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Top 7 Best Lenses for Sony A7C in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on December 20, 2023 by Kimberly K.

Looking for the Best Lenses for Sony A7C but having difficulty finding any? Is the market way too saturated to find the right pick? Or you simply can’t form a decisive commitment since the internet has become way too confusing and biased?

Well, looks like you are in luck, because in this article, not only am I going to cover literally everything about the lenses that you would be looking for for your Sony A7C but also list almost all of them.

Since due to the growing demand from my beloved readers, I am compelled to form a diverse list that can cater to literally everyone equally.

So go ahead and scroll down and treat this website as your one-stop shop and don’t forget to bookmark it as this list will most certainly be updating regularly with respect to lenses oriented towards Traveling, vlogging, portrait photography, telephoto, compact and lightweight.

Best Lenses for Sony A7C

Here are the different types of lenses for the Sony A7C. I classified them on the basis of their functions to make it easy for you.

Best Travel Lens For Sony A7c

Here are a couple of noteworthy lenses for your Sony A7C which have quite commendable features and are optimal for 

1. Sony – FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS Standard

Perfect fit for traveling, the Sony FE 24-105 is exactly what you would be carrying when going on a long tour to capture beautiful sceneries.

Spectacular Focal Length

Since I was going for a world tour, I needed a lens that would have amazing zooming capabilities, and ordering this one was the best idea I ever had.

From an ultra-wide shot of 24mm to a whooping 105mm zoom, my experience with this nifty piece of camera accessory has been joyful as I was able to capture the world around me through its superior zooming attribute.

It’s quite mind-boggling how well it can maintain the quality no matter how far the subject is, the depth of field it provides is truly jaw-dropping.

Outstanding Aperture

The Aperture is moderately wide, which means you will have sufficient light passing through it in almost all scenarios, however, you might use an external flashlight especially while shooting in the evening since you may struggle with noise popping up due to dim-lit situations.

Nonetheless, the bokeh it produces, especially while having the focal ring turned up to its maximum range of 105mm with an F4 aperture, is still praiseworthy and looks tremendously good.

I was able to capture some neat shots and even frame a couple of wildlife snapshots in my living room, and it is no doubt a head-turner since the sharpness those images have is impeccable.

9 Blade Circular mechanism

To further elaborate on the above words that I mentioned regarding the bokeh effect and how the photos I capture are incredibly beautiful are due to the fact that this lens has a 9-blade circular mechanism that gives a dreamy effect to the “Defocused” parts which makes the subject pop up.

Extra Low Dispersion

Upon further testing the lens, I was amazed to find out how well and consistent my photography was no matter which focal length I was capturing pictures and videos.

The Quad aspherical and triple ED Glass ensured a superior Corner to corner resolution while eliminating any sort of optical defects popping up such as chromatic aberrations which is a nuisance I faced a lot with my other set of lenses.

Incredibly Lightweight

Even though this bad boy packs a punch, it is significantly compact and lightweight and only weighs around 663 grams, which is pretty amazing considering how well it can pair with my camera on a mid-range gimbal without exceeding the payload specifications.

Direct Drive SSM(DDSSM)

To sync with your Mirrorless Sony A7C incredible focusing system, the lens is armed with Sony’s Direct Drive SSM Autofocus which ensures there is little to no delay in focusing while taking snappy shots, all while keeping the noise aspect to a bare minimum.

This is quite a handy feature, especially in places where you are performing wildlife photography and you don’t want to startle your subject while shooting up close while keeping your images sharp and full of clarity.

Fluorine Coating 

Protection is equally important, which is why Sony has applied a unique fluorine coating that prevents dust, fingerprints, and oils from setting on the lens and blemishing or scratching the glass. 

Although we all know the lens should be handled with great care, sometimes mishandling can happen especially when you are on the go or trekking through mountains or a jungle where you have other things to be wary of.

And that’s exactly where the fluorine coating comes into play as an added protection so your investment is further secured in the long run.

Dust & Moisture Resistant

Want some more resistance and sturdiness, well, let me tell you that Sony had invested plenty of thought processing and ensured no moisture or debris clogged or built up into the lens’s inner mechanism.

This is why it has Dust and moisture protection to keep that pesky nuisance at bay so you can use it in almost any situation with much peace of mind.

Built-in Image Stabilization

Lastly, the image stabilization feature of the lens ensures a steady and firm focusing and keeps your videos and snapshots free from any sort of jitter especially if you don’t have a tripod or a gimbal to assist you.

In other words, Plenty of zoom lenses suffer from micro shakes and that’s exactly why you would need a decent image stabilization mechanism in your lens.

Testing Results

The Sony FE 24-105 is by far one of the finest lenses I have ever seen after quite a while as it produces one of the best optical imagery results when compared to another lens of such class.

The best part is not only does it have an Autofocus switch but it also boasts a dedicated optical stabilization switch to keep things steady when you are zoomed all the way through its maximum focal length of 105mm.

The lens has a rubber focusing ring which certainly requires a bit of torque to fully zoom in on its subject.

Keep in mind at its wide-angle focal length of 24mm, the results generated certainly have a little bit of purple fringing, nevertheless, they are barely noticeable

Reason For Recommendation

A perfect lens if you want to use it as your daily driver especially for “run & gun” purpose while capturing the beauty of wildlife.

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2. Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG

Want something to meet your professional standards? Well, look no further, the Sigma 24-70mm from the Art/Sports series is here to save the day.

Premium Design

If you are paying top dollar, it should be quite evident that you should be getting something equally premium and luxurious in return. That is why Sigma has stepped up its game by reinforcing this lens with top-notch metal infrastructure with unique compound material.

