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6 Gimbals for Sony A7IV – My Favourites

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Last Updated/Info Checked on March 8, 2024 by Kimberly K.

If you want to completely take advantage of the Sony a7iv autofocus which is assisted by Artificial intelligence, you might as well need a robust gimbal to create a perfect blend for a beautiful cinematic experience.

You might think you can achieve some spectacular shots with your hands, but wait until you try a gimbal and see how your jaw drops and your mind is blown!

Now, If the above-mentioned words sound interesting and you find yourself tempted enough to get such an amazing tool, then how about you stop wasting your time and scroll down below for the list of best gimbals for Sony a7iv that you may not find elsewhere?

So without further ado let’s get started!

How We Shortlist Our Gimbals For Sony A7IV

Being a camera enthusiast and a professional shutterbug, it is quite understandable that finding the right gimbal for Sony A7IV can get tricky which is why I go through immense levels of trial and error and finalize each product based on criteria that include but aren’t limited to passing payload tests, learning curve based upon the navigation of buttons, battery runtime and price to value ratio. The gimbals shortlisted have to go through multiple tests in a controlled lab environment by our experts to eliminate the room for errors and bias, so that you, the reader, can reap a transparent perspective from the review tagged along each product.

My List of 6 Best Gimbals For Sony a7iv

I’ve put together a list of the best gimbals after giving them a thorough spin. Check them out!

We all know how renowned DJI RS 3 is for its multitude of features, which is why it has been listed at the top of the list.

Weight and Payload Specifications

When I ordered this beautiful and sturdy gimbal I was amazed to see how lightweight it felt in my hands, upon placing it on a scale, the gimbal itself only weighed around 1.3 kilogram or 3.1 pounds.

While the payload specifications for this mighty fine gimbal is 3 Kilogram, which I believe is more than enough for a nifty Sony a7IV, and even if you hook up extra accessories like an external flash or a telephoto lens, you would do just fine.

Easy Axis Lock

With just a flick of a button, you can now simply lock any of the three axes and let it stay steady throughout your photography session.

This lets you seamlessly transition through different angles, which is quite convenient for almost all sorts of scenarios.

Mind-blowing Stabilization

While using this gimbal on my Sony a7IV during a hockey game session, I was able to swoop through and was able to attain some sharp and sudden shots and videos without having to worry about micromovements as the 3rd Gen Stabilization algorithm in this bad boy assisted me quite well.

The results achieved were simply spectacular and I have to admit I was quite impressed as the videos were buttery smooth. 

DJI RS 3 truly lived up to its promises by claiming it could get low-angle and dynamic shots even smoother than its predecessors through its new cutting-edge stabilization algorithm.

Bluetooth Feature

The world is going wireless, and the story for this device is no different, you can now use the Bluetooth shutter button in order to seamlessly connect to your camera without the need for an external control cable dangling all around which would otherwise create a mess that nobody likes while they are busy in a session.

Built In Touchscreen

What’s even more interesting is the fact that this stabilization accessory also has a built-in 1.8-inch OLED touchscreen through which you can jump right into the action and tweak crucial features such as gimbal balancing, ISO, and calibration of axis with a tap of fingers.

For such a lovely feature, DJI truly deserves a round of applause.

Battery life

Although the batteries can’t be removed which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, on the bright side, the built-in batteries aren’t a slouch as they can provide a runtime of up to 12 hours which is more than enough to keep you busy for multiple projects.

Additionally, as an added bonus, it also supports 18-watt PD fast charging so you can top up within 2 hours and get back to the action!

Test Results

The DJI RS 3 is no doubt a work of art, however, its capabilities surpass the rivals competitors through its wireless connectivity which makes recording a piece of cake.

I even took this bad boy while on my daily vlogging routine and the seamless switching from horizontal and vertical mode memorized me. The dual-handle mode makes videography extremely easy especially if it’s low angle shots.

When getting up close and personal, the nifty screen on this thing looked pretty amazing as it had complete color output and high response touch input, so tweaking it out was no doubt a seamless experience.

