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Top 7 Best Tripods For Canon M50 [2024 Updated]

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Last Updated/Info Checked on December 19, 2023 by Kimberly K.

The Canon M50 may be a little bit outdated by today’s standards but the experience it provides makes it very easy to regard as an “Absolute Beast” in the mirrorless camera industry.

It is a miracle how Canon is able to produce such a miracle in such a compact form factor and since it is armed with a top-of-the-line DIGIC 8 Image Processor you can easily snap some sweet stills and have a cherishable moment of your life.

If by any chance you decide to invest in a tripod for this camera and are looking for the best tripods for Canon M50, this article may deem worthy of your time because I have picked the best of the best tripods that I could possibly find in terms of price to value ratio and quality.

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive down below and read my thoughts about each product.

The List of 7 Best Tripods For Canon M50

Here is a list that I created for you after a very careful and long process.

1. Peak Design Travel Tripod

When perfection meets portability, miracles like Peak Design Travel tripod are born, this is one of the finest picks that is the go-to choice in professional studios by filmmakers.

Payload Specifications & Overall Dimensions

When holding the tripod in your hand, the tripod feels considerably lightweight as compared to aluminum-based tripods I have used previously and all the parts feel very solid, especially the legs.

While this tripod falls under a hefty price tag, keep in mind it is specifically made for professional use and that is why it has such premium grade carbon material used in it and no aspect of it is made from fragile or flimsy plastic.

In terms of payload capacity, it is an absolute powerhouse, it can lift up to 20 pounds which is mind-blowing and more than enough even if you are using your Canon m50 with a massive telephoto lens.

The Tripod can be folded down to as small as 5 inches is barely the size of a water bottle and can be extended up to 60 inches which is no doubt remarkable.

Easy to Store

Since there are no protruding or any sort of clamps that may stick out while storing this tripod in your carrying bag, you can easily pop it in or right out with ease.

Furthermore, the leg locks are also designed to go clockwise with uniform shaping so that your tripod won’t get stuck and is easy to hold and comfortable to feel.

Weather Shielded Bag

Speaking of storing, in order to keep your precious tripod secured and protected from harsh weather, the carrying case that is included in the package ensures no water splashes or any form of humidity enters the bag.

Furthermore, the bag is made from premium and soft material and you can easily store your tripod in it no matter how cold or hot the weather gets.

Testing Results

Testing out such a top-tier tripod always seemed like an honorable experience for me especially after feeling it’s every nook and cranny and examining every aspect in person makes me ecstatic.

Right on top of the center post, there is a small ring locking system, which ensures the camera stays upright in a secure manner.

The accessory hook on this thing took me by surprise as it can not only be used for holding your accessory bags and enhancing the stability of the tripod in windy situations but it also doubles as a smartphone mount, mind-boggling right?

Once removed, retract the upper and lower legs to convert it into a smartphone holder.

Perhaps the only bummer I did find while using it outdoors was the realization that this tripod uses a quick-release plate which can only be tightened up with Allen wrenches.

I really do wish it came with a D-Ring because not one keeps spare Allen wrenches in their backpack at all times.

Reason for Recommendation

Lightweight and incredibly small form factor, allowing it to fit any backpack without taking up much space.

2. Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 Carbon Fiber

Next on the list is the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO 3 which is one of the finest tripods the money can buy for your Canon M50 mirrorless camera. Here is why,

Carbon Fiber Material

While it is evident that aluminum tripods tend to be cheaper quite significantly, they aren’t anywhere near as stable as the ones that are made from Carbon Fiber material. 

That’s why I listed this tripod which is not just spectacularly stable and reduces vibrations to a greater extent but is also very lightweight compared to aluminum.

Furthermore, the tripods include four legs for enhanced stability with rubberized feet and when extended can reach up to 140 cm. All of these legs can be locked at a desired position by quick power locks which are quite reliable. Right beside the center column, it even has a rubber seal so you can attach extra accessories for your Canon M50.

Payload Specifications

And since it has a sturdy and durable infrastructure you would need to worry about loading up bulky rigs as this tripod can easily pick up payload capacity to 9 Kilograms which is mind-blowing and far better than many tripods I have ever reviewed in my life.

Moreover, since the legs are also made from carbon fiber material, you can easily capture long exposure shots and even perform videography without dealing with vibrations or any mount movement.

90-Degree Mobility

In addition to that, the tripod also boasts an amazing aspect as it has a secret yet nifty button at its center column which allows you to mount the camera 90 degrees.

The bubble level integrated right beside the mount makes the whole tripod even more interesting and easy to use as you can easily level the whole tripod quite quickly even if you aren’t really good with keeping your subject in a correct framing position.