Which is known as TSC or a Thermally stable compound that gives plenty of durability and sturdiness to ensure that it can withstand all sorts of daily wear & tear without facing any sort of malfunction or breakage.

Holding it in my hands, I can feel that the quality of this lens speaks for itself, the premium vibes it gives off no doubt exceeded my expectations I had from this lens, after all, it’s a professional grade lens and optimal for big leagues.

In my opinion, getting your hands on high-tier equipment is critically important since it’s always worth it in the long run and you commit to an investment blindly.

11 Blade Bokeh

The specialty of this lens lies in how well the subjects pop up while defocusing on the background which presents an intense shallow depth of field that looks prodigiously alluring as the shots you take look professional and top-of-the-line.

I have worked on plenty of lenses that have a 9-blade circular mechanism, however, the 11-blade mechanism always seems kind of superior to me since it enhances the bokeh effect drastically.

The F2.8 aperture, on the other hand, is incredibly wide and you won’t have to deal with poor lighting issues since there is an abundance of light passing through the lens which gives a charming snapshot result that looks natural with decent color contrast.

Dust & Splash Proof

Meanwhile, to keep dust, debris, grime, and moisture from entering the mechanism of your precious lens, you would be amazed to know that it has a dust and Splash resistant rating.

However, you still have to be mindful not to worry in rainy scenarios as your camera may or may not have such countermeasures and you may damage your equipment.

Nonetheless, it’s still delightful to know that it has some sort of resistance/protection to secure your investment.

Weight & Dimension

As for its weight, it is certainly quite heavy and bulky. When I placed it on a scale it gave me an 830-gram figure. While its dimensions are 10.5 cm (L) x 18.3 cm (W) x 19.3 cm (H).

So be mindful of pairing it on your camera especially while using a gimbal as you will need higher payload specifications since the whole setup can get heavy.

Focal Length

The zoom capabilities are no doubt fantastic, shooting on the 70mm will give you some beautiful shots with warmer tones. I personally love using this lens while indulging in my videography projects as the focusing aspect is unbelievably fast and does come in handy.

Use it for weddings or in sports like football or cricket, you will absolutely love it, since zooming onto your subject is quite easy.

However, for traveling or landscape photography, the lens performs even better as you won’t have to worry about the aperture narrowing down on you while you zoom the lens to its maximum focal length.

Sun Flaring

The only flaw I do find in this lens is that sometimes while traveling or touring in sunny regions, I face flaring issues while recording videos, and even with a decent hood on this wide lens, I have to struggle sometimes to keep the strong ambient light from popping in the way. 

However, I do believe that could be easily fixed while standing in the shade while performing your photography projects as you won’t have to struggle with this issue.

Snappy Focusing System

Lastly, when it comes to the focusing aspect, sigma has integrated a unique stepping motor that is not only lightning-fast but also significantly quiet compared to its counterparts. 

It’s immensely speedy and super accurate when it comes to focusing on your subject, as the whole theme of the lens is oriented on the Arts/Sports series. So if you are into outdoor photography where you have to be quick with your snapshots or videos, then getting this lens would be a wise idea.

Testing Results

The Sigma 24-70mm is no short of being a work of art as it boasts a rugged design with weather sealing to ensure your investment stays secure even in harsh conditions.

Keep in mind the lens has a minimum focusing distance of 18cm which means you can get as close to the subject as you want even capture a couple of macro shots and preserve its beauty.

Reason For Recommendation

It’s a Pro series lens with a very minimal focusing hunting aspect to it, in other words, you can easily take some of the most gorgeous shots of your life whether you are stationary or on the move.

3. Tamron 28-200 F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD – Best Zoom Lens for Sony a7c

The Tamron 28-200 F/2.8-5.6 reeks of perfection and is regarded as the world’s first all-in-one lens with an aperture of F2.8 for full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Versatile Focal length

Whether you want to capture some beautiful landscape scenery at 200mm or want to go absolute Pro with your close-up portraits at a close range of 28mm, this beast can do it all and then some.

It’s basically the most versatile and ideal lens for almost all sorts of scenarios such as outdoor photography as well as indoor studio shoots, trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the level of quality it provides.

Personally, being an avid adventurer and a street photographer, my favorite part about this lens is setting the focal length configuration at 100mm where I can hit a sweet spot of an aperture F4.5 and take some cool shots seamlessly.

Zooming all the way to the maximum 200mm focal length is not a bad idea either, especially to capture some jaw-dropping snapshots of mother nature while I am on a hike with my buddies and the results are up to the mark and truly dazzling.

Super Speedy Focusing Mechanism

Everyone loves snappy lenses and if you are one of those individuals that are looking for such an accessory, you will love the Tamron 28-200 lens.

Since it has a unique RXD motor unit that uses a special module known as an actuator that accurately paces the rotational angle of the motor.

In other words, your focusing lens wouldn’t pass through a reduction gear, minimizing the time it needs to focus on your subjects especially if you want to take a picture of something that is moving really fast like an automobile or recording a football game where you have to track the players.

Speaking of recording, I was successfully able to track a beautiful rabbit while it was on the run and some birds in their flight, so I can accurately test how speedy its focusing motor is for reviewing purposes and the results were mindblowing.

There was absolutely no blurring and the snapshots it produced were extremely sharp if I am taking pictures of a still subject, which is truly mind-blowing.

I was blown away when I recorded a racing event with this lens. No matter how fast the cars went, the videos always felt buttery smooth without any blurring.

Premium Quality Design

It has a matte black finish and gives off luxurious vibes and you can easily tell how finely the lens’s overall body is crafted since the quality speaks for itself, the polycarbonate infrastructure ensures that it remains sturdy as well as lightweight.

