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DJI Releases Mic 2 And It’s Packing A Punch

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Last Updated/Info Checked on February 7, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Hats off to DJI, that after all these years they are still churning up noteworthy additions to their arsenal, whether it’s their top-notch drones, gimbals, or microphones, the reputation precedes themselves. Now It’s been over two years since DJI released their original Mic wireless microphone and the audio community has been anxiously dreaming for an upgrade, and it feels like the dream has been fulfilled as DJI has announced the Mic 2, which is up for grabs as we speak.

Apparently, the Mic 2 offers a whole host of new features and has potentially ironed out any flaws it has had in the past all while integrating an omnidirectional microphone for crisp sound quality which will be thoroughly explained below along with other features that it offers such as:

Dual Layer 32 Bit Recording

One of the biggest upgrades it has received is the dual 32 it mode which is essentially a unique approach to combat noise issues that were harder to edit in the post-processing phase, however, now the Mic 2 performs not just one but two separate recordings at a time with 32-bit float depth.

Unlike its predecessor which only recorded in 16-bit mode with poor dynamic range and limited audio capabilities which barely had any headroom for adjustments especially if you are an individual who performs studio-grade recordings.

Both the recordings will be similar and will be in sync with each other, however, one of these recordings is categorized as a master recording, this is to ensure that the user can have a backup copy in case of a mishap.

Top of Line Noise cancellation

But that’s not all, apparently, the DJI mic 2 is shipped with omnidirectional microphones, if you are fond of recording videos outdoors like me, you would absolutely love these features since it automatically senses background noise and filters it up to 30dB making it extremely ideal for vloggers.

The omnidirectional mics also pick up dialogue across the board with perfect clarity so even if the speaker moves his head around, it will grab his/her words without dampening the sound. I cannot wait to try it out in the field and test out its maximum potential.

Overall I think DJI really knocked it out of the park with the audio quality and feature set in such an affordable and portable package.

Battery life 

The mic 2 is also expected to have at least 6-7 hours of battery runtime, however, that is still up to us to decide how long it will last in real-world scenarios, nevertheless, we are eagerly excited to test out its capabilities and how much potential it holds while comparing it with its predecessor.

DJI even took things a little too far and raised the bar with their built-in battery charging case which could charge the mic on the go, so users can attain up to 12 hours of additional runtime without plugging it in.

OLED Touchscreen

Let’s not forget the fact it’s not just your ordinary mic, as it offers a nifty OLED screen that offers a wider perspective, and being able to monitor levels, change settings, and playback directly on the transmitter is incredibly convenient in the field and quite thoughtful for DJI.

Weight factor 

The overall transmitter is only 74g, so it weighs your collar down whenever you are hooking it on your clothes while out in the field.

Wireless Range

Unlike its predecessor which boasted a shorter range, the mic 2 has a completely revamped transmission module which allows the mic to have a transmission range up to 250 m which is extremely impressive.

Joseph, our senior videographer even commented “As soon as it’s delivered, I’ll be itching to get out and start recording session after session. “

On the other hand, our beloved camera specialist William was excited because “The gorgeous new metal charging case is a work of art”. Honestly Speaking, we agree with William on his “take” regarding the aesthetic of this microphone. It totally feels like it’s out of the world.

As far as the price range is concerned, the $350 price tag is quite justified, considering the fact it boasts tons of features which are way ahead of its competition, the value it provides certainly takes the production quality of all my passion projects to new heights. Thanks for listening to the community, DJI – you’ve made this hobby filmmaker incredibly excited for the future of my audio! Now let the testing begin!

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