Reason For Recommendation

It has phenomenal payload capacity and has outstanding stabilization algorithm that is perfect for both casual and professional photography.

This is a lightweight solution for anyone looking for casual to moderate photography or to boot up your professional career as a learner.

Unique Structuring

The fact that you won’t need a tripod as this gimbal has its support makes it immensely versatile and easy to use. You can take a group shot with your buddies or make a timelapse video without having the need for an external tripod.

On the other hand, if you find yourself often on the move, then you would find the grip significantly comfortable as it has specially designed rounded handles that make carrying the gimbal so much easier.

Payload Specification

Unlike other gimbals in the list, the Feiyu Tech isn’t known for heavy lifting as it can only hold up 2.5KG or 5.5 lbs of payload, so you need to stay modest with the number of accessories you might want to use on your Sony a7iv because otherwise, you will have stabilization issues.

Anti-Vibration Technology

In my professional career, I have noticed countering vibrations and sudden jerks is usually one of the hardest tasks during videography, however, with the new W 9 Generation stabilization technology, having silky smooth and luxurious video output is no longer a dream.

Complete Axis Customization

Each Axis can be customized and calibrated to your needs which means no matter how “crazy” the angle is, you will always get the perfect shot with the best level of stabilization possible.

Battery life

The best part about this nifty gimbal is that it comes with a whooping 2500mah battery, which ensures a battery runtime of up to 12 hours with constant use until you’re completely down to zero percent.

With its 18 Watt PD charging, the battery can be replenished back to 100% in just 2 hours, isn’t it amazing?

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This is currently the one I am using for my Sony a7iv, it has a unique design and immaculate stabilization.

Design & Grip

Nothing is perfect and it is certain that accidents can happen losing your camera to a slippery grip is the last thing any photographer would want in their life.

However, when using Zhiyun Weebill S, the occurrence of such incidence is barely possible as it has an amazing grip that lets you hold the gimbal even with a single hand for a couple of hours without ease.

Additionally, the sling design makes low-angle shots extremely stable and easy to take as you can easily transition to different angles with its unique design.

Multitude of Modes

If you feeling creative or simply want to produce a unique cinematic experience for your audience or are working on an artistic project, you might want to take a peek at the plethora of modes this gimbal provides such as panorama, timelapse, hyper-lapse, long exposure hyper-lapse, single-press portrait mode, full-range POV, vortex, go mode.

My personal favorite is the long exposure and Full Range POV mode, as being a vlogger these modes let me take dreamy sceneries and selfies which are full of clarity and detail.

Dynamic Stabilization Sensor

The Weebill S is armed with an Infineon 2 filter vector spitting sensor which automatically senses, counteracts any sort of micro shake, and instantly corrects so you don’t end up having jitter-filled videos which may not look ideal for your professional scale projects.

On the other hand, micromovement can greatly impact the autofocusing feature and may result in blurred or out-of-focus images, so be assured Infineon Dynamic Stabilization has you covered by getting rid of such stabilization errors.

Built-in Touchscreen

Directing a cinematic shot has never been so fun, using the built-in touchscreen you can now take full advantage and monitor and control your gimbal and camera by simply tapping on your touchscreen.

Battery runtime

The battery runtime may not reach as high as the previous product in the list, however, it still strived to produce 8 hours of runtime approximately.

However, what was shocking for me was that it supports 24 Watts PD fast charging which lets you refill the batteries in less than 2 hours, so I believe that easily overshadows any flaws this gimbal might have.

Test Results

While testing this gimbal for my Sony A7iv, I got obsessed with it so much that I bought every module available in the market to get the full potential out of it.

To use its master eye system, I attached the video image transmission module that worked flawlessly and gave me a better perspective while shooting by delivering live footage from my camera to the flip-out screen of the gimbal.

Speaking of the flip-out screen, you can even monitor your battery life and I love the fact that you can simply auto-calibrate or simply change the balance of each of your axis, which is extremely handy in situations where you are using your gimbal on uneven outdoor terrain.