A rubber coating is even on the Zoom ring so that you can hold it better as you zoom in on your subject.

It’s thoughtful that the manufacturer makes it necessary for you to use some force to zoom in order to prevent accidental touches, which can ruin your photography, especially when you are focusing on your subject.

Dust & Moisture Protections

For a lens oriented towards outdoor use such as traveling, I believe dust and moisture resistance should be every brand’s utmost priority. Especially for individuals like me, that like to travel a lot with their gear always in hand.

Because there would be times when you won’t be shooting in ideal conditions with perfect temperatures such as your professional studio or a wedding. 

Hence, the lens has a unique structure that prevents dust, debris, and pesky moisture from entering the inside of the lens, which is extremely annoying and can ruin the internals, which is the last thing a photographer would want.

Fluorine Coating & Hood Inclusion

It also comes with protective gear such as a hood that prevents accidental touch to the lens while you are busy in a shoot.

However, even if you do mishandle the lens, the fluorine coating will ensure that the grime and oil from your fingers won’t be imprinted onto the lens which may negatively impact the picture quality and may cause an optical defect.

The unique chemical coating also makes routine clean-up quite easy and prevents scratches from appearing on the lens which I believe enhances the ease of use for rookie users.

Image Stabilization

Despite its amazing features, this lens does not have a built-in stabilization system and relies heavily on your camera’s built-in stabilization. While those who already own the same model as me won’t have to worry. 

But those who don’t have decent stabilization in their camera may suffer from micro shakes and jitters when zooming all the way to 200mm.

Testing Results

For a lens that has a  filter thread of only 68mm and a maximum focal length of 200mm, it certainly feels extremely lightweight. 

Holding it in my hand felt extremely unnatural so I had to put it on a measuring scale to verify the claims and to my surprise, it lived up to its promise as its only 575g.

Another nifty feature I saw on this lens is its zoom locking mechanics, it’s something you don’t see elsewhere and ensures the lens remains in its place especially while it’s paired up on your camera while you are on the go.

It might have a narrower aperture size at its maximum focal length but the silver lining here is that unlike other telephoto lenses that have loftier focal lengths, the aperture size narrows down conservatively while zooming, providing quite a headroom even at 78mm.

Below is a reference chart for you to better understand what I am saying.

Reason For Recommendation

It offers magnificent focal length and a decent amount of focusing speed, making it extremely suitable for outdoor activities.

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Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A7c

Going on a stroll? Want to record the world around you, here are some great pairs of lenses suitable exactly for the job.

1. Sony FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G

The Sony FE PZ series offers impeccable quality and performance and is regarded as one of the finest craftwork by Sony.

Super Lightweight Solution

For a vlogger that often likes to work and record videos on the go, lightweight accessories are something every vlogger should look out for the most.

It weighs only around 1.40 lbs and has a dimension specifications of 3.5 x 3.17 x 3.17 inches, which means carrying it in your camera backpack or even in your pocket or simply loading it up on your camera while it is hooked to a gimbal is a piece of cake.

It is one of the most compact zoom lenses one could find at such an amazing price tag, which makes recording videos and capturing stills incredibly easier. 

I suggest every solo content creator invest in this nifty piece of optical engineering as it surely packs a punch and has an amazing price-to-value ratio.

Anti Optical Defect elements

While you may have seen some lenses that might have amazing capabilities, but oftentimes tend to suffer from optical defects such as distortion and chromatic aberrations.

However, due to the inclusion of the Super Extra-Low dispersion element paired up with a dual advanced aspherical element as well as an ED element, users can no longer worry about facing nightmares in post-production editings such as chromatic aberrations and distortion popping up which drastically reduces the image quality.

This is by far the most advanced set of elements Sony has embedded in this lens especially for vloggers to ensure their videography output remains top-notch throughout the shoot.

Perfect for Recording Videos

Personally, I believe it’s the most optimal lens for recording videos especially to capture some cinematic shots for your youtube channel as there is minimal angle of view shifts, ensuring all your videography remains stable even without a gimbal.

The lens is designed to have superior focusing which makes tracking subjects while keeping them focused allow you to take some crisp shots, especially while you are on the move yourself, to prevent any sort of distortion or blur popping up.

That’s not it yet, the Power zoom is incredibly quiet while zooming on your subject, so you don’t have to worry about it being noisy, especially while recording videos. 

I know the vibration noise can be quite subtle but it’s nice to know that it is eliminated altogether.

Bluetooth Remote Zooming 

One of the most unique features about this lens is that it allows users to customize up to 8 zoom speeds, however, make sure your camera does have a Bluetooth connectivity option otherwise it won’t work.

This is quite a handy feature, especially for solo artists that want to use their camera remotely without constantly needing to touch their camera, saving precious time by providing hands-free convenience.

Triple Ring

Lastly, the lens even has a triple ring control feature in which each ring is assigned to zoom, focus, and aperture which you can individually fine tune in order to get the most ideal results you always wanted.

Personally, I enjoy using the aperture control ring, especially during dim-lit situations where I can tweak the aperture to be wide open in order to get as much as possible so my videos and snapshots come out bright and full of clarity without any noise.

7 Blade Aperture 

The lens offers a minimum focusing distance of 9.5 inches in order to unleash your inner artist and get those dreamy shots you desire while the background has a mouthwatering shallow depth of field, making your subject pop up.

Although some individuals may be fond of the 11-blade aperture, the 7-blade mechanism isn’t bad either as with my experience while taking selfie shots or in group photos, I got some of the most gorgeous looking bokeh effects I ever had seen.

2. Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD

The Tamron 17-28mm is high quality and the most sought lens on Amazon with plenty of reviews for all the right reasons.

