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The List of 7 Best Gimbals for Panasonic GH5 in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on June 24, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Cameras manufactured and assembled by Panasonic have been infamous all across the globe for their superior quality and performance.

Hailing from the lands of Osaka, Japan, it has been in the league for engineering mirrorless digital cameras for almost a decade and a half and has a long history of perfecting it. After all, they are pioneers of the micro-four-third systems.

Among their well commendable lineup, the Panasonic Lumix GH5 surely takes the crown for being widely used among professional photographers and that is why searching for the best gimbals for Panasonic GH5 is at an all-time high.

And honestly speaking, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me since the level of quality this camera produces is nearly flawless, however, it does have its caveat, it’s a little bulky, and achieving stability can get challenging for even the most professional-grade camera enthusiast.

To address this issue, I have curated this list which includes all sorts of gimbals compatible with this camera so go ahead and pick whichever suits your needs on the basis of functionality and budget.

List of 7 Best Gimbals For Panasonic GH5

Let’s take a look at the list that I created for you.

1. DJI Ronin-SC 3-Axis GH5 Gimbal

Let’s start with the most versatile and lightweight option, the DJI RONIN SC which fortunately happens to be a budget option too.

Build Aspect & Portability Ratio

This is the most sought-after camera stabilizer enthusiasts look at the most as they determine the overall integrity and the stability a gimbal can provide.

Surprisingly, the good thing here is that in terms of build quality, this gimbal no doubt proposes its terms of quality as the overall housing is reinforced with magnesium and aluminum alloy.

With this unique amalgamation of lightweight metals, you won’t feel as though you are holding anything, but it is strong enough to hold the weight of the payload without breaking a sweat.

When I measured it on a scale for its weight it weighed approximately 1.1 kilograms.

Easy to Store

For a professional or a solo freelancer, it is not rare to find himself always on the go or in traversal, which is why packing up your accessories and other equipment can be a bit tricky, especially if you are going abroad and want to manage your space as neatly as possible to prevent strain or harm while they in the baggage.

Henceforth, the modular design of this gimbal will serve you quite well in this scenario as you can take it apart and easily store it in your bag which is easy to store in almost every bag.

Payload Specifications

A gimbal is judged by its payload specification and how well it can stabilize its core while under stress.

The RONIN SC has a payload capacity of 4 pounds, which means you can hook up your Panasonic GH5 which itself has a 1.6-pound weight, and pair it up with an external aftermarket lens as well as other goodies such as flash and the stabilizer would calibrate itself and perform in its optimal state throughout the session.

Proprietary RONIN App

The best part is that it even has its software which basically enhances the gimbal hardware and allows users to benefit from a wide variety of features such as panorama, timelapse, and other nifty modes that are solely unique to this Gimbal only such as the Active Track Mode.

In this mode, users can lock swiftly onto a target or subject and follow it with firm stability to provide cinematic videography with fluid smoothness. 

I found this feature very useful while recording my buddies while they were trekking across with their roller skates on and the results were simply mind-blowing.

Testing Results

The gimbal has a nice grey shade to it and makes a click sound whenever you toggle it. It’s a great addition to the overall infrastructure of the gimbal since it makes axis locking and unlocking extremely easy and seamless for users who always find themselves on the foot.

To further enhance your experience, the gimbal also has a phone holder, in case you want to hook your smartphone to the gimbal through the proprietary app and want to use it as an external monitor.

Speaking of using the DJI app, I even tried hooking it up to my smartphone and the connection was established at a moment’s notice. Almost every aspect of it is easy and fun and even if there are any hiccups or glitches they are promptly curbed away in the next firmware update.

Reason for Recommendation

Light and easy to use, it’s a perfect gimbal for beginners and casual photographers.

2. Zhiyun WEEBILL S – Best Gimbal for Panasonic GH5

Tired of big and bulky gimbals? Here, I present to you the Zhiyun weebill S which is as small as the size of a mere A4 paper sheet.

