mode(L), Vortex Mode(V), Go Mode(GO)

Remote Control 

I like the fact that how versatile this piece of equipment is, you could tweak configurations like ISO to balance out lightning, Zoom in on your subject as well and transition through modes with just a push of a button with the proprietary remote control from a distance and it worked pretty well without any visible delays.


I have seen plenty of gimbal mounts, however, the trans mount feature on this baby surprised me, as it allowed my phone to be used as a viewfinder for my Nikon Z6 II which felt like I was directing a movie and the Via Touch 2.0 made everything so easier and allowed to me easily customize and tweak options right of the bat as the user interface was pretty easy to use.

Packaged Cables

There is a multitude of cables that come with this bad boy which allows you to hook up extra accessories to the gimbal such as USB Type-C, Sony Camera Control Cable, 1x Micro to Mini USB, 1 x Micro to Type-C, and a Micro USB cable.

Test Results

The overall form factor is pretty small and the foldable form factor makes it very easy to carry it almost everywhere without it weighing your arms.

The best part is that it has a small red locking axis in case you want to safely store it in your backpack.

It might be small but it certainly packs a punch and even has a small wheel-like joystick that allows you to fiddle through menus and even change them on the fly.

You can also change modes and customize each and every axis speed without needing to connect your phone to the application.

I did all of this functionality with just one hand and barely felt restricted in my productivity.

Furthermore, the review wouldn’t be complete if I don’t test its quick-release feature. Right beneath the cradle, there is a small cog that secures your camera and holds it in place and you can easily twist it to release the camera if you want to mount it on a tripod.

Reason for Recommendation:

Top-tier battery runtime and outstanding 8th Instune algorithm ensure uniform and smooth stabilization across any terrain.

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3. DJI RSC 2 Gimbal for Nikon Z6 II

Another entry from the renowned DJI, which is termed RSC 2 has a multitude of features and makes it downright perfect for Nikon Z6 II.


The first impression is the last impression, which is why DJI has spent plenty of thought processes on this bad boy to make it as appealing and impeccable as possible.

It’s sturdy and has a foldable design which means you can pack it up and shove it in your bag and embark on your journey without having to worry about space management. It’s so nifty you could literally fit it in your pocket.

Payload specifications

The RSC 2 could easily hold up your mainstream mirrorless and DSLR cameras up to 6.6 pounds, however, you may have to be mindful when adding additional accessories as some lenses might add up additional weight and you may end up having issues regarding stabilization.

Action Modes

There is a magnitude of modes that you could work with such as Pan follow mode which tracks and follows the subject as it moves away from the camera automatically.

The POV mode assists you in your vlogs and first-person videography or even selfies, and lastly, the vortex mode offers rotational or 360 views while having the camera fixed at an axis.

Stabilization Technology

Unlike other gimbals which often tend to have micro shake issues and can get a little annoying, I found this one to be incredibly stable even through rough or speedy movement, using my Nikon Z6 II on a roller coaster on this gimbal with Titan Stabilization algorithm was an absolute blast.

As the reinforced balancing system ensures my videos produced were free from sudden jerks or shakes, especially while having super smooth mode turned on which counteracted perfectly across all directions.

Built-in OLED Screen

The best part? Well, I would say I was perplexed to find out that it even comes with a mini 1-inch OLED screen which gives me a “Directors View ” without having to constantly peek through the viewfinder.

Moreover, the screen was bright enough to hold up against strong ambient lighting pretty well, so I have to admit my experience with this nifty screen was top-notch.

Quick Switch Capabilities

Lastly, it was lovely to know that this gimbal also has a “Manfrotto and Arca Swiss dual-layer” mounting plate which instantly makes the vertical videography and photography a piece of cake.

These multitudes of features made me realize I am reviewing the best gimbal since almost everything it offered was handy enough and assisted me well in my photography career.

Test Results

The gimbal can be folded and stored making it pretty optimal for travel photographers like me since I spend plenty of time on space management while packing bags, however, the foldable form factor certainly felt like a game changer while I was examining its design.

Fine-tuning each axis barely took any of my time, especially with its axis locking mechanism which held each axis in place while I was calibrating its other axis for perfect balancing.

Using it with the Nikon Z6 II, while holding the gimbal with one hand, my index finger could tweak the front dial to focus on my subject without fiddling with the camera or rotating the lens.

Reason for Recommendation

It has a tendency to withstand payload weight without compromising it’s balancing aspect due to its smart axis locking and has a nifty foldable form factor.

4. ZHIYUN Weebill 2 Gimbal Stabilizer for Nikon Z6 II

If you feel like you didn’t have enough from Zhiyun, wait till you see the second iteration of this company, the Weebill 2 which has a tremendous price-to-value ratio.


Starting from its design, it has a sling grip which means users won’t have to deal with arm strain over longer periods of time, this makes it easy to use even for novice videographers that have started their careers without any prior experience with gimbals.

Cutting Edge Sensor

The Weebill 2 is armed with a top-notch Infineon vector splitting sensor which ensures even the smallest jerk or movement is corrected without negatively impacting the output from your camera.

I feel like it’s perfect for those that often travel a lot on bikes as such kind of traversal is considerably harder since it produces plenty of movements while holding your camera in your hand.

In other words, users opting out of this gimbal will have a drastic improvement in terms of image stabilization since you won’t have to worry about micro shakes.

