Sony 85mm Gm II Lens

What You Need To Know About Sony 85mm Gm II Lens

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 17, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Whenever Sony blesses us with its new release, even if it is a tinker of information that relates to camera and accessories, everyone on the internet is head over heels for it without a doubt and the story today is no different for the new possible release of 85mm GM II lens which could eventually change the dynamics of the photography world.

Fans of Both the Official Sony community on Facebook and on Reddit are jumping on the wagon and we are in no position to blame them because these leaked rumors are undoubtedly insane and downright too good to be true. Once again, Sony has surprised their fans with an upgraded version of its infamous 85mm f1.4, which happens to be codenamed “85mm GMII” with all the flaws that are hopefully eliminated in this version and with a juicer price tag.

Now, what you could expect from this new release? Well, as per research when digging in on this subject, the leaks point all fingers to a preferable better form of countermeasures to fight back against chromatin aberrations, bigger aperture size with an even smoother bokeh effect and lastly, it would also eliminate the corner softening its predecessor had, so in other words, the release of the Mark II is no less than a treat.

Keep in mind that there is still confirmed news on whether or not the weight of the lens will remain the same and whether the structure will still boast the same level of material used in its predecessor, however, we can be certain with a couple of features that could be rolled out such as: 

  • Better Elements with more countermeasures are used to eliminate chromatic aberrations as well as find effects, so you might as well say goodbye to the weird purple color popping up.
  • Possibly a New Form Of Fluorine coating that could fight against flaring and smudging from pesky fingers making its way on the glass. This could be a sigh of relief for us photographers who are paranoid about their gear.
  • The snappy Autofocus motor could be the real winner here and is the most sought-after feature that is in the works, making the 85mm GM II even quieter than it was before in its original version.
  • There are also rumors rolling around that have created quite a buzz for enhanced weather sealing, apparently a unique form of silicon layer is going to cover the sensitive innards making it pretty safe even in humid regions.
  • Sony has been teasing us with their Smooth aperture ring for quite a while, and it’s pretty obvious that the Sony 85mm GM II is going to be one that will be breaking the ice with such innovation.
  • Design shaving is undoubtedly a thing in this new release, so expect at least 50g of weight loss when it comes to comparisons with its predecessor.

On the r/Sony Subreddit which is dedicated to Sony’s new releases and apparently a hub of discussion of the brand, one Reddit post highlighted the newly enhanced weather sealing as well as how it would allow users to use the lens in outdoor situations without having to worry about it getting wet.

While some tweets on Twitter were quick to say “It is my dream to focus down to -7EV in complete darkness and the 85mm GM II might be the right tool for his job.”

While some users on Facebook went wild with the news and even commented on one post that corresponded to 85mm GM II “. “It’s been 8 years, time for an update” that garnered many likes at the top of the page. It felt like the comment spoke for us too, Sony needs to pick up the pace on this one and release their highly anticipated lens, the preorders on this thing are going to be ground-shattering.

However, keep in mind that the price tag would undoubtedly be hefty, so I would highly advise any camera geek to manage their budget beforehand, the investment in this thing is certainly worth the wait because, with a massive aperture and even razor-sharp clarity, it’s going to open a whole host of creativity opportunity we could barely imagine.

But if you are short on cash and want to wait on reviews first, then I would highly suggest that you bookmark our site as we will certainly get our hands on this bad boy and test out it the minute it is up for grabs, so you could attain a firsthand perspective on how you could benefit from this lens and take your photography to the next level. 

As far as the release date is concerned, users are required to wait until April, however, we do hope it’s earlier than that.

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