Testing Results

I love the fact that the tripod center column can be inverted up to 90 degrees to make top-to-bottom shots incredibly easier. The best part is, that once rotated, you can easily move it in a 360-degree direction without any restriction.

As you might already know, since this tripod doesn’t come with a head, you have to invest in an aftermarket ball head and make sure you are mindful of the size, otherwise, it might obstruct your view of the bubble level.

After I was playing around with it while using my Canon M50, I noticed it even has a side thread to hook up any accessories such as an external flash or a mic to enhance your experience.

Reason for Recommendation

Very Resilient and sturdy build quality, considering the fact almost every bit is made from super lightweight carbon fiber material. In other words, it’s worth every penny you invest into it.

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3. SIRUI AM-225 Carbon Fiber Camera

It was a pleasure to cover several wedding events with this variant of SIRU’s tripod using my Canon M50. SIRUI tripods have never let me down and I had a lot of fun with them.

Build Quality & Dimension Specifications

The tripod has three legs made from high-quality carbon fiber material and can be fully extended up to 127.3 cm with the head attached.

It is so lightweight and efficiently designed when folded the tripod comes down to a mere 48.3 inches, so you can literally throw almost any bag and it won’t take much space.

With the head attached, the whole build of the tripod weighs around 935 grams on a measuring scale, so traversal with this tripod is never an issue.

Accessory Mount & Spiked Legs

Furthermore, this tripod also offers spiked legs so that it can fixate easily on an outdoor terrain without wobbling which is very common with other cheaper tripods that tend to lack such features.

There is also a screw mount that carries your bag and addresses the overall stability of the legs so in case you are mounting your camera in a windy location, the whole setup won’t topple down.

Adjustable Leg Lock

If you want to achieve a crazy angle you can easily customize the tripod leg position while locking them in place by using the adjustable latch lock that lets the legs go from 2.76″ to 47.2″ with the flick of your finger.

Payload Specifications & Quick Release System

Calling this tripod solid and sturdy is no doubt an understatement because you can easily load up your rig which can go up to 6 kilograms of weight and the tripod would do its job without dealing with vibrations.

You can easily perform professional and casual photoshoots on it and since it has an Arca Swiss mount, switching your camera or unmounting it for handheld mode for Canon M50 can be done in a seamless manner.

Testing Results

SIRUI is infamous for being made from premium-grade materials and the SIRUI AM-225 is no exception here.

In fact, even the included ball head has top-notch material quality and the knobs on it feel incredibly smooth while tweaking them.

There is a red ejection button on the side of the head, so you can easily eject the quick-release plate so you can seamlessly go from handheld to tripod mode with your Canon M50 in a matter of seconds.

However, I felt like the included carrying bag had above-average quality and they could have included some form of padding to protect the gear even better. Nonetheless, it came free with the whole package, so I feel like I am complaining for no reason.

Reason for Recommendation

A perfect choice for both indoors and outdoors, the SIRUI is an awesome stabilization accessory for your Canon M50.

4. UBeesize 67” Camera Tripod

If budget is your main problem and you desire something robust and versatile, then the UBeesize tripod is made exactly for you.

Build Quality Design

The unboxing experience this tripod provides is truly mesmerizing, the whole packaging is extremely premium and the overall structure of the tripod is made from aluminum alloy with ABS raisin which provides a soothing texture and adds grip so that it doesn’t end up falling from your hands.

The upper part of the tripod is made from solid standard plastic, but it is far from being cheap and can withstand wear and tear with ease.


Furthermore, like every other tripod, this one can easily change position and you can even extend it up to 67.3 inches which is quite amazing. All you have to do is untighten the knob and roll the lever and it will extend the center column, it’s just that easy.

And if you want to move or store the tripod in your suitcase or a carrying bag, the tripod can be easily folded down to 20.1 inches in a matter of seconds.

The value this tripod provides is truly mind-blowing as you can not only mount your camera not just in a vertical position but also in a horizontal position and the cradle on this thing is large enough to hold up a mirrorless camera like the Canon m50 without breaking a sweat.

Stability Enhancers

And obviously, who wouldn’t love their tripod to be extremely stable while they shoot or perform videography outdoors? That is why this tripod has an accessory hook that not just holds your bags and camera accessories but it gives support and strengths the center of gravity of the whole setup.

Furthermore, the feet of the tripod are also covered by rubberized material which moves all along the axis, so placing it on uneven terrain won’t be an issue.

Testing Results

This is the quick-release plate that gets shipped with the tripod, it’s not made from one of the finest materials but it gets the job done.

On the other hand, using this tripod on uneven ground is not an issue at all, considering it has swiveling feet that fixate itself on the surface, giving you the perfect stability that you always wanted.

Reason For Recommendation

It boasts superb stability and doesn’t wobble on uneven ground, making it quite optimal for travel photographers that are using the Canon M50.

