Monster Adapter Introduces the LA-FE2

Monster Adapter Introduces the LA-FE2 With Enhanced Features and Compatibility

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Last Updated/Info Checked on February 8, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Innovation is the way forward for technology and camera optics are always yearning for it the LA-FE2 might be one of the craziest adapters for Nikon F-mount lenses because it opens a compatibility portal for a whole host of lenses we never knew was possible before.

Apparently, Monster Adapter has been keenly working on a cutting-edge electronic adapter that could five life to lenses that lacked its own autofocus capabilities that dated all the way back to 1987, sounds insane right?

As the name suggests, The LA-FE2 is actually the successor of its previous iteration which was dubbed as LA-FE1 which lacked such features, however, as Monster Adapter has created such a marvelous adapter, users can now make use of their retro gear with an F-mount Nikon cameras with the addition of Focus motor and aperture motor.

Once the news regarding the LA-FE2 Monster adapter broke out, some individuals with keen interest even tweeted correlating comments such as “The LA-FE2 completes my photography world and lets me connect with my old school stuff, the compatibility ratio is mind-boggling.”

To which one retweet even added, “It’s hard to believe there would ever be something so nifty that could top this adapter off.”

But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg because the most rumbling we heard was on r/photography, a subreddit dedicated to photogs like us, one thread even claimed: “Turning my good old lenses that lacked autofocus is something I would have never imagined, by pairing them up with this adapter, the lenses dating back decades ago would receive a rejuvenation it desperately needed.”

To which my reply was “All hands on deck, no more manual focusing, it’s time to get the full potential out of our rusty old gears.”

What’s even more enticing to us is the fact that the adapter also allows users to tweak the aperture size of their lens right from the camera with E-Mount, in other words, you might as well say goodbye to mechanically fiddling with the aperture ring, making them extremely versatile for everyday photoshoots. 

Nevertheless, I believe this is quite a unique approach for the older lens of Nikon F-mount to make it work with Sony E Mount cameras as it bridges the gap while arming it with autofocusing and aperture customization capabilities.

However, the price tag on this thing may raise some eyebrows especially if you are on a budget because this nifty adapter is up for grabs for a mere 439 dollars, but then again in our opinion, it is quite justified considering the ample amount of benefits you are reaping all along.

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