Fujifilm X100V Orders Rumors

Fujifilm Calls It Quits On Their X100V Orders

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 29, 2024 by Kimberly K.

Word across the globe has been surfacing lately that apparently japanese infamous camera manufacturer, Fujifilm has abruptly ended their X100v lineup because they were receiving too many orders and the demands to keep up with the consumer base could not be met. 

This news seemed quite odd to us, considering the fact this could be another way around when the demands are too low as it could simply imply the camera lineup is simply obsolete now, however, after almost being released three years ago, the Fujifilm X100v is booming and still the eye candy of every camera enthusiast, yet Fujifilm took such a drastic measure, marking it as “sold out” or “discontinued”. This comes as a big shock to the many fans of the X100 line who were still patiently waiting to get their hands on the in-demand X100V, but then again, it’s Fujifilm after all and they might have something up their sleeve.

In other news, the X100v might see a successor in a couple of weeks which is codenamed the X100VI, so it might imply that Fujifilm might have plans to scrape the parts that were initially designed for its predecessor so they could jam it in the X100V and make it even more flawless than it was before.

One of our lead experts on retro cameras I was earlier discussing this matter said “The X100V was indeed ahead of its time and even set a perfect hallmark in terms of quality and design, not sure how X100VI could break the records but then again I had my fingers crossed”

That is not it yet though, apparently, famous stores like  Map Camera, Bic Camera, and Yodobashi Camera in Japan have all removed the X100V from their websites which further indicates that this was indeed the last nail in the coffin for users in Japan as Fujifilm may have officially pulled the plug on further production and distribution of their lauded compact camera.

After hearing this unfortunate news, one disappointed fan on Reddit even stated “Wow, I was saving up for the exact same model, guess I will be buying it in refurbished condition now”

After reading it, we do feel a little sentimental about this comment but keep in mind there are still some local sites that are selling the legendary Fujifilm X100 V in mint condition, however, keep in mind they might have paid quite a hefty price tag on this thing because the demand is still the same, it is just that the supply has explicitly stopped by the official distributors in japan.

While the news did seem like it hit camera enthusiasts like us and everyone across the globe like a ton of bricks, the silver lining here is that Fujifilm will be returning their stock with a better and refined version to iron out any possible it had in its predecessor, which not only sounds soothing but also provides a solid hope for X100 fans so that they wouldn’t feel abandoned by a brand they loved. In the meantime, let’s just reminisce fondly about the great years we had with the iconic X100 series before the rug was pulled under it, speaking of which, do you think will Fujifilm recover from this blunder with its next apparent release? Stay tuned as the news on this story builds up.

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