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5. ZOMEI Heavy Duty Camera Tripod Travel Z818

A perfect travel companion that can possibly fulfill all your stabilization needs, the Zomei is no doubt the right tool for the right job.

Anti-Corrosive Design

Unlike other tripods on the list, this one has the unique property of having magnesium and aluminum alloy material used in its housing which ensures the infrastructure doesn’t catch rust or any other form of corrosion that may be caused by harsh weather conditions.

Since outdoor conditions like humid or hot temperatures can easily compromise the integrity of the design of the tripod and possibly reduce its life expectancy, it is crucial that you have an outdoor tripod especially if you travel a lot with your Canon M50.

Upside-Down Photography

The best part about having this tripod is that you can invert the center column and mount your camera upside down which allows you to capture inverted shots quite easily, adding a dramatic effect to your photography.

Head Type

The tripod uses a ball head which has extremely fluid mobility and is perfect for videography it even has an adjustment lever so that you can easily fine-tune your camera position easily.

Both video panning shots and panoramic photography can be easily achieved without feeling any stiffness and that is why I can easily regard this tripod as one of my favorite picks on the list.

Arca Swiss Style Quick Release System

As an added bonus, the tripod also boasts an Arca Swiss style quick release system which not just enhances ease of use but makes it quite easy for you to mount and unmount the camera without breaking a sweat.

Furthermore, the quick-release plate also has a D-ring, so you don’t need extra tools to tighten it up, making things very convenient.

6. JOBY GorillaPod 5K

Joby has been manufacturing quite amazing variants of gorillaPods, however, the one that I had the most spectacular experience with is the Joby GorrillaPOD 5k edition due to its flawless design and payload specifications

Versatile Design

The unique thing about this tripod is that it doesn’t come with the ordinary legs that you usually see on your everyday studio tripods but rather has nodes in its legs that allow it to flexibly bend at your will.

The tripod feet can be characterized as octopus feet because you can simply fold them or latch them onto branches, bars, or any other form of support and they will hold themselves in their place, allowing you to get greater and better angels no matter the locations.

And due to its high levels of flexibility, this tripod is commonly used by most YouTubers and vloggers as you can easily carry it around in your hand.

Fluid Mobility

The GorillaPod may be small at first glance, but size won’t restrict your creativity and how you create art with your Canon M50. It has a 360-degree panning bed through which you can perform videography and panoramic shots very effectively.

Moreover, it even offers 90-degree panning so it’s safe to assume the ball head movement on this thing is extremely flexible just like its feet.

Payload Specifications

In terms of payload specifications, this tripod can perform quite a heavy-duty job by lifting weights up to 5 kilograms. It is no doubt amazing because you can hook up light strobes, and an external microphone onto your Canon M50 and it would do just fine.

The reason why it could perform so well in terms of payload capacity is due to the fact that this tripod has aluminum, ABS plastic, and stainless steel which provides support and integrity to the whole structure.

7. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Tripod

Lastly, we have the Manfrotto Befree Advanced Tripod which has an amazing price-to-value ratio due to the variety of features it provides that will blow your mind. Here are my thoughts about it.

Dimension & Weight 

Let’s start the review with its dimension specifications, one the exterior of the Befree Advanced has a nice grip with a cool black finish and the legs are made from super sturdy aluminum.

It weighs 3.51 pounds and can lift up camera rigs up to 8.8 KG. Moreover, it can be extended up to 59.45 inches and if you want to store it in your bag or suitcase, the tripod can fold down 15.75 inches.

Quick Release Plate & Ball Type

The tripod boasts a 494 Center ball head and can provide panning and 360 movements very efficiently but when compared to other tripods in the list, it feels a little stiffer and requires some torque which may not be ideal for some videographers.

Moreover, on top of the tripod, it has a Manfrotto 200 PL Pro Sony quick release which is compatible with Arca Swiss so you can easily mount and unmount your camera in a matter of seconds.

Triple Angle Feet Customization

The Manfrotto befree advanced has an amazing leg extension system which is divided into 4 different sections and is pretty solid and reliable. 

Moreover, all of its three feet are easily adjustable up to 3 different positions and have a locking system that lets you move the legs in increments to attain a perfect position, especially while laying this tripod on uneven terrain.

This provides flexibility to the user as this gimbal won’t wobble around due to a lack of flexibility while using it outdoors.

Bottom Line

The tripods I picked in this list are due to the fact that I had quite a lot of personal experience with them while using the Canon M50 with and without accessories attached to them.

While some of these tripods tend to excel well in outdoor or indoor situations, all of them will never disappoint you when it comes to stability, durability, and payload lifting strength.

So pick any item from this list of the best tripods for canon m50, I assure you that you won’t go wrong with it and the price-to-value ratio they provide are surely well worth the money.

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