While shooting for my vlog in my lab, I attached the secondary handle which allowed me to switch and orient the camera effortlessly and the balancing of the axis was no doubt immaculate.

Reason For Recommendation

Has dual handles and amazing gripping, making awkward shots extremely easy and with the live transmission module you can unlock its full potential.

Unique and innovative design, decent stabilization, and fantastic price-to-value ratio! What more could you ask from a gimbal?

Right Tool for the Right Job

The DJI Ronin-S is specifically made for the Sony A7 series, which means you get your hands on an accessory designed for your camera with no possible obstruction as the structure is ideal for everyday use.

Another thing about having a gimbal that is optimized specially for this camera is the fact that you don’t have to worry about payload capacity since you can easily load up as many accessories such as an external mic or flashlight because it can hold up to a whopping 8 pounds of weight, not bad!

M Mode Buttons

Now you can take full control of this device while simply pushing the nifty control buttons buttons and work in silence through the handy navigation buttons that allow you to tweak modes on the gimbal.

This version of DJI Ronin-S has a specifically revamped M button which lets you toggle seamlessly through a custom user profile providing complete liberty at your fingertips.

No Tripod? No problem!

I understand not everyone has spare cash lying around to spend to buy expensive tripods and whatnot, which is why investing in this allrounder can be a wise idea, as it even has its mini tripod structure that provides perfect support for luxurious shots and videos.

Tracking System

It even has an intelligent 2-point subject tracking system, all you have to do is let the side stand be locked in place and point the gimbal to your subject, and it will automatically follow and track your subject by holding your camera super steady and in a firm place.

I tested this feature by letting my dog run around in the backyard and it tracked him easily. To put it another way, I let my dog have his daily exercise routine, while I was testing the tracking feature for review, efficient right?

Battery life

Battery life was fairly satisfactory, as it provided me with a runtime of up to 12 hours during my wedding photography project, all while hooking it up earlier that afternoon to the incredibly fast charger that replenished its lithium cells in no time.

Presenting you the enhanced version of the standard DJI RS 3, which is termed the DJI RS 3 Pro since it has some advanced features but the tradeoff here is that it’s a tad bit bulky.

Weight And Payload Specs

At first, both the Standard and the Pro versions may look the same, however, if you do a side-by-side comparison you may notice that the Pro version weighs around 1.5 kilograms and has a payload specification of a whopping 4.5 kilogram.

This means if you are a professional photographer and want to hook up advanced gear and are working on a bigger lens on your Sony A7iv, I believe this gimbal is exactly what you should be looking for.

Automated Axis Lock System

The Axis lock system is further refined to keep your camera balanced under all circumstances, considering the enhanced payload specifications, you can make silky smooth vlogs while trekking on mountains or taking a stroll along the park, you won’t have any issues at all.

With a simple press of the button, all three axes get locked in their place, however, you can also manually adjust each axis to fine-tune each angle to get the perfect shot you always wanted.

Carbon Fiber Material

The Structure is made from the finest carbon fiber material which makes it incredibly rigid and as a result, this minimizes everyday wear and tear.

Moreover, the uncut carbon fiber layers also provide immense gripping for the user holding the gimbal, so in the end, it’s a win-win situation.

Lidar Focusing System

Although the Sony A7iv has an amazing AI-based Autofocusing system, sometimes, your shots may not be as perfect as you need them to be, especially in darker-lit areas up to 14-meter range.

This is why the Lidar focusing system on the gimbal allows a perfect “lidar” guided focusing to get even more crisp and full of clear images that will exceed your expectations.

I found it incredibly useful especially on manual lenses that don’t have their focusing motor.

ActiveTrack Pro

The ActiveTrack Pro makes tracking subjects even easier than before, whether it’s a solo shot or a sports event, you can track your subject smoothly with steady stabilization through the ActiveTrack feature, Splendid!