Lightweight and incredibly Compact

Carrying it around is quite easy, as it is one of the most compact lenses out there with such a large aperture for mirrorless cameras. It’s only 10cm in length and can easily fit in your palm which is pretty neat as bulky lenses can get clumsy while changing them on the go.

Moreover, it weighs only 420 grams so hooking it up on your Sony A7c is not only easy but you won’t have to worry about the whole setup weighing your wrist down after performing hours of photography sessions.

This makes it ideal for rookie users since the flimsy factor of the lens can enhance ease of use, especially if you are a content creator that often embarks on vlogging to capture and record various events such as weddings, sports, and as documentaries.

Constant Aperture

As for the aperture, the F2.8 remains constantly wide all the way to its maximum focal length so users can take ad

Non-Extended Design

Moreover, even while zooming all the way to its maximum focal length of 28mm the lens doesn’t extend its body which ensures you keep a low profile during a shoot.

This is one of the attributes of being so lightweight, ensuring your camera remains easily balanced even on a mid-range gimbal so it doesn’t have to struggle calibrating itself constantly while you zoom in on your subjects.

Perfect For Wide Angle Shots

Speaking of focal length, I had an amazing experience while taking snapshots with the ultra-wide 17mm focal range where the fisheye effect ensured I captured everything all at once without me needing to position myself, especially while recording in an auditorium during a College event.

On the other hand, zooming up to 28mm isn’t a bad idea for portrait photography either, the frame fits perfectly onto the subject, allowing me to take nearly impeccable shots of individuals, especially while shooting in raw format.

Silent Stepping Drive

If you are a freelance videographer or content creator on Youtube, you will most certainly love this lens as it has a unique RXD (Rapid eXtra-silent stepping Drive) which is incredibly silent and barely makes any sort of noise making it optimal for recording videos.

So, unleash your inner artist as you will be able to easily focus on your moving subjects during videography with no motor vibration issues.

Direct Manual Focus

Among its many features, this nifty lens also has DMF(Direct manual focus) which is extremely handy technology that lets you switch between Automatic focusing and manual focusing modes.

Since automatic focusing isn’t ideal during vlogging and videography, the DMF feature will let users fine-tune and record super crisp shots while keeping the background defocused to get a beautiful bokeh effect.

Hydrophobic Fluorine Coating

The Tamron lens also appears to have a Fluorine coating on it, which prevents fingerprints from imprinting, as well as allows oils and grime from hands to be easily smudged without scratching the glass.

This enhances the life expectancy of your lens as hydrophobic coating protects your lens under all circumstances which is a very commendable aspect of this lens.

Splash Resistant

Ever worked in rainy or humid areas? Well, photography or videography in those circumstances can be challenging no doubt as not only do you have to keep yourself from getting soggy wet but you also have to ensure that your gear is well protected otherwise you are in a pickle.

This is why some sort of splash or moisture protection is warmly welcomed. Luckily, this lens also has that sort of protection, so consider your protection secured at least to some extent during electrical hazards due to improper storing of your lenses or equipment.

Spectacular Warranty Period

Oftentimes, electronic devices and accessories only get to have 1-2 year warranty periods which may not seem adequate enough after paying for such a hefty price tag. I mean who wouldn’t like their investment to be secured in the long run? 

Tamron, on the other hand, ensures their customers get sufficient peace of mind with a whooping 6 years warranty period which is more than enough to get the return on investment you have committed to.

Just be wary that you purchase this lens from the authorized dealer by Tamron, otherwise you may have issues claiming this lovely warranty.

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3. Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN

Next in the line is the Sigma 16mm F/1.4 which is truly a treat for those that like to broadcast themselves to their audience on social media as per their daily vlogging routine.

Design And Build

In terms of design, even though it’s a contemporary lens, the quality, and rubberized finish scream top quality. The black matte look goes pretty well with the off-white labeling giving a sober feel.

Although, the body isn’t made from metal, however, it’s sturdy nonetheless,  as the thermally stable composite (TSC) ensures the lens quality remains perfect even after years of use.

The packaged lens even comes with a petal-shaped hood that prevents direct sunlight from hitting the sensor which may cause flaring to appear while you are performing photography outdoors.

Additionally, the hood keeps your fingers from accidentally touching the lens glass, which can leave fingerprints or scratch it.

Wide Aperture

When I ordered this lens from Amazon and had it unboxed my jaw literally dropped while I was holding this lens with such a wide aperture in hand. I Couldn’t believe how well it was crafted.

I instantly wanted to test the results of the F/1.4 aperture to see how beautiful the bokeh effect would be and I have to admit it was no doubt mind-numbingly soft, giving a luxurious cinematic feel to my images as well as during videos.

The shallow depth of field while recording for my youtube channel felt so unreal and my snapshots felt like they were taken out of a videogame or a movie. 

Even with the ISO settings tweaked all the way down to 100 in the evening, I was able to take really sharp and glowing bright images with no visible noise or image distortion in sight.

It’s certainly evident that this lens will enhance your photography experience as well as bring out the essence of the beauty around you.

The 9-blade diaphragm ensures the bokeh effect looks as dreamy and vague as possible which gives a cinematic feel to your images and videos alike. 

Superior Focal Length 

The Focal length of this lens is considerably wide and will no doubt capture pretty much anything in its wide frame around you. Although, if you are a streamer, you might want to set the aperture all the way down to at least F2.0.

The reason behind lowering the aperture is that the bokeh effect at a distance can be overwhelming and if you are sitting at a distance from your computer for vlogging, then you may need to hit the sweet spot in terms of the perfect focal length angle and the aperture in order to gain some depth of field and sharpness.