Triple Lock Design

Let’s start the review with one of the most innovative features this gimbal boasts which is its all-axis independent locking feature which ensures that you balance, fine-tune, and attain perfection during calibration with ease which makes setting up extremely easy and saves quite a lot of time.

Moreover, this also makes storing this gimbal pretty straightforward as locking all three of its axes such as Pan, Roll, and Tilt will ensure they remain in their spot after you have powered the gimbal back on.

Payload Specifications & Algorithms

The Panasonic Gh5 is no doubt a big boy and with the batteries included it weighs a whopping 725 grams/ 1.60 pounds for a gimbal holding such bulky setups, especially while paired with multiple accessories can be tedious and challenging.

And that’s exactly why I have picked this gimbal to perform this job flawlessly as the 8th Intune algorithm provides rapid responsive countermeasure across all angles in a matter of microseconds.

The gimbal has a payload capacity of up to 3.5 kilograms, however, I wouldn’t advise you to push the limits since it could drastically impact the way the accessories manage to keep their axis fixed in a stable position.

Battery life

The battery life on this device is no doubt commendable as it can deliver up to 14 hours of battery use on a single charge. 

When I first got my hands on this lovely stabilization accessory I was excited to try it out at a wedding event I was covering for a freelancing project after multiple hours of constant usage it still had 40% of battery left and I was undoubtedly impressed from the level of runtime the lithium cells provided.

Testing Results

The detachable grip is undoubtedly an innovative aspect of the gimbal and you can easily term it a game-changer feature for gimbals.

It’s modular so you can simply pop it off and hook it up onto the other side of the gimbal, allowing you to use it in underslung mode.

The balancing aspect is extremely easy and there are no two ways about it and it took me a couple of minutes during a shoot to get the job done.

However, after using it outdoors, on the left side of the grip, it also boasts a couple of crucial configurations such as Follow and lock mode which act as a profile preset for your axis, making videography extremely easy.

As an added bonus, the gimbal offers not just one but six different modes to enhance your creativity and integrate an artistic glint while you capture those crazy shots during filmmaking.

Reason for Recommendation

The Weebill S has the best of both worlds, outstanding battery runtime, and tons of presets to choose from, it brings real value to the table with its perfect balance of both performance and functionality.

3. DJI RSC 2 3-Axis GH5 Stabilizer

The next Contender in this mighty list is no other than the most renowned brand gimbal, the  DJI RSC 2 with incredible portability and flawless design that is well worth every penny you invest in it.

Modularity Element

One of the strongest and most well-liked features of this gimbal is the fact that you can literally fold it and simply store it almost in any bag that you like.

No need to carry special gimbal bags coupled with your camera bags, since this nifty piece of equipment can slide in spaces as small as your backpack side pockets.

Not only does this attribute make this gimbal extremely portable and easy to carry but it also saves you the hassle of going through space management every now and then especially if you are often on the move or going on trips across the globe.

So in other words, this gimbal is extremely suitable for travelers and photojournalists altogether.

Payload Specifications

Powered by Titan Stabilization algorithm which not only keeps each and every axis steady while holding up payload up to 6.6 pounds but through Active 3.0 feature it tracks moving subjects and provides impeccable tracking that is as smooth as a hot knife in butter.

When pairing my Panasonic GH5 with this gimbal the results undoubtedly mesmerized me and certainly changed the way I record my videos as it has a cinema-grade cinematic feel which I thought wouldn’t be possible.

OLED Screen

The gimbal even boasts a 1-inch touchscreen which may be a tad bit at first glance, however, is robust enough to give you complete feedback regarding crucial aspects such as Battery status, Camera parameters like ISO, exposure, shutter speed as the speed of the gimbal and toggle through its multiple modes.

Testing Results

During the testing phase, unlike other gimbals which required me to either hook up to a smartphone or go through tons of menus to change its various options and modes, the DJI RSC 2 provided comfort beyond belief.

