Canon Set To Unveil Their New Lens Lineup In 2024

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Once again, Canon is bringing quite ground-shattering news to the table which includes at least three new lens releases and the best part is, that fans and camera nerds are going to get a glimpse of the official announcement at the CP+ Expo that will be held in Yokohama Japan in February, 2024.

If you are eager to see these lenses showcased in real-time, you might want to book a flight because this year, the camera and photo imaging expo is going to be jam-packed especially with Canon fans and aficionados. Furthermore, word is, that Canon is also going to release other camera accessories, however, our sources are yet to confirm news relating to it.

Nevertheless, we are extremely optimistic about such news as considering the past history of Canon, it has always ensured its lineup announcement at the CP+ expo is captivating enough to grab attention all across the globe and we are fairly certain, this year would be no different.

To top it off, as per our educated guestimate, we believe that the three lenses revealed would cater to portrait, landscape, and telephoto photography whilst receiving a complete overhaul when it comes to motors that will be integrated into them. 

Furthermore, its also been speculated that fans are also expected to keep their fingers crossed as there is a higher chance of a potential unveil that includes refined countermeasures relating to chromatin aberration and other weather-sealing capabilities that will be seen in these lenses.

Just like every other news and rumor that relates to Canon and other accessories, it goes without saying that the r/Canon subreddit was extremely riled up with lots of comments and discussion, in which some of the comments pointed all fingers at a potential unveiling of a lens that could be budget friendly all while having a decent overall design blueprint. Which one of the comments that caught our attention was “A contemporary lens perhaps? Only time could tell.”

Speaking of which, one Facebook user even claimed with quite confidence that they are fairly certain it would be a fisheye lens with wide aperture but unless and until this news is confirmed, all of this opinion should only be taken as a grain of salt. 

As far as our two cents are concerned, we simply hope that price tags aren’t as atrocious as other competitive brands are boasting lately because we believe Canon fans who are on budget also deserve some love. 

On the other hand, we also hope that if by any chance there is any flagship reveal at the CP+ expo, it will unveil lenses with a more refined form of design blueprint while shaving extra weight so it could cater to travel photographers without weighing them down.

In fact one of the anonymous Twitter handles even tweeted with a hashtag #CPExpo and #CanonLenses that “over the years Camera bodies are becoming quite bulky, considering the hardware they are packing, it doesn’t baffle anyone, let’s just hope the new lenses releases have shaved body to assist with portability, otherwise, all of us have to stay lean for those long commercial shoots.”

To which another commenter quickly retweeted with a cunning reply “Muscle fatigue is real mate, it is about time we photographers stay fit”

Nevertheless, we know Canon fans are quenching for any insider leaks and potential information after waiting all these years for access that could possibly assist their portfolio and kickstart their photography career.

Keep in mind that all of these leaks related to rumors are still subject to change as Canon holds the ultimate power to finalize the decision on the potential release of their products that will be announced in late February 2024, nevertheless, as always we are hoping for the best and will be keeping track of news and rumors corresponding to these release as the story progresses, stay tuned for more.

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