Nonetheless, whether you want to record videos on your feet while you have hooked up your camera on the gimbal, are recording a podcast, or simply want to take some selfies, this amazing lens will make your results look professional even if you are new to this field.

Image Stabilization

Not all the glitters are gold here as the Lens lacks an image stabilization feature here which came off as kind of disappointing to me.

However, the silver lining here is that image stabilization does increase the overall weight of the lens which makes the whole point about being optimal for vlogging null & void.

Handling bulky lenses can be quite a hassle especially if you are recording your vlogs outside during public events.

Nonetheless, I believe the lack of image stabilization isn’t that bad either as Sony A7c has its in-body stabilization which takes care of micro shakes like a champ, so at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

However, if you decided to change your camera for whatever reason, then using a tripod or a gimbal would be something you should prioritize the most since not all cameras have built-in image stabilization integrated into their body.

Best Portrait Lens For Sony A7c

Want to take some sweet portraits with a wide aperture? Scroll down and find the right pick suitable for your needs.

1. Sony FE 50mm F1.2 GM

Straightforward and robust, this FE 50mm produces neat yet sharp results without compromising on quality, while keeping the bokeh as mesmerizing as possible.

Fast & Silent 

Taking quick snapshots is virtually a breeze, even tracking moving subjects is a like piece of cake since the aperture is considered one of the fastest in the industry. 

The Autofocus is unbelievably fast and performs substantially better in both stills and moving shots which is an attribute that surely deserves some praise.

Moreover, the focusing motor is significantly silent, especially during recording videos which is pretty commendable as you won’t have to deal with annoying vibration sounds while you are busy in your photography or videography sessions.

Jaw-Dropping Aperture

Due to the remarkable aperture size of F1.2, taking portrait images during the night with moderate ambient lighting is like a walk in the park and would look like it’s shot during the day.

The massive influx of light passing through the lens to the sensor of the camera ensures your photographs come out as bright as possible full of clarity and gorgeous contrast.

On the other hand, the bokeh effect is something that is hard to ignore as it is so staggering & mesmerizing that it will instantly make you fall in love with this lens.

There is plenty of blurs while focusing on your subject and it’s so overwhelming sometimes that you have to be at a close distance from the individual with that you are taking shots otherwise it would come out as cloudy.

If close-up distance portrait images aren’t your cup of tea, then turning down the aperture all the way down to F1.8 isn’t a bad idea, however, you may miss the essence of the whole Bokeh-oriented lens.

Moreover, the 11-blade aperture mechanism ensures you get the best possible bokeh effect in your snapshots which looks enthralling and professional grade.

Triple Extreme Aspherical (Xa) Elements 

You may have witnessed some form of optical defects and distortion such as chromatic aberration and vignette effect appearing while shooting in cheaper lenses due to lightwave length not passing through the same point.

Struggling to eliminate such issues can be a hassle, especially while editing your images since perfecting your photos can cost you plenty of time and not everyone can do it flawlessly.

To address such inconvenience, Sony spent plenty of thought process and engineered the glasses to such perfection by integrating triple Extreme aspherical (XA ) elements to ensure all light wavelengths connect at the same spot to give you extraordinarily sharp results which look crispy clear without any sort of optical blemish.

First Rate Coating Protection

This mighty lens is also equipped with a special Nano AR II coating that keeps unnecessary flaring as well as Ghosting to appear while you are performing your photography sessions.

Additionally, a fluorine coating is applied to the lens in order to eliminate fingerprint smudges and other oil residues, thereby ensuring the outer glass remains blemish-free.

Henceforth, such a level of protection keeps your gear protected and well-preserved in the brand-new condition in case you want to sell it in the future for upgrading purposes.

Quad Extreme Dynamic Motor

The autofocus mechanism of this lens is no doubt super snappy and lightning fast, all thanks to the Four Extreme Dynamic (XD) Linear motor that ensures not only you track your subject quickly but also silently by keeping the motor noise ratio as low as possible.

In other words, not only is this lens fit for portrait photography but you can also record videos seamlessly without having to deal with your subject getting out of focus and constantly losing track which may ruin the output result of the video you have recorded.

Because let’s admit it, who even likes to watch a movie or a youtube video where the subject gets out of focus every now and then, as this gives off unprofessional vibes and is very bad for business especially if you are a freelancer?

2. Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art DG HSM

Made in Aizu, Japan, the Sigma 35mm has a practical design and compelling performance, making it well worth the dime you commit to its investment.

9 Blade Diaphragm 

Setting the aperture at its highest aperture of F1.4, the 9-blade diaphragm mechanism ensures you get a lovely blend of shallow depth of field which produces a rounded smooth bokeh that looks marvelous while you focus with your camera.

Even at a distance, you can get magnificent dreamy blur all around your subject by defocusing on the background, this makes the results look quite cinematic and gorgeous.

I love the fact that it makes me look good, especially while I am recording myself for my youtube channel or simply taking random portraits for my Instagram account. I got a lot of praise and even got a decent gig.

Decent Focal Length

Place it on a desk or use it in handheld mode, the lens has an amazing focal length of 35mm which works with the mirrorless Sony A7c quite well. I was able to take some neat and crispy shots with bright and warm contrast with ease.

Using it for indoor projects like weddings and you will be surprised how beautiful your shots would look, it’s basically my top go-to lens when it comes to capturing such events as the amazing combination of 35mm focal range and F1.4 aperture truly brings out the inner professional artist I never thought I had.

Brass Mount

In terms of sturdiness, this lens isn’t a slouch either, Sigma ensured all of their products present top-tier quality when it comes to their design.

Henceforth, this bad boy has got a unique brass bayonet mount that corroborates strength and brawn so you can use it without it breaking on you even after years of use.

