Insider Leaks & Rumors For Sony A6700R and FX50

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There is not a year that goes by where Sony blesses us with their new camera lineup and to us, it looks like 2024 might be quite a blast since Sony has once again brought us not just one but two camera models, or at least that whats the rumors that have potentially surfaced online are claiming. Apparently, the product in question is none other than the A6700R which happens to be a full-frame mirrorless camera and FX50 caters more towards professional filmmakers, nevertheless, the rumors seem too good to be true and we cannot wait for it to be unveiled from official sources.

Just like every other camera enthusiast, we are quenching for any bits correlating to these cameras and obviously, our hunt for any itsy bitsy detail is never stopping, in fact, after connecting to a couple of our insider sources, which I have to mention was quite a struggle since Sony loves to keep a tight lid on their upcoming releases, we have uncovered quite a juicy scoop of details that are mentioned below:

Let us start with the rumors relating to the core aspect of the Sony A6700R and Sony FX50, if you aren’t familiar with this lineup, the A6700R is actually a successor to its previous A6400 and A6600 iteration, which means, it’s safe to assume that we are going to witness a couple of modifications all while eliminating any flaws these predecessors might have.

  • Furthermore, as per its leaks for its debut in 2024, there is word out that the A6700R is to be a full-frame model all while offering backward compatibility for all Sony lenses from any categories as long as it holds up an EMount support in its belly.
  • But that’s not it yet, rumors suggest that with the advent of the A6700R, Sony has been cooking up a new in-body stabilization that could provide compensation up to 6-7 stops, “which had us head over heels.”
  • But that is not even the juiciest part, apparently, experts at Sony have been working on a new sensor design, which could change the way how videographers and professional filmmakers use their cameras.
  • Although it has been claimed that this sensor is specifically being made for the new Fx50 lineup, with the hot debate of the new A6700R, it seems like to compliment the IBIS, the A series might be integrated with an equivalent sensor and image processing engine too.

Once the news relating to the FX50 cinema camera surfaced on the internet, Redditors were quick to post their views on it, apparently,  one post in r/Videography claimed “both the A6700R and FX50 will be announced in a video-based press conference and will be unveiled later this year.

As far as our opinion is concerned on this matter, it’s safe to say we cannot wait to get our hands on these models to test them out in our labs, the results are going to be wild.

Further digging in on this rumor also surfaced leaks which took us by surprise, apparently, the Fx50 will also have an APS C Sensor and a state-of-the-art body shake compensation system.

Moreover, it would also have a similar design to the EOS C70, let us just hope it is thinner and more portable than that.

Lastly, the Fx50 even aims to hold a dynamic range of up to 15+ stops which is mind-boggling, and unsurprisingly enough, a couple of Twitter users posted along the lines that looked something like this:

“Really appreciate that Sony has been stepping up their game”

“This seems like a treat for our videographer, I can’t wait to take the new Fx50 for a spin in my commercial shoots”

But that’s not it yet though, some YouTubers also highlighted that there might be more there is more to it than meets the eye considering the fact that the camera is going to be listed as no less than 3000 dollars, to which our team at Camerasguy replied with a nod that “this could be in fact true considering Sony is now focusing on more evolution than revolution.”

To sum it up, it’s safe to assume that all of these rumors make one thing certain which is, that it is about time Sony has been going down the practical route by giving their audience what they want.

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