Test Results

The DJI RS 3 Pro certainly lies on one expensive spectrum but the level of capabilities it provides are certainly worth the money. For starters, every time I tested out its Bluetooth connectivity, it barely took a minute to connect, and once paired, it automatically connected itself within a certain proximity.

This is extremely cool considering the fact that it drastically eliminates the need for me to fiddle with the settings of the gimbal and my camera to establish a connection.

The lidar focusing module is certainly the star of the show as it allows you to focus perfectly with high accuracy regardless of ambient lighting and it also aids your camera to attain top-tier precision while performing videography.

However, after hours of testing, I came to the conclusion that pairing it with these modules certainly drains the battery faster than usual. 

Keeping that in mind I ran a vanilla setup while only having my Sony A7iv hooked up to the top and it gave me an outstanding battery life of up to 12 hours.

Reason For Recommendation

Has Phenomenal lidar focusing and outstanding stabilization algorithms which can withstand almost any payload without compromising on its performance.

So I ordered the Zhiyun Weebill 3 combo version rather than the standard version just out of curiosity, so I can review it for you guys, especially for this camera, and to my surprise when I opened the box the gimbal came with plenty of goodies which made me excited like a baby.

Internal Flash Light 

For starters, the gimbals have a built-in flashlight that is incredibly bright enough to light up subjects to 1000 lux.

I have to admit the focusing strength of my camera has been drastically improved as I can get a clearer look without having the need for external ambient light or a bulb.

What’s even more amusing is the fact that you can also tweak its color temperature from warmer shades to chilly cool, as you can change the color of flash from 2600K to 5400K.

Investing in this gimbal has been the experience of my entire life.

Comfortable Gripping

The infrastructure of the whole gimbal is made in such a way that your wrist won’t be strained while holding the gimbal for a longer duration of use as the attachable wrist grip connects to the attachment points which won’t direct any weight onto your arms.

Moreover, the grip also has a rubberized texture so it’s not only comfortable for your hand to hold onto but also prevents accidental slips during sudden movements.

Easy Quick Release Plate Switching

Quick Release plate switching isn’t a new feature, however, it’s quite handy if you have one, as you can quickly mount your camera without having to worry about calibration of all three axes which saves quite a lot.

As a bonus, this gimbal also allows battery switching, just in case you run out of juice, on the go without having to reassemble everything.

Triple Axis Movement

The device has three movement types such as roll, tilt, and pan axis, which you can manually adjust or use multiple modes that come with the gimbal, which is ideal for everyday projects.

There is complete 360 panning movement, 340 degrees of roll for vortex shots as well as 330 degrees of tilt, implying you can get as creative as you can without feeling restricted due to directional movement limitations.

Noise Cancellation system

That’s not it yet, among its many jam-packed features, this lovely tool also has a built-in mic, so you don’t have to rely on external microphones or the ones that are included in your camera. 

This means you get crystal clear sound as any unneeded sound is filtered through the Active noise cancellation system, which is quite cunning and innovative.

Just make sure you connect the cable in order to use the gimbal mic, otherwise, you won’t be able to use it.

This is a heads-up for my readers, as I forgot to hook up the cable on my first run and was quite disappointed with the built-in mic.

Proprietary Application

Although the gimbal app needs improvement, it still provides the best possible experience through its vast tweakable configurations such as “record & Stops ”, camera calibration, and Mode Toggle as well as indicating how much juice you have left in your battery.

Battery Runtime

Speaking of battery life, this bad boy delivers a massive runtime of up to 21 hours, which is more than enough even for a professional photographer, and the fast charging capability through the USB type C is like icing on the cake.

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In Conclusion

Now whether you want a stabilization solution to produce action-packed movies or want to capture beautiful and natural sceneries and create an artistic documentary, this article can be your ultimate fix for the best gimbals for Sony a7iv.

As all of them are personally tested and reviewed, I assure you that none of them will disappoint you while you use them. In other words, your investment is safe and sound!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this beautifully curated article, have a nice day.

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