Built-in TouchScreen

What’s even more surprising is the fact that it has a small 2.88-inch touch screen which lets you grant full control over your camera through the HD screen.

Action Modes

The gimbal also provides a premium experience and lets you take full benefit from its fleeting modes such as Pan Follow, Locking, Point of View, Follow, Go, and Vortex which just a push of a button automatically, so you won’t have to waste any precious time jump right into the action according to the scene you want to capture.

Tripod Inclusion

Lastly, as a bonus, to further enhance image stabilization, weebill 2 also has a mini tripod that helps you firmly place your camera onto a surface and let it record you while you are doing a solo shoot.

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5. FeiyuTech AK2000S Adv. Handheld 3-Axis DSLR Camera Gimbal

My experience with the FeiyuTech AK2000S has been incredibly flawless, for an avid travel vlogger like me, this gimbal exceeded my expectations.


It’s compact and could easily fit in your traveling bag with ease, the aluminum alloy structure looks premium and gives off professional vibes, and doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Considering the price point, I have to say it’s well worth the money as the quality of this gimbal is simply impeccable.

Quick Release Plate

Shooting vertically and horizontally on the go is no longer a dream of photographers, as this gimbal includes a dual quick-release plate that has Arca and Swiss support which makes it so easier to use the camera on a tripod for professional-level photography.

Brushless Focus Motor

The advanced Variant offers a brushless focus motor that allows smooth tracking and zooming of the subject without the need for manual tweaking by the owner, which sets it apart from the FeiyuTech Standard version and makes it well worth the money.

Touch Screen options

The gimbal offers a touchscreen feature that lets you completely tweak options like aperture, and shutter screen, and even change modes right off the bat, which is extremely convenient as it saves plenty of time.

Moreover, this also favors rookie photographers as the easy-access user interface keeps things free from clutter and confusion and gives you direct control over your camera with minimal hassle.

Payload Specifications

Considering that you may have questions about how well it holds up the camera and how much weight it can carry, I have to say that it has a moderate payload specification of 4.8 pounds, so you should stay away from heavier lenses and grips.

In other words, rocking the stock lens is the key, but I believe that won’t be an issue for an individual that simply wants a decent image stabilization accessory for casual everyday use.

6. FeiyuTech SCORP-C – Nikon z6 II Stabilization Gimbal

Since this article is dedicated to the best gimbal for Nikon Z6 II, naturally my penultimate pick would be FeiyuTech SCORP-C as it is one of the finest made gimbals in the market right now.


It has a no-nonsense design with a lightweight ergonomic grip that won’t strain your arms while you are carrying it around while you’re taking your shots with your precious camera. 

The design is intentionally kept simple so even the most entry-level photographers can set it up without having the need to have esoteric knowledge regarding gimbals.

Shooting Modes

The gimbal offers a variety of modes that you can choose from such as Space Mode (3-axis follow mode), a handy Vertical Shooting for professional photography, Standard Panoramic Mode to capture beautiful scenery, and time-lapse mode.

No Tripod Needed

Out of cash? On a strict budget? Can’t afford an aftermarket tripod? Well, don’t worry, since this gimbal has an Integral folding Aileron bracket which lets you place it on any surface and let it stay fixated onto its subject without any external support.

Quick Release Switch Plate

The Arca swiss quick-release switch plate inclusion is like the icing on the cake since you won’t have to deal with removing the whole plate, which would take plenty of time to set up. 

For such a nifty feature I would give 5 stars in terms of “Ease of use” as it saved me precious time.

Fast Charging Support

Although the built-in battery isn’t interchangeable which may be frowned upon in the gimbal community, the silver lining here is that it supports an 18-watt fast charger so you can get back in action in no time.

And the best part is that it provides 10 hours of battery runtime on a single charge so you can stay busy literally the whole day without having to look for a battery outlet.

7. DJI Ronin-SC Gimbal for Nikon Z6 II

Last but not least is the DJI Ronin SC which is a versatile and lightweight option and is ideal for almost any situation.


The design is pretty straightforward and one of the most sought choices for YouTubers as it is pretty easy to carry it even on one hand.

The structure is made up of magnesium and Aluminum alloy, which is an amazing combination as it has immaculate strength to perfectly balance the camera as well as hold up an immense amount of payload weight without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, it’s also pretty lightweight so you can stay comfortable even after hours of use, Splendid!

Multiple Modes

With this gimbal, you can capture beautiful shots all in one frame with perfect stabilization in the palm of your hand, with the latest time-lapse, unobstructed roll, and panorama modes.

Super Stable 

The Gimbal offers a sports mode feature that ensures your mirrorless camera stays stable no matter how speedy the shot is, as it provides mind-blowing stabilization while automatically counteracting itself on all three axes to give you a smooth and stable image and video output.

Ronin App

With the inclusion of the Ronin App, users can now connect their phones via Bluetooth and complete tweak options such as ISO, and aperture as well as calibrate the gimbal to different modes to suit their needs.

Just make sure your smartphone is updated to at least IOS 11.0, however, the application does not support Android so that’s the biggest letdown.

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Bottom Line

So there you have it, a mighty compendium of the best Gimbals for Nikon Z6 II, go ahead and pick any product from above and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed since all of them are personally tested and reviewed by me without having any form of bias.

That being said, to keep up with the demand for my beloved readers this article will be regularly updated, so make sure you check this site often to stay up to the trend and gain knowledge regarding newer technology!

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