Right below the screen, it even has a dedicated “M” button which stands for “Mode”, when pressed toggles the gimbal into different presets until you are satisfied with its response times.

There is a small dial right beside the screen, which basically allows you to fiddle around through menus really swiftly without wasting much time.

Although, I really do wish it had touchscreen input just like its previous model iteration.

As per the manufacturer’s claims, the gimbal also has “single button vertical mode” which allows users to record in vertical mode for TikTok and YouTube shorts.

Personally, I feel like it’s quite a handy feature that is fairly overlooked even by professional photographers. Nevertheless, if a vlogger or a YouTuber wants to use this gimbal, they will most certainly have a blast with this mode.

Reason For Recommendation

A gimbal designed for the future, the technology and stabilization algorithm incorporated into it are truly ahead of its time.

You can also read my review of The List of 7 Best Gimbals for Canon R5.

4. DJI Ronin-SC Pro Combo – Best Gimbal for GH5

Made from top-tier alloy materials with a top-notch overall design and a mouthwatering price tag, the DJI RONIN SC Pro is an optimal deal for both casual and professional photographers.

Overall Design

This is by far the most memorable gimbal for me because when it arrived in the mail I was delighted and excited like a child to unbox it so I could pull some crazy shots with it.

However, the most jaw-dropping moment for me was when I carved the packaging that this gimbal can use, and honestly, upon touching and thoroughly inspecting it’s every nook and cranny, I felt amazed as to how finely this RONIN SC Pro has been crafted.

There is no doubt that plenty of thought process has been spent on its design since it has extremely ergonomic gripping which diverts stress from your wrist and applies an even pressure so that your arms won’t get sore.

Since it has a modular design you can easily assemble each piece in its assigned order and get into the action. The overall body is made from thin yet sturdy aluminum and magnesium alloy material which gives off premium vibes.

Payload Specifications

While the gimbal itself is extremely compact and lightweight, the payload specification is only around 2 kilograms which means you can only load up cameras without overdoing or hooking multiple accessories onto it.

Nonetheless, within its appropriate threshold payload capacity, the gimbal works flawlessly, especially while having the sports mode enabled which pushes the limits and “Rev up” its motors to sense any sudden movements and lock onto the subject with impeccable stability.

The gimbal also utilizes the Active Track 3.0 locking capabilities in order to keep the subject in a frame and allows you to perform your cinematography without any stability blemish.

Battery life

As for the power department, we all know that DJI provides an amazing reception when it comes to gimbal runtime and this one is no exception as it utilizes 2450mah lithium-ion cells in order to provide power for up to 11 hours and can be topped up for about 2 hours.

This is enough to keep you busy for at least a couple of short projects, the lithium-ion cells completely depleted to the bare minimum levels.

5. MOZA AirCross 3 Gimbal

With a multitude of shooting profile modes and a whole host of transformable switching, this is by far the most versatile gimbal Moza has to offer to the world.

Payload Specifications

The Moza AirCross 3 will rock your world quite literally and certainly change the way you use your Panasonic GH5 as you no longer have to worry about jitters or sudden shakes that may arise due to poor camera handling.

With the help of this stabilization beast, you can load up to 7 pounds of tedious weight and it would deliver a commendable job without breaking a sweat. 

That’s not it yet, the gimbal also utilizes a unique Deep Red Algorithm technology which is optimized to provide comfort, control, and convenience to the users no matter how crazy or odd the angle you can capture or record.

Myriad Of Modes

From classic sling mode for vertical shooting to the crazy vortex or inception mode, the gimbal is made to perform where other rival counterparts fail to excel.

It’s truly mind-boggling and marvelous at the same time to contemplate the level of engineering that is being invested in its technology.

While using this gimbal, there is virtually no limit to creativity as you can unleash your imagination and achieve literally every shot whether it’s high or low almost seamlessly.

