Lens By Venus Optics Laowa FFII 10mm F/2.8

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The aftermarket king, Venus Optics has been in the headlines lately in the photography universe for all the right reasons, apparently, their newest release which includes a full frame wide angle lens that is dubbed as FFII 10mm f/2.8 has everyone head over heels since Laowa has set quite an exemplary precedent which is why it has racked up the interest of individuals like us all across the globe.

While its previous iteration of products had quite an impact on the aftermarket, the 10mm f/2.8 seems to be captivating everyone’s attention since it’s their first full-frame lens with autofocusing capabilities all while promising zero distortion and outstanding clarity in both outdoor and indoor scenarios.

Being a landscape photographer and astrophotographer, the news had us quite thrilled and that is why we started digging into the potential release date and its corresponding specifications, surprisingly enough, even though it’s a compact lens that weighs only 420g, it packs quite a punch.

Considering how well our experience was with previous Laowas lenses, it is safe for us to assume that their new angle full frame lineup would exceed our expectations and we cannot wait to get our hands on the features that are listed below:

  • For starters, the lens caters highly to astrophotographers and promises to offer a whooping maximum shooting magnification of up to 0.24x while maintaining a sharp image all across the board. 
  • On the other hand, it also boasts a minimum shooting distance (MOD) of 0.12m, which in our opinion is exceptionally surprising and sounds too good to be true.
  • Venus Optics has also promised to unveil an array of elements in the lens optical glass and after going back and forth with our trusted source, we have confirmed the news that apparently 15 elements in 9 groups would be used to fight back against fringing and chromatic abrasion. We believe this could only be true once this lens goes through our personal testing phase in the lab.
  • Obviously, this is to cater consumer base that is on a budget as they would be getting the 5-blade diaphragm while individuals that want to attain the premium experience would be required to spend a tad bit extra to embark into the 14-blade diaphragm experience.

Speaking of which, a tweet that responded to the diaphragm difference of the lens claimed “The difference on the blade count might seem astounding but it is a wise decision in terms of categorizing the lens in two divisions so it could cater to almost everyone”

Our friends on Reddit weren’t shying away either as some were eager to try the lens for its low light performance capabilities “Considering the fact it’s a full frame lens, cannot wait to pair it up with my Canon Camera, obviously, I am going with the 14 blade count option”

Another Twitter user tweeted which caught quite our attention considering the fact we agree with it too, “The 0.12m minimum focus distance alone has me excited to experiment with abstract macro shots, close-up landscapes, and more”

Speaking of being catered across all spectrums, the lens is advertised to spread its support up to a whooping range of E, Z, R, and L mount cameras, which implies you could hook it up to your favorite camera brands as such as Sony a7 IV, a7R IV, a7S III, Canon EOS R5, R6, R7, Nikon, Z9, Z7 II, Z6 II, Panasonic Lumix S5, S1, S1R, OM System OM-1, OM-4, OM-5.

Lastly, when it comes to price point, the Laowa FFII 10mm F/2.8 is set to be listed under a price tag of 5000 yuan or 700 dollars, however, the exact release date is yet to be announced across the board but fret not, our array of vast sources will ensure once the word is out, we will be quick to list it in, so our fans glancing over this site can attain maximum possible perspective regarding this lens. Until then, I would highly advise you to stay tuned.

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