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2024 Sony Camera leaks – Potential Leak Sparks internet

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Kimberly K.

News has been making rounds over Twitter, photography-related forums and even reddit threads of a potential new leak regarding Sony’s 2024 camera roadmap plans that has taken the internet by storm. On the image-sharing site Weibo, well-known Sony leakster E8M_8888, who has a solid track record with past leaks and known for spilling beans for the curious Sony fanboys, shared some speculative insights into what new models might launch this year.

The posts vaguely mentions possible successors to the A7S IV, A6200, and FX3, along with the first rumors of a higher resolution A7M5, soon reaching the thriving community of Sony camera fans on Reddit. In the dedicated r/SonyAlpha subreddit, redditors eagerly began dissecting each possible leak as the purported wishlist and there is no surprise considering how hot this roadmap might seem for 2024 as his forecast of 4-5 new Mirrorless models in the works for next year immediately stirred passions in individuals like us.

Furthermore, redditors were swift to comment on the likelihood of the different predictions all while expressing optimism that a 49MP A7M5 could redefine what’s possible for a mid-tier full-frame body and even give the competition a run for their money. A7S IV and A6200 upgrades if video quality and auto-focus could push boundaries further. There were also a couple of subreddit threads that further digged into the speculation that turned to how Sony might address the previous overheating issues in its predecessors or utilize new processors, image processing engine and even AI software to further enhance the user’s experience. There are also hopes relating to the FX3 Mark II lineup and whether or not there will be any trade off in terms of price vs value, let’s get our fingers crossed there isn’t a significant let down during the reveal process.

But naturally, there were some comments that were skeptical about the potential rumors and some even felt it might still be too early for a true A1 Mark II upgrade based on processing alone. The predicted specs for the pro-focused A7S IV and consumer A6200 were generally welcomed if image quality and performance could be further enhanced, if the news is indeed true, it could be quite a game changing news in the camera industry for sony at least for the year 2024.

Nevertheless, there are also other rumblings of an electronic ND filter equipped FX3 II also stirred discussion among the subreddit’s cinematography-oriented redditors and various “X” handles and pretty much everyone agrees this could significantly boost the appeal of Sony’s video-first full-frame camera lineup of implemented successfully with the right formula and possibly even the price tag.

Based on what community members on various forums and elsewhere have theorized we believe some of these cameras will receive a bump such as, 

Sony A7M5 (rumored 49MP sensor)

A 49MP full frame sensor could mean a massive improvement for both videography and photographic output and even in drastic bumps in resolution up to 8k and even higher frames per second, however, this might also mean it could have a hefty price tag but that’s just our educated guess. Moreover, an updated BIONZ processor is always welcomed with the inclusion of additional memory card slots and durability improvements are hoped for by professional travel photographers.

Sony A7S IV (potential 40MP sensor)

Videographers eagerly await how Sony can refine their low-light and video champion with new processor release or maybe throw in a couple of incremental upgrades along the way which wouldn’t hurt the battery runtime all while maintaining a super smooth 6k/60fps recording while keeping the pixel binning at bay. Here is hoping it also  Improves its heat management system that doesn’t limit the recording times at higher resolution but then again it might be too early to claim that.

Sony A6200 successor (likely same 26MP sensor)

Keep in mind that there might be insignificant potential upgrades relating to its sensor or perhaps resolution wise. However, redditors felt maintaining the same sensor while boosting processing power makes much more sense and even with a generous resolution of 4K/30p video, 11fps shooting, and smartphone-like autofocus are feasible additions to keep it competitive. As always, tougher build quality and a fully articulating touchscreen is something everyone is looking forward too as it may attract vloggers and hybrid shooters on a budget.

Sony FX3 Mark II (rumored 12MP sensor)

Lastly, videographers would be excited to know that FX3 Mark II might be making it way into the market with its new in-body image stabilization that could deliver groundbreaking performances which could keep everyone on toes with its improved codec compatibilities all while having a much more profound LCD screen with a complete overhaul in user interface.

There were some users that claimed “it could be challenging of fitting IBIS into such a compact form factor without compromising integrity or adding excessive weight”

But then again some camera geeks pointed to Sony’s lens-based stabilization system as proof sophisticated gyro sensors can be squeezed effectively into tight spaces. 

Let’s just hope there are no potential setbacks or battery related trade off when implementing such a run and gun in the body stabilizer module.

Keep in mind that this debate is still under skepticism as is always the case with early leaks, there was no consensus or merit that backs the claim whether or not it will live upto it’s supposed roadmap promises. In fact, some camera nerds were quick to point out on various forums that cleverly stressed onto the point that this News might just be amateur speculation rather than assured plans and should only be taken with a grain of salt. 

Here is hoping that now the subreddit community will watch closely for additional clues throughout the year 2024 to see whether or not this may actually come to fruition from Sony, however we do expect to see some action nevertheless especially when it comes to consumer friendly price tags.

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