Although a good photographer would always take care of their equipment regardless of the material it is made of, I would still prefer all metal mount over plastic any day as I believe accidental mishandling can happen sometimes.

Petal Styled Hood

Packaged hoods on the lens are always welcomed as not only do they look good but they also have practical use other than just being cosmetic.

That being said, the one that comes with this lens has petal styled design and ensures lens flaring and ghosting are kept at bay to some extent. 

But on the other hand, this amazing piece of accessory does an amazing job by preventing internal reflections and minimizing them drastically.

However, I have noted that direct sunlight can still be somewhat of an issue no matter how much you avoid it causing slight ghosting to appear. 

Smooth Focus Ring

As when it comes to focusing, the lens has its own Focusing ring which requires quite a bit of torque which is pretty good since that prevents accidental touches especially while recording videos.

Nonetheless, rotating the ring on the lens feels incredibly satisfying, however, if manual focusing isn’t your cup of tea, then you can use the Autofocus switch present on its right side which automatically lets the lens handle the job by focusing on the subject.

Keep in mind the autofocus feature is only for portraits and you will certainly need the manual focus ring to record videos.

Weather Resistance

The only downside here you would find is the lack of weather resistance, implying you have to be careful while working in extreme outdoor conditions as dust, grime, and moisture may find their way inside the lens and you have to do a routine cleanup in order to ensure the lens stays in its optimal state.

As for you guys, I would advise you to keep the lens in a plastic bag with moisture-absorbent silicon pouches so that they won’t get damaged while storing them for longer periods of time.

3. Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM Lens

One of the most renowned Lenses in the FE series, the 8mm F/1.4 is a beast when it comes to portrait photography.

Versatile Focal Length

Whether you want to use this lens in your daily projects for portrait photo sessions or simply want to capture the essence of the landscape world, the 85mm will not disappoint you.

The level of magnification makes it very suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects equally. The results produced by this magnificent optical lens are no doubt praiseworthy.

After all, users willing to pay such a hefty price tag would get the best possible equipment that produces results that will instantly make you fall in love with it.

Superb Exposure & Depth of Field

With such a mighty wide aperture of F/1.4 that remains constant throughout the shoot, you will witness the most beautiful bokeh effect of your life you have ever seen as the exposure and depth of field are not affected at all.

Moreover, the 11 circular blade mechanism ensures that not only your background is blurred and shallow but would also look dreamy, making your subject pop and look bright.

I unbelieve how well I can take portraits even in a dimly lit situation without an external flashlight, my night photography session are solely assisted by this lens due to its massive aperture where I don’t have to deal with noise or distortion as I keep the ISO settings to minimal as I have no use for it to tweak it higher.

Super Sonic Wave Motor

To keep up and sync with your mirrorless focusing mechanism, the lens has an amazing Ring SSM(Super Sonic Wave Motor) that precisely targets the subjects and locks onto them without any delay so you can easily track them.

In other words, it’s not a bad idea to use this versatile lens even for recording purposes of events such as sports where subjects are constantly on the move, the Supersonic wave motor will take care of the focusing factor to get you super sharp results, that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

4. Sony FE 135mm F1.8 G Master

Extraordinary design, Long range magnification, and a marvelous bokeh effect are the well-known attributes of this lens.

Superior Optical Design

Sony has completely revamped how they embedded the elements to satisfy their customer base in terms of quality & results. 

That’s why this lens has Extreme Aspherical, Super Extra Low Dispersion, and ED glass elements to ensure no optical defects due to poor light wavelength connection takes place such as chromatic Aberration.

This is quite useful while taking images on long-range where images can have that annoying vignette effect, especially while zooming those snapshots in the corners.

In order words, you will be ensured all your photos have resolution corner to corner, with top-notch quality and crispness.

11 Blade G Master Bokeh 

Although you may have seen plenty of snapshots with decent background bokeh, however, the 11-blade mechanism in this lens takes the crown as not only does it look breathtaking but also monumentally cinematic.

The narrow depth of field at f1.8 ensures users get the smoothest possible background defocusing while allowing as much light as possible so your subject looks bright with incredible contrast.

Quad Extreme Dynamic Linear Motor

Moreover, to certify that the focusing of your lens is always perfect and snappy, it is equipped with top-of-the-line and unique XD (Extreme Dynamic linear motor) which are not only lightning fast in terms of tracking objects but are also tremendously quiet and have minimal vibration factor.

So go ahead and unleash your inner creative artist during videography events such as action movies, sports, and even dynamic photography, the linear focusing motor drive will never disappoint you.

Nano AR Coating 

To prevent unwanted issues like Ghosting, flaring and other image distortion from appearing, the lens also has an idiosyncratic coating known as Nano AR which filters strong ambient light so the camera sensors can work in their optimal state by providing the best possible detail and sharpness with superior gradation.

It also prevents internal reflections which may impair and drastically impact the image quality by correcting proper light transmission.

Best Compact Lens For Sony A7c

If you are fond of lightweight gear, then here are some really compact and lightweight optical lenses for your full Frame Sony A7c camera.

1. Samyang FE 14mm F2.8

The Samyang FE 14mm is exceptionally compact and super lightweight, making it easy to store in your backpack while you are on the go.

Weight specifications & length

I had a university event coming around the week, so I wanted to carry something light as I had my gimbal with me with moderate specifications.

Upon ordering this compact lens and putting it on a scale to measure its weight dimension, I was surprised to know it was flimsy enough to only weigh 505 grams.

And the best part is that it is only 9.75cm in length, which makes it very easy to load up my camera bag with plenty of lenses while I am heading to cover my freelancing photography projects since it’s so easy to store.