Battery life

It is hard to find any flaw in this gimbal as it has such an impeccable design and performance and even in terms of battery life, it serves its purpose that exceeds my expectation as it is integrated with 3500 lithium-ion cells that provides long-lasting usage up to 10 hours.

All in all, I believe no feat is too hard to achieve in the field of photography with this gimbal in hand. With the level of stability and long-lasting battery life it provides, you would be working all day long with immense productivity levels.

6. FeiyuTech AK2000S – Best Affordable Gimbal for GH5

Perfect for Mid-range camera lineups and also supports Arca Plates with the inclusion of Splash resistance, what more could you ask for?

Payload Specifications

Let’s start the review with technicalities such as payload capacity and its strength, the gimbal is amazing for photographers who often work with mid-ranged cameras that aren’t too bulky even with multiple accessories loaded onto it.

With a payload strength of 4.85 pounds achieving stability and firmness isn’t completely out of the equation and matter of fact it performs its job way more efficiently than I expect it to.

Build & Design

The body of the gimbal itself is fairly lightweight and smaller than a size of A4 sheet which means carrying it around during traversal won’t be a problem and since the material used in its body is Aluminium alloy with rosewood gripping, you can very well be assured it could easily withstand daily wear and tear and some usual mishandling on a daily basis.

The best part is that it even supports the Arca plates system, making rebalancing of the gimbal axis after an assembly and installation operation quite seamless and easy.

Advance Kit Feature

Unlike its standard version, this one includes a brushless motor that lets you accurately track, zoom as well and even focus on the subject without fiddling with your camera, just make sure you have connected the gimbal with the appropriate cable to your camera in order for it to work.

I would say the level of convenience this magic knob provides is truly well worth the money which you can achieve elsewhere.

Battery life

Lastly, the battery integrated into its body is a slouch either as you can easily attain a runtime of up to 7 hours which is not the best when compared to other rival counterparts, however, since it supports 18-watt fast charging through USB type C you would be able to top its battery cell reserves pretty sooner than you can expect.

7. DJI RS 3 Pro Stabilizer for GH5

Lastly, we have the DJI RS 3 Pro, a true stability champion and a camera companionway ahead of its time.

Laser-Based Focus

Pitch the sharpest imagery or record the most eye-catching and luxurious videos of your life by having your camera aided by the Lidar focusing system integrated into this gimbal.

Not only will you track rapidly but your camera won’t have any blurring issues even in the dimmest scenarios.

With 43200 ranking points and a distance range of up to 14 meters, users can experience Light Detection and Range by pulsing a laser over the subject surface and accurately determining its position.

Payload Specifications

If this gimbal doesn’t quench your stabilization then nothing will as it has a payload capacity of 10 pounds and can hold up even the bulkiest of setups without breaking a sweat. There is barely any limit to what this amazing piece of engineering can do.

For professional filmmakers and cinematographers, this is by far the best gimbal out there money can buy.

It provides phenomenal stability and firmness and has super sturdy arms made from uncut layers of carbon fiber to preserve its integrity even after years of use.

OLED Full-Color Screen

Apart from its other magnificent features, this gimbal also rocks an outstanding vibrant OLED screen with true tone accuracy which is merely 1.8 inches in length but provides a camera crucially tweakable.

It is astounding that the screen also supports touchscreen input so you can configure and control your camera as well as toggle through gimbal numerous modes and even enable Active Track Pro for swift tracking which is extremely handy in situations like sports events.

Bottom Line

So that’s pretty much it folks, it is an understandable fact that finding the right pick for your Panasonic GH5 can be tiring especially the one that will be suitable for your needs so you can cover almost every scenario without feeling restricted due to your hardware.

That being said, I hope you enjoyed reading this article regarding the best gimbals for Panasonic GH5. It’s always been a delight to serve and provide reviews for my beloved readers.

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