Satisfactory Aperture

Moreover, the aperture is significantly wider to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects without the need for external flash or ambient light. The F2.8 truly gives life to an image and makes it look life-like as the colors look sharp and gradient.

Additionally, the background is well-defocused with a rounded bokeh effect through the 7-blade aperture mechanism which ensures the subject stands out and appears naturally, especially around the edges.

Decent Focal Length

Not that I am claiming that you can use this lens for macro photography, as the 14mm might not be fit for that purpose, however, close-up shots still look beautiful and very well detailed with beautiful and creamy bokeh surrounding the subject.

On the other hand, wide-angle shots look fantastic and capture almost everything in their frame, which is pretty useful in scenarios where you are taking snapshots of large crowds or areas such as an auditorium or a football stadium.

Great Overall Build

Don’t let the size fool you as the lens quality is immensely superior as it is made from a top-notch metal body.

Even the mount has metal housing which is very good if you want to use it for a couple of years without having to deal with it breaking down on you due to mishandling or any accidental impact.

Personally, I would prefer metal reinforcement over plastic any day of the week.

2. Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G

Next in the line is quite a tiny lens, nonetheless extraordinarily sturdy and has an amazing wide aperture.

Weather Sealed Exterior

You should always be careful when working outdoors since taking care of your equipment should be your utmost priority since these optical lenses cost an arm and limb to purchase.

But with the Sony FE 24mm in your hand, moisture and dust ruining your lens isn’t an issue at all as it has been engineered in such a way as to prevent debris and other particles from entering the mechanism and ruining it which may be quite hard to remove if you’re not careful enough.

This factor also prolongs your hardware life expectancy since it stays in optimal condition even after years of use.

Anti Chromatic aberration Element

Chromatic Aberration, color fringing, and vignette defect appearing in images have caused quite a headache for a lot of photographers. 

To eliminate such issues, Sony has embedded 8 elements in 7 groups with an innovative Extra Low dispersion element to ensure light wavelength is connected at the exact spot as it is supposed to be.

Wide Angle Focal Length

When it comes to the quality of images and videos, I have never seen a Sony ultra-wide lens disappoint and the story here is no different. After taking a couple of close-up shots, I was amazed at how well my photos looked at a 24mm.

My snapshots are incredibly sharp and mesmerizing, moreover, there is even an aperture adjustment switch that lets you toggle between smooth and click, although I much prefer the smooth aperture effect since it’s quite subtle and satisfying.

Amazing Aperture size

The super lightweight and compact lens also have an amazing aperture of F2.8 and you can easily use it outdoors in fairly dim-lit situations, however, you might struggle in night photography so it is highly advised that you keep an external flashlight in your backpack.

3. Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G

It has a Premium metal build yet weighs insubstantial, making it quite extremely suitable for anyone looking for flimsy gear.

Perfect For Portraits

At this focal range, it is no doubt you will be hitting the sweet spot of immaculate portrait photography which looks on point. From Street photography to wedding events, this nifty fifty can do it all without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, the picture results are also exceedingly sharp, so be assured your investment is secured and there is no disappointment or regrets here.

Lightweight and Incredibly Small

Weighing merely 174 grams, holding it in your hands feels like you aren’t even carrying anything at all, it’s just so tiny and weightless.

Henceforth keeping such attributes in mind, it is no doubt that this lens can be on the bucket list of any photographer that likes to travel a lot as heavy gear can weigh you down especially if you are working with a gimbal where payload specifications can be limited.

Outclass Bokeh effect

The remarkable small prime lens also has the tendency to produce some of the most mouthwatering bokeh effects your eyes have ever seen.

The F2.5 G wide aperture ensures the background has natural bokeh effects which don’t feel too overwhelming and artificial by keeping the edges as round and smooth as possible.

The circular mechanism truly does produce magic by adding a narrow depth of field while keeping the subject stand out with warmer contrast and sharpness.

Vignette Pop up

The only possible flaw here is while shooting at the maximum aperture of F2.5, you may notice some vignette effect popping up, especially if you look really closely at the corners which optical defects usually tend to appear the most. 

For my fellow photographer buddies looking to invest in this lens, I would advise you to stop down to at least 3 F stop in order to eliminate this issue. As for the overall experience, this lens surely provides a joyful one.

4. Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G

Last but not the least, the Sony FE 20mm is a wide-angle lens with a broad aperture that paves way for an abundance of light to be passed through it for brighter and sharper photos.

Triple Extra-Low Dispersion Mechanism

Facing issues like chromatic aberration is the last thing you would want which arises due to poor or improper wavelength point connection causing your images to look blurry, out of focus, and inaccuracy in colors.

This can be corrected by embedding Three ED elements into the lens, which luckily this lens has incorporated by removing axial chromatic aberration and chromatic aberration, especially in the corners where resolution drops are usually present.

This delivers outstanding results by preserving the resolution and making sure no optical defects take place.

Cinematic Bokeh Effect

If you always dreamed of getting your portraits with those lovely bokeh effects, then it’s about time you consider your dream fulfilled after purchasing this lens.

Since the wide aperture of F1.8 keeps the background completely cloudy and smooth through its circular aperture mechanism.

I would suggest individuals such as freelancers, rookie photographers, and vloggers get this lens as the combination of being lightweight with optimal aperture will surely enhance your photography experience.

Weight Dimensions

Weighing no more than 0.83 pounds on a scale, this wide angle can be your travel companion due to being small and compact yet it packs a punch in terms of quality and design.

Fast Focusing System

Precision and accuracy are Sony FE 20mm top attributes that are hard to ignore, all thanks to the Dual XD linear motor which ensures the Autofocus motor tracks the subject even if it’s moving without losing focus so you can take blur-free images or recording videos without having to face any sort of delay in focusing system.

Nano Coating AR

Lastly, to prevent sunlight flaring and ghosting due to internal reflection popping up which can cause your lens to malfunction, a special coating known as Nano Coating AR is applied to prevent these issues from appearing and minimize them as much as possible.

Although strong and direct sunlight is still hard to ignore, the coating will no doubt filter most of the light to assist you in outdoor situations to some extent.

Best Telephoto Lens For Sony A7c

Here is a list by expert.

1. SONY 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 FE OSS

An amazing telephoto lens with plenty of magnificent and decent aperture, making it quite fit for landscape photography.

Versatile Focal Length

The lens is a tad bit bulky, however, sometimes you have to compromise on weight especially when you are getting something equally worthy in return such as magnifications.

The 28-70mm zoom specifications ensure you capture both wide-angle shots and track subjects from a distance while breaking a sweat. Moreover, the telephoto lens tends to have immense zoom capabilities which make recording videos fairly easy.

Since it has a variable focal length, at 27mm the angle of view is around 54 degrees, however, while zooming all the way down to 70mm, I notice the angle of view changed to 24 degrees.

Reasonable Aperture

However, with such a narrow aperture of F5.6, you may struggle even in properly lit rooms, which means it is best that you keep ISO settings too high in order to overcome light issues. 

Moreover, if you still feel like your photoshoot isn’t bright enough, then getting an external flash might solve your issue because extremely high ISO settings will result in noise and distortion.

As for outdoor situations like recording sceneries during the day or taking snapshots in a sports event, the lens will never disappoint you.

Optical SteadyShot Stabilization

That’s not it yet, the lens even has a tremendously firm Optical Steadyshot Image stabilization which ensures your photography session is free from micro shakes and sudden jerks that might result in blurred images that look completely out of focus, which may make you look an amateur in the field of photography.

2. Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS

Earth-shattering focal length with an innovative range limiter that ensures precise focusing, the Sony FE 70-200mm is an absolute beast in the telephoto lineup.

Astounding Body Design

Unlike other lenses which are often made from cheap plastic, this one has a luxurious Aluminum alloy recording to ensure sturdiness. 

The aluminum body not only ensures perfect integrity even after years of use but it provides a lightweight solution, so the lens won’t feel bulky and clumsy while carrying it or hooking up to the camera.

This special alloy also has temperature resistance so you can easily use it even in extreme regions without any issues.

Jaw-dropping Focal Length

The large focal length from 70mm-200mm makes it easy for photographers to zoom from greater distance which can be quite handy for projects where the subject is hard to reach such as landscape photography or taking snapshots of an animal for documentary purposes where you don’t want to startle it from its natural habitat.

Focus Limiter

Usually, lenses with bigger focal lengths suffer from “Focus Hunt ” which can be quite daunting and tiresome if you want to focus on something precisely. The Focus limiter restricts the lens to only its assigned subject which can save precious time and delay while performing dynamic photography.

To enable this limiter, all you have to do is press and hold the focus hold button at the side of the lens which will lock the autofocus motor.

Extra Low Dispersion Mechanism

The glass of the lens is also made from grade materials and has an extra-low dispersion element that certifies superiority in terms of color grading, quality and resolution by letting the lightwave length pass through the exact spot.

Light wavelength correctness also eliminates chromatic aberration even if you are using a bigger aperture configuration.

Built-in Lens Stabilization

Using your camera without a gimbal can be very frustrating since if you can’t keep your frame steady and blur-free, all your photography results would be in vain.

To compensate for micro shakes, this high-end lens has a special optical stabilization linear motor that detects even the slightest form of shake and easily corrects the lens without any delays.

3. Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VC VXD

This last pick is more of a telescope than a camera lens as it has majestic zooming capabilities that will exceed your expectations.

Mind Blowing Focal length

Its minimum range starts at 150mm and ends at a whooping 500mm which is quite baffling to me how did engineers at Tamron manage to achieve such greatness in such a small design?

In other words, if this lens doesn’t satisfy you through its ultra magnification, I don’t know what will happen as I was having a hard time managing to find a spacious spot to thoroughly review and test its complete focal length.

All in all, I believe they took the quote “the Sky’s the limit” to a literal level since you can zoom up to an exceedingly great range which makes it quite suitable for professional wildlife photographers.

Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive

To keep with such magnificent design, this telephoto lens has been integrated with state-of-the-art VXD or Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive linear motor which allows focusing precisely and hastily, ensuring sharp and accurate photographic results that look tremendously cinematic and calling those snapshots “beautiful” would simply be an understatement of the year.

Top-of-the-Line Light Wavelength Correction

Besides having immense magnification, Tamron did an amazing job at manufacturing this lens, which has earth-shattering countermeasures against chromatic aberrations and distortions through the incorporation of 25 elements in 16 groups and hybrid aspherical lens elements, giving the professional photographer what they always wanted, phenomenal quality without compromise!

Fluorine Coating & Moisture Resistance

On top of all the mighty features you may be getting by investing in this lens, it even comes with Flourine coating to keep the glass smudge and oil-proof while the moisture-resistant design shields the inner mechanism from gradually catching rust by keeping the body sealed under all circumstances.

Final Word

To satisfy and save precious time for my beloved readers is always my utmost priority and it will never change, this article for Best Lenses for Sony A7C in form of a compendium may be strenuous read for you, however, I have ensured my reviews are accurate and straight to the point so you can wholeheartedly invest into a commitment with ease.

That being said, take care of your gear and maintain it well. I hope this article may add new entries to your collection, as